Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pompei Posts #3

Hi Guys!

I really like this bloggin and tweeting thing! Kind of cool! I got to go to the vet place, that I've been talking about! It was pretty fun, Mom carried me into this place, and than had to fill about a bunch of stuff, while a very nice lady petted me.

{Pompei sitting on the vets table}
Than we had to wait fur a looooooong time, and so I laid down, then this fuzzy grey thing came in, and I really wanted to play with it cause it looked like a nice toy thingy; but it didn't want to play back, so I told him my name but he didn't say anything back. Mom says i have to be quiet and can't talk to strangers.
{Pompei and I at the vet, Pompei is looking away from the camera, while I am leaning into him, smiling}

Than mom put me on her lap, but it was kinda hard to stay up there cause she has a little lap...(Erin: Or maybe its because you are too big!) Mom did say she was proud that I didn't even try to get off of her lap to get at that dog. And I did speak to him anymore either cause he was rude.
{Pompei laying on the vets table}
'Than we went into another room, and mom put me up on this high place, and we waited and waited ...and mom brought out her camera thingy, and clicked it a LOTTA TIMES, and than we waited some more.

I 'nother nice lady comes in and talks to mom a lot and pets me a lot, so I think I like her. Than she she started pulling my legs and doing other weird stuff, I decided I didn't like her so much and went back to hide by mom.

BUT MOOM Gave me BACK!?!?!?

Than the lady left and came back with a guy who has. *Gasp* Coookiessss!!!!!! Mom says I got a shot when I got the cookie, but I didn't even feel it. They told me I was a very good and calm boy. I told them DUH! I already KNEW THAT!!

After that I had to wait someMORE so to make sure I didn't feel sick or anything. And I didn't. So we had left. And I got in the car. And went to sleep. ANd when I woke up we were home!

THe end.

{Texas and pompei laying in a blue and brown dog bed, which is on top of a blue and greyish dog bed Texas is trying to lean as far away from Pompei as possible}
{Pompei is laying upside down, with legs extended and face hidden, in the blue and brownishgreen dog bed}

Paw.Script.(someone stole my car dog bed RIGHT OUTTA MOMS CAR!??! If you see someone with it could ya please tell them to get it back? Thanks. P)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Last Night

Tonight is Victoria's last night with me, I'll take her back to Wilderwood's Kennels tomorrow morning. I can't believe its actually happening, though with her being a teen dog there is a part of me that  is ready to move her on.

I have to admit that I really don't have time for her, and feel bad only getting her out to exercise once a day...for her its not enough, and her destructive behavior has increased, since her career change.

As Pompei will attest too...with age comes great energy.

So we'll spend one last night cuddling before we send her on her way. I know she will have a great life and be an awesome therapy dog.

I am sad, that she wasn't suited for the service dog life, but look forward to hearing about her adventures in her new life.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pompei Posts #2

Hi Guys!

Mom has been telling me allll week that today I had to go and get some medisine that is supposed to help me not get sick when I go outside. I was a little skared but my tweeter friends told me it was not too bad.

    1. ilsa the vizslaLittleRedDog @GuidePupPompei Shots dont hurt as bad as everyone says they do so no worries. Plus you'll get TONS of treats afterwards. Totally worth it!
    2. CandacePersephoneie 
      @GuidePupPompei My shots are always followed with a treat!
    3. Shelby (the dog)shelby05 
      @GuidePupPompei there's no good way to say it - shots suck. But they're normally followed by treats so that's cool!

So than I was excited about it!! ANd I waited and waited all day so I could go to the place and get my treats!    ..and my shots too.

But when we got there the people didn't want to send the money paper all the way to the Guide Dog Foundation, they wanted mom to pay for it right than. But mom says she gots me cause she didn't have to pay for that kinds of things, and cause she doesn't have that money.
So she called my aunt Libby, (Note From Erin: She's our Area Coordinator for the GDF) who talked to the vet lady and another lady for a while, but they still did not budge. So Mom and I left, cause there are lots of other places who would probably want our busyness.

So after that we went to Wal-Mart AGAIN. Mom let me walk for a little bit, and I was doing real reall good, cept I just had to taste everything we walked by, so she put me in the buggy thing.

I didn't really like that cause it was more fun to see things on the floor, but it was cool to fasst!!!!

Mom swiped her card thingy and we got in the car, and than we were home! (I went to sleep on the way back).

Uh mom? You forgot something!!

Anyway mom says I'll get my shot treats later on this week at a different place. Oh boy I can't wait!!!

Gotta go nap before dinner!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Did the Dog Say?

Hi Guys!
I am so tired furum my day that mom is gonna write dis posts fur me. BAYL!

Ah weekends, the best time to get some fun socialization with the puppies in. My friends and I had made plans earlier in the week to go see "Aladdin" put on by a local theatre troupe, along with doing some shopping together afterwards.

