Monday, February 28, 2011


Thanks you soooooooo much for me new toys, that I will not be sharing with Rob. (ok ok mom said I has too be nice, but I don't 'even see why cause she bought him a bunch of toys last week!) I lovessss squeaker toys soo much that mom had ta put them up after a while cause sometimes I love the squeaker too much and kill them. :((

That or it kills mom's nerves one or the other. 

anywhooo Mom really liked that book that you gaves her, I can't even read it butt I'll believer her when she says it was good :)
All my new toys
This is me and my favorite toy

Anywaysss thank you again for all the toys!! I really , really, really,really, loves them!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Rob - 7 weeks old - Looks up at the camera from the porch

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Musings.....

Day 37 - Texas is jealous of Robs new toys and wanted to get in the play pen
Ok MoM! It ain't funny no more could I PLEASE get out of Rob's Play pen!?!?
Its funny to me (Erin) how quickly my dogs settle back into the routine of having three dogs. Its almost as if they are relieved things are back to "normal" again. I'm relieved they are back to normal again! 
Though Texas is quite "jealous" of any attention shown to Rob, as you saw in the last post, he wants to play with him and tolerates most of his antics pretty well. Bubbles as well has settled back into her role as the eldest. 

She gives Caesar Milans "Calm & Assertive" definition a whole new meaning. While Texas has to be very vocal towards Rob about leaving him alone, Bubbles just exudes "assertiveness" though not in a dominate way, its just you don't mess with Bubbles. She's not growled or snapped at puppy but just shifts her body language and he backs down. Rob is actually quite taken with her and cuddles up to her every chance he can get, she doesn't mind it and its quite cute. 

I'm looking forward to seeing how he'll fit into my "pack". 

Erin & Co.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

...I think they are becoming Friends..

So all day yesterday I keep trying to make Rob play wit me, cause I mean I'm awesome and why wouldn't any pup not want to play with moi?? ITS A RHETORICAL QUESTION PEOPLE.

Mom says that I scared Rob when i was barkin in his face, but she doesn't even know that I was just TELLING him I wanted to play cause he WASn'T GETting IT otherwise! Butt today he decided that I was ok and we had a fun time. I thinK i will like this one after all.

Oh yeah and mom even bought us some more treats and Nyla bones from the Doggy store today! ...Except that Rob wanted my bone and I didn't want him to have my bone, so we had to growl at each other for a bit until he went and laid down. Mom thought it was funny that he had enough gumption to growl back at me. I don't share her views.


Friday, February 18, 2011

...An Ordinary Day

Or so I thought.
Here it is, just an ordinary day, I got up with mom (much too early I might add), went outside and took care of buisness that may or may not have involved chasing the niegbhors dogs back into their yard, or checking out the other neighbors trash..came back inside and ate a sad excuse for a  breakfast with Bubbles, then settled on my couch for my after breakfast, early morning, nap. Mom was leaving and for some reason, it didn't occur to me that she doesn't even leave early on Thursday, but it didn't and off to la la land I went.

It was HOOOURRRRRRRRS later when I finally hear a knock on my door.
I let Bubbles get up first cause well, I was comfortable and didn't feel like greeting mom, I mean I saw her this morning after all. Big whoop.

It wasn't just mom. It was my Auntie and Mom, and.......THIS!?

Texas: What?WHo?WHEN?WHERE?WHY? Rob: Ya wanna play?
Rob: HIIIIII!!!! Bubbles: hi. 
Poor Bubbles attempts to "go potty" with a 10lbs. puppy on her back.
Alla of the sudden it came crashing back down on me, all mom's talk about puppies and sayin stuff like "you'll have a playmate soon" was about ANOTHER PUPPY!? Here I was thinkin maybe another dachshund or something. But nooo we got ourselves another lab!
I think he liked the vibration of the speaker
And BOY does he have some sharp teeth! O to the U to the C to the H. He put his little teethies into my mom's roommate when she wasn't expecting it and she shrieked like a girl!

Except she is a girl...
So yeah.
It was loud too.
Then it was time for him to go to bed. And I was happy cause I could finally sleep in peace..but noooo he had to scream, and scream and scream and much so that mom had to go make sure he wasn't stuck or anything.

He wasn't.
Then all of the sudden he was quiet again.

The it came time for us to go to bed....we tried to sneak into the room without waking him up but no.such.luck. He started screaming as soon as he saw us come in, so mom had to take him back outside so he could go potty.

But he wasn't even finished screaming yet.

I wanted to go down and shush him up, but mom just pulled the covers over my head and turned on her "white noise app" on her phone. He did hush up FINALLY. But man is my head hurting!

I'm sure glad that Grandma and my aunties keep him during the day, so I can rest up!

Oh yeah.
He does have a name and its Rob.

Erin Here: Since Texas left out all the important informations.... Rob is not only my fifth guide dog puppy, but also my "grandpuppy". Those of you who have been following me a while, may remember that Midnight (who was the inspiration behind this blog) has gone on to become a breeder. Rob is one of the puppies from her first litter, not only that but a friend of mind sponsored him in memory of her father who passed away. He's only 7-weeks-old but quite feisty!  Let's just say.. I didn't get much sleep last night either.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Life of a College Student

Hi Everyone!

I trust everyone is having a good week thus far, I'm jumping on here to let you know that this blog will be quieter than it already is, I Texas has been slacking lately, and I haven't been all that motivated to keep on him. However I do have a good excuse, and that is well school.

Normally I don't take a "blogging break" until the end of the semester, but since I started a week behind all of my classmates I'm having to work double time to keep up with my classes. That and loosing Pompei a week ago sent me into sort of a depression tail spin, which...does horrid things to the motivation. Soo I'm having to abandon any semblance of keeping up the ol' bloggy and focus on getting through two chapters of statistic homework, (NOT EASY!!) Prep for a quiz later on this week, on top of working part time and attempting to keep Bubbles and Texas happy.

Let me tell you this, loosing Pompei has been difficult on them too, which I knew it would be. My goodness have they become super clingy not wanting to play outside and whining at my feet constantly. Poor Texas has attempted to get Bubbles to play several times, but she's just not near the same as playing with a puppy. He'd better enjoy it is my thinking, as the puppy is coming a lot sooner than I thought!!

Which brings me to getting ready for sad puppy. I don't know about you all, but in order for me to keep my life together with a new puppy, we have to a plan that runs like clock work, I believe I do, but we are still needing some supplies such as more toys (can't have enough of those with puppies!!), more cleaning supplies, rearranging of furniture to accommodate a puppy "play area" (puppies earn their freedom in my house), not to mention all the sleep I need to get between now and his arrival!

My sister will be "co-raising" (sharing the responsibility of raising) which will relieve my burden greatly.

Anyway, I apologize if this sounds rushed, but I'm trying to write as fast as I can so I get at least a few more homework problems done before I dash off to bed.

I don't know when I'll be back to bloggin full time...(hopefully before the summer!!) but we will be back with more fun than EVER! :)

Erin & Co. 
Bubbles, Texas and Puppy #5

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Review!

Hey Guys, 
So the other day mom got an email from a place called CSN stores and they asked her if she wanted to review one of their products for our blog! We review something a while awful furminator thing that is like So of course my ears perked up when I saw that? I mean this place has all soo muccch stufff like furniture, kitchen appliances, even luggage stores and so much dog stuff your eyes will pop outta your head!! I can't wait till I ...I mean MOM picks something out ta review...