Thursday, August 28, 2008

11-Months-old {by Erin}

Midnight is 11 months as of today!! Man where does the time go?! While it doesn't seem like just yesterday, that I got her...I does seem as if she shouldn't be this old...not yet!!!
Pretty soon we'll be talking about Turn ins...Graduations..and new puppies.! Good and Bad In both I suppose!

{11- Month Photo and Scrapbook Layout Coming SoOn}

Now I'm truly alone... Bubbles is at the kennels...Midnight is at the kennels..and my room is very cold and drafty all of the sudden.
There is no dogs to warm my feet, that need to eat or want a treat.
Tis a very sad life indeed.

Erin & Co.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Puppy Meeting {Erin}

I really have a big whole in my house, heart..etc, right now. :-(
This month our puppy meeting was held at Claxton Farms, this was a farm that is owned privatly and only open to visitors by appointment. I decided to go minus puppy anyways, because I was feeling quite down. *sniff* I had a great time despite the fact I was missing my baby terribly.
I was able to "work" Mr.Neil, and after he realized I was the boss (typical puppy) he was a very good boy. *I love him*
This farm had so many different kinds of animals, Llamas,Donkeys, Miniture Horses, Camels, Pigs, Goats, Peacoks.....any many many more! The pups noses were going crazy with all the sights and smells! Neil was not afraid of anything that he came in contact with, and met everything with wide nosed curiosity. ::grins::
After exploring the farm for a little while, we headed back to our cars to go to the park for a picnic dinner. But as we were coming up the hill, we were met by the owner who was warning us about her herd of miniture ponies that were coming home for dinner.
Apparently two the horses had just had babies and she was concerned that they might see us as a threat. But before we could get to our they all came to check out the visitors.
We all just stood calmly as the horses ventured closer..and closer; until they were standing the midst of us, checking out the dogs and people.
Some checked out the cars, while others posed nicely for pictures. It was great fun; None of the puppies really seemed to care that these huge animals were standing over them, and hung out as if nothing was going on.
After we finally made it back to our cars, we went on to the park were we chatted, ate and did some obedience. It was fun, but I still miss my baby.

Bubbles is happy for all the attention though :-)
"Good Down Neil!"
Neil - 5 months
Neil and Penny and the camel
Neil and Penny meet the Camel
The Camel whose name I don't remember ::grins::
Chocolate Chip the Llama
Neil meets the donkey
I think they like each other!! LOL

Penny - FBL - 4 months
The PonIES!
The horses investigate the cars
Sue - FGR - 4 months
Penny and the Pony
Neil 5 months
Neil looking very handsome
Sue-4 months
Sue again
Mamma and baby horse
Baby Foal only two days old!!!
herd of horses
The herd

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bath Time {by: Bubbles}

What in the world did I do to deserve two baths, within two days?!? First thing that happened was on Monday Mom took mE instead of MIDNIGHT to work with her! Something about her being hot....I don't know. but I was very happy to find this out.
I basically did what I normally do, and slept the day away on the couch, with the occasional, pet session from moms co-workers. We had been there a loooong time when mom started talking about baths, and my name in the same sentence......I wasn't liking where this was going.
Before I knew it she had scooped me up, and plunked me into this big white tub, that was very high up off the ground!! Five minutes later...after I had been, soaked, sudsed, and scrubbed (within an inch of my life); she put me back on the ground and dried me off!!
I was soo relieved that was over I had to run around as FAST as I could, just because. ::grins::
But then left me home, my day went as usual, sleep, eat and explore the yard. Found a nice smell to roll around in..yUm!!
When mom got home, everyone was complaining to her about my new smell...?! I don't know what they're problem is, but I thought it was very becoming...
Next thing I know....I'm BACK in the tub?!?! And this time it took mom a lot longer then 5 minutes!! She kept putting MORE and MORE soap on me..... but she managed to miss a spot on my head...hee hee. I now feel dry.
I believe I've had enough baths to last the rest of the year.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gone {Midnight}

I held myself together all day, willing myself I was NOT going to cry when she left.
My RA and I arrived first, at our meeting place, (Midnight was at home, I was at work, but was allowed to come meet with them since it was right up the road...heh, thanks to my planning ::grins::)
We chatted in the shade for a while, until my mom and Missy Wiggle Worm showed up. She was very happy to see me......(as you now it had been YEARS since I last saw her)..... we talked for a little while more, and then I loaded Midnight up, she happily jumped in the car, and settled on her blanket. And now she's gone until the middle of September or somewhere there abouts...
Its just now really starting to sink in with me that I don't have a dog for a whole month!! ::sniff::
Midnight is completely used to the kennel environment, thanks to my I know she won't suffer any....NOT THAT SHE WAS GOING TO ANYWAYS....

Scuse me while I go cry.

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Young Lady {Midnight}

That is what I feel like... as my boss likes to say, Midnight has become a "woman" other words she is now in heat. In my opinion heat has never come at a good time for me, last year because Rei was in heat, I had to go to our first GDF Regional Meeting puppy-less.
This year with her going into heat now, I will have to go to our Fair Meeting...puppy-less as well!!
I am not a good puppy raiser with out a puppy.
Here in the south, our regional adviser will keep the pups for us until they are completely out of heat. While this is a big relief for me, (as I'm surrounded my un-cut males..ack!) on the other hand, I will have no reason to get up, to go outside, to shop, to work...*sniff*
I'll have to find something to do.....

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bubbles {Erin}

One thing about Bubbles, is she hates getting her picture taken. And over the five years we've had heard, its been a struggle to get a decent picture of this dog. But since getting my very nice SLR, I've been able to get some great pictures of my baby WITH HER LOOKING!!!!
And that is quite an accomplishment, while she still ducks out of habit she mainly just ignores me.
Bubbles looking in the Distance

Bubbles on the couch at work

Bubbles on my bed

Obedience Class {Midnight}

I always said that Midnight didn't really need to go to obedience class. Ha ha.
Today was Midnight FIRST TIME EVER going to class! That is only because I haven't had a weekend free in "years" it seems. ::grins::
It was just my leader and I this time at the class; (the only puppy walkers I mean there were other people and dogs) and it went well, Neil is only 4 months old and already in his big puppy coat!! Midnight was a little angel, she did pull towards the other dogs at first but once we were going at a steady pace, she settled into a nice walk. While her "sit" command needed some work (she was tired of hearing that from our Mini Golf episode..ha ha ha) she "halted" and "downed" perfectly."Stay" and "Come" commands were spot on as well. ::big grin::
After class we let the dogs run off some energy; Midnight played a little bit but the humans were more interesting too her.. typical
I am so proud of her!

Erin, Midnight and Bubbles

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Midnight 10 months looking at camera