I woke up this morning to a mess. Poop was everywhere, on the his pen, blankets, on the floor....but somehow he managed to stay completely clean. I wiped him down with a damp cloth and brushed some "doggie perfume" into his fur just in case.

After getting that cleaned up, I ran all the dogs outside, to get in what little exercise we could, before Pompei and I left.

Tired puppies are Good Puppies.

That plan backfired on me when Pompei slept the entire 30 minute trip to the Playhouse. Halfway there I woke him up and played with him a little, in an attempt to give him more 'sleep time' during the play.

We arrived, pottied and walked to get in line for tickets. (Just over the last couple of days his leash walking is coming along nicely.) He was doing really well sitting and watching the people behind us, until a little boy ran up and flopped down in front of us. I gently reminded him about asking before petting strange dogs, and he backed up, and than asked.

I didn't have the heart to tell him no, so I had Pompei sit, and let the boy pet him.

Once inside, I laid down my coat and let him check out his new surrounds, before asking him to "down" which he did.

For about 30 seconds anyway.

By the time the play started, he'd settled himself halfway under the seat in front of us, so I just let him be.

He periodically moved further and further under the seat, until I had no choice but to fish him out, before he started nibbling the person shoes in front of us.

He gave up and slept for the remainder of the play.

After that we headed back towards town and stopped for some lunch, and than went through a local used bookstore. Since my friends and I all are bookworms, we were in there for a while.

Pomp was still pretty sleeping from our last excursion and was plodded along for a while, until he just curled up into a ball and went to sleep. So I carried him and my books for a while.

Who knew a 10wo puppy could be sooo heavy!! I finally collapsed on the nearest stool, and waited for my friends to finish their perusal of the store. Pompei was laying at my feet, charming all that passed him; he got up and I called his name, and asked him to sit.

He did, but looking for some kind of edible reward; but unfortunately for him, all I had to offer was praise.
Pompei and I in front of the Oak Ridge Playhouse

That was not good enough for his Highness. So he let out a bark to fill me in.

A couple of aisle over I heard a little voice pipe up:

"Mom?? What did the dog say?"

Erin & Pompeii

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Appointment

Thanks for all of your kind words! It is greatly appreciated!!!

Victoria and I met her new mom around 10:30 this morning, at a Therapy Center housed inside of a refurbished historic building. Victoria is always eager to greet new humans 1-1 and went up to the lady with tail wagging. *gulp

We walk into an office, and I let Victoria walk around a greet the ladies, who were firing question after question at me. I told them about the different commands she knew,(*disclaiming it by reminding them she is an adolescent and "thinking for herself right now") and demonstrated some of them; which she did quickly (much to my amazement).

They were both impressed at how quickly she responded, and proceeded to tell me they were looking at her for a Therapy Dog for their counseling center. *gulp a good home AND a job?

Her "mom" wanted to spend sometime with her away from me, as Vicki was acting pretty clingy..which is too be expected. So she attempted to take her upstairs. I say attempted because Victoria flat out decided that she was NOT going anywhere with this lady, if her mom(me) was in the other room. So I walked her up the steps and quickly left.

What seemed like an eternity lady, they make their way back down stairs.....and walk past ...eer shuffle/drag past me.

It hurt me to know that Vicki was so scared, but I knew she'd be fine.

Another eternity passed before they brought her back to me.

Stating that she was a winner! They think she has the temperament that they need in a dog, and she might be able to pass the Delta Society Test (whatever that is)

I'm happy for her.

For Real.

While she might be fearful, I knew she needs a job, and what better one than loving on and being loved?


I'm going to miss my girl.

Erin & Co

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm not ready to say good-bye...

Much sooner than I'd expected, I received an email with the subject line: Victoria. I knew what it was before I clicked on it, and my heart skipped a beat. I knew she was up for adoption, but since I hadn't seen any active "advertising" of her, I subconsciously was hoping that she'd been forgotten.
Several emails and a phone call later, I set up an appointment with the potential adopter, tomorrow morning. Tonight we'll bathe and brush her down, clean her ears, clip her toe nails, brush her teeth, spray some doggie perfume on her, and try to keep her out of the mud.

I will have to resist the temptation to try and scare this person away,as I DO want Victoria to go to a good home. Just...not yet.

If this lady decides to adopt her I know that Victoria will still be with me for at least another five days.

But still its too soon.

btw...if you can't tell, no these good-byes NEVER get easier. 

{Photo: Victoria and I four months ago}

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lazy Monday

The weather was beautiful today, so abou an hour after I got up, the dogs and I headed outside to play. Well they did at least, I was busy moving boxes...into our NEW place!

There are three houses on the property I'm staying at, and one of them was vacated several months ago. I asked my "landlord" (my father) about switching places, as that one was bigger,"normal", and under 50yo... at the time it was a no because of guessed it, the dogs.

