Monday, April 19, 2010


Its with a heavy heart, that I must say good bye.
For at least two-three weeks.
One word. Finals. 
I have too make myself focus.
I can't promise I won't post anything, but wanted too let you guys know everything is ok!
I'll have TONS too post at the end of that period I'm sure.
See you in a couple of weeks!


Erin and company



Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pawed it Forward!!

Dear Sierra Rose,
Thank you sooooo so so so so so so much for our new gifts! Our old toys were starting too get boring, and we needed some new ones and we LOOVED the ones you picked out for us.

*How cute are our scarves??*

We hope to be able to participate in this at a later be on the look out for that post! :)
Mr. Hedgehog.
You were squeaky and loved.
Even when you started to sound like a strangling bird. 




Monday, April 12, 2010

Texas Log #3

Its not like I LIKE him.
Cause I don't.
I was just cold!
Mom keeps the air condition at like -14 ALL THE TIME, with no concern for her short haired friends.
And there happened to be a little space behind him.
That. Is. All. 


Friday, April 9, 2010

Blog Award!

Shout out too..We 3 doxies for passing this award to us! WOOOFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doxies are the best, what can we say? 
Oh yeah this is Bubbles writing this since, Texas is banned from bloggin until further notice! 
The rules are this.

Wooftiy ruff ruff arf ruff woof, whine, whine, arf arf, growl, ruff, ruff....

Yeah, oops sorry mom said to speak human, I don't see why I have to bi-ligual but whatever. She's prolly a little nervous after letting Texas have free reign. AS IF III?! Would stoop so low? 
Oh yah, the rules basically I pick people to give this award too and tell you guys 10 things that make me happy. 
This should be easy.

- (this would be under human buildings etc..)
Going on Car Rides
Going on Car Rides

I'm pretty easy to please, what can I say?

MOM Do I have too?

and something other stuff.

OK FINE. GEEZ ya don't have to get mean about i!?

K O N G S 
B O N E S 
D E S T R O Y I N G T O Y S 
R I D I N G I N T H E C A R 
L E A R N I N G N E W T R I C K S 
He's thinking this could take a while...he doesn't do this oft.. OUCH! MOM!???

B A R K I N G A T N O T H I N G 
 C H A S I N G B U G S
C H A S I N G S Q U I R R E L S 
E A T I N G 
*whew* that was painful. 

Now the hard part...finding 10 pups to pass it on too....

Aww furget it we love ALL You GUYS!!



Tuesday, April 6, 2010


.. only seven more months...

Over the last two months, Pompei's personality has really begun to shine thru.

If you were to meet Pompei on the street, the first thing you'd notice would be his wagging tail, and chocolate brown eyes as they begged you to come say "Hi".

Next you would probably notice how calm he is, normally sitting or standing by my side unless he could entertain himself by seducing passing humans. But if no one is around he'll lay down and check out the floor around him.

Spend some time with us, and you'll find out how confident he is, taking everything in stride, not blinking at sudden noises, dropped objects, moving doors, elevators, stairs, people in hats, people in beards, people with wheel chairs.

You will watch him quickly (read:quick for a 5 month old puppy)obey his commands, and look adoringly at his mom. (read: and look adoringly at his mothers hand for a treat..? Even though he never gets them while we're "working" but hope springs eternal!) You will see him bouncing along happily in response to praise.

But you will soon notice that sometimes, his "love" of other animals (read: birds, squirrels dead or alive) sometimes overrides his desire to please.

- He nearly killed me with a duck yesterday. Here I was trying to get him to "go busy" and he was sniffing the bushes. Next thing I know this huge duck comes flying out nearly smack into me. I was not happy.

When we arrive home, you will watch him hurry into the house, too happily greet his "siblings" with wiggles and kisses. And then run back out into the yard bouncing around them in circles.

Narrowly avoiding Bubble's snapping teeth.

After the "yard check" (read: check to make sure all the cat poop has been eaten *scuse me while I gag) he's ready to hang out with me by the chair, or run through some obedience drills.

Then, he will suddenly realize how much energy he has and do some laps around the yard, before he notices an untouched stick awaiting his attention.

I then know we can go inside now.

Dinner time is a bit of an event in my home though not as bad as my past puppies. He will bounce in short, jerky movements around the kitchen, and you might even detect a shiny spot of drool making its way too the floor, from a corner of his mouth...and if you are careful not too blink, you will watch something that is akin to a vacuum cleaner clean his bowl.

After dinner you will attempt to sit on the couch for a chat, but will find that your legs are propped up by a warm, furry object that had settled under them.

While he might be momentarily distracted by a toy that his sibling has, he will be back, shoving your legs out from underneath, so that he might be comfortable.
I love this dog.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I must apologize for Texas, he can get a little annoyed at having to stay home all the time! Plus he likes being....dramatic shall we say. :)
Though I do wish it were really a joke...Pompei is growing way too fast, making me realize each day how short a year is!

Anyway I think we made it up by taking him hiking up a rock quarry yesterday. I wish he were more trust worth off leash, but when these doxies put their noses too the ground there is no deterring them. So he had to stay at the end of his leash tangling up everyone in his path.

Another reason I don't use retractable leashes hardly ever.

But he thoroughly enjoyed himself I believe; his nose was going into over drive, while Pompei was content just to follow the group. After a while I carried him through the dense parts of the forest, since we hopped off the beaten path to find a cave my room mate was POSITIVE was back there....somewhere..

After wandering aimlessly for a while we decided to head back. We made our way back to our cars through a different route, and wound up having to walk along a fairly busy road. Neither Texas nor Pompei gave heed to the cars wishing past them, which is a good and bad thing at the same time.

Both were completely nap ready by the time we arrived home.

Where was Bubbles in all this?? Weeeellll my darling Bubsy had made her way under the house and stayed there the entire time we were gone, and for about two hours after we got home. By the time I decided to go find her it was dark, and I had to use the cars headlights to peer underneath the house, and coax her away from the animal she was hunting.

Between you and me, I think it was just the smell of a cat that used to live under there she caught wind of... but she was convinced there was something down there.

Later on we had guest over, my roommates BF is in town for the weekend, and her sister and another friend came over for a little while..they attempted to scare me, but forgot I had dogs so it backfired on them. :)

Texas has been progressing soo well with all these new people, while I don't normally agree with "flooding" a dog (Basically placing them in an environment that scares them, just to make them "see" nothings going to happen) I haven't really had a choice in the matter. He still reacts badly at the door, and in the car but I can easily refocus his attention on me.
Thankfully my roommate and friends are not at all intimidated with his noise, and will ignore him until he's back into a calm state of mind.
I am sooo happy about this!
I have been doing a lot of research on dog aggression for school, and I am more confident that he is not aggressive, and that this is just reactivity. We have a looonnngg way to go, but I can see a little more light at the end of the tunnel!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Texas Log # 2 - Is this goodbye?

Dear FurFriends and Humans.
It is with a sad heart, that I have to bring you this news.
We has to give one of us away. There just isn't enough love for three dogs, and so one of us has too go. Its a hard decision for mom, and I know she'll think long and hard about it...
But these things aren't easy; So I'm going to do it for her.

Please email me if you are interested. We know there is someone out there willing to put up with yeah give me a hollar! ASAP!!!!!!!!

P.S. APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Too bad though, cause he is a ALWAYS going someplace with mom, or training, or cuddling and she NEVER has ANYTIME to spend with me or Bubbles. Its not fair I tell you. Good thing he's leaving in like 8 months!