The dog smell, fur, and of course the OCCASIONAL accident. Some how in the last week something changed...and I was given the "OK" to move over!

I'm excited as the dogs finally get a place for their stuff, and I can ditch my ideas to find some way to disguise the lab sized crates! I'm planning on get some kind of foam/rubber mats for their room in an attempt to cut down on the dog smell/fur/clean up time etc.

And I can finally have friends over, without having the dogs launching themselves all over them! My current house there is no where for the dogs to be separate....and the dachs..ok Texas is just annoyingly in your face constantly.

Yeaaah my fault I know....

After I was finished for the morning, the dogs crashed for the next 3-4 hours. I was begining to go stir crazy so Pompei and I hopped in the car and headed off towards town.

We hit up the mall and his age we do a LoT of carrying as these guys walk slower than Methuselah, and I want to get where I was going sometime that day.

And this dude at (I'm guessing) 10lbs+ is HEAVY to carry around for an hour+. Needless to say we crept home, and well...they ate dinner and I left for choir practice. I would have brought him but I completely forgot.

For real!

This week i'm really hoping to start bringing him to classes, still waiting on my job to tell me he can or can't come...than we'll have to decided on how we are going to proceded from there.

Fingers Crossed its a "Yes!"

Erin & Co

Saturday, January 16, 2010


This pup Luuuvss his sleep! He's even starting to sleep through the nights! *YES!*
He typically likes sleeping on something soft and cushy, so I was quite surprised to see his nap spot was the top of one of my storage boxes!

We've kept him busy going on outings this week, and he's done great! :) He's defiantly earned his sleep! :)

Erin & Co

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pompei's Post #1

January 13, 2010

I have been at my new house for a whole entire week now! I don't even miss my mommy and brothers and sisters in New Yorks much! I have two rooms at my new house, one is big, and one is little just like me! I have three brothers & sisters. Two are dachshunds and their names are Bubbles & Texas. Bubbles is SUPER old, like 175!! Oh. Mom says she's only 10, that is still WAaaay old to me.
She doesn't do anything but sleep all day, and growl at me if I get too close to her.

Texas is a lot more fun, cause he plays with me, and he's just my size! We have lots of fun together. My sister Victoria is a Golden Retriever (Like I am! ....Partly)she is a lot of fun to cuddle with, thou she doesn't really like sharing her toys with me. I just say whatever, and wait until she's not looking. And go grab that too speedy quick!!! And she doesn't even know where it went!!!

Mom says since I am a guide dog puppy, that I get to go in places that Bubbles,Texas and now Victoria can't.

Its been a lot of fun too, cause there are always a lots of people who want to see me!! Like yesterday, I went to this college place with mom. They went into a room and talked to this lady for a loooong time.I had to go to sleep cause I'd just been playing outside before we left. But when I woke up, Mom was handing me to the lady, and she carried me around the place showing me to people. They all like making funny noises at me. Don't know what's up with that. But Hey I don't care as long as they are petting me!

Mom says that she might have to limit that if, I start wanting to be petting everytime we go out! Oh NO!!!

Wow all this writing sure tires a guy out.

Bark At Ya Later!


P.S.(Note from Erin: Those of you who have been following my twitter updates, will know that I've had some issues with my college about letting him come, even though I'm not disabled. But as of today I got a note saying that he is allowed in the class room,and to just come by their office with my credentials and they would notify my teachers.)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Days!!!

Thursday afternoon, the skies dumped about an inch or two of snow on our lovely city, much to my dismay, but to the delight of the dogs. Since the temps have stayed in the teens, the snow is still very much around, (Amazingly enough) three days later.

So though I didn't get any snow pictures Thursday, I took a bunch today.  It was nice to finally get to spend and entire day with my pack! I think they were happy as well. :)

I put Pompei in one of Bubble's coats, as he was shivering badly during our potty breaks, he didn't really enjoy it at first, but soon realized it was keeping him warm! Bubbles on the other hand, shed hers before we even got outside.....and I think she regretted that decision!

Speaking of the Pompster's he's settling in really well, and as I predicted (mentally anyhow) Texas thinks he's an awesome playmate. It takes him a couple of day's to warm up to our new intruders, but once he does he's friends for life....sort of :)

Potty training is going ok...funny story though, he made a little mess in my room, & than went and dragged the Natures Miracle bottle over by it!!

He is not doing much complaining about being in the crate either, but is still pooping in it no matter if I'm getting up in the middle of the night. So obviously Texas's crate is too big for him, and we're going to have to down size. *sigh*

Other than our first week together, is going great!

Texas,Bubbles,Victoria and Pompei

Friday, January 8, 2010

Little Brothers {By Victoria and Texas}

Hey guys,

Wow has mom been busy lately! We sure hope she'll slow down a little bit and remember us,we don't think she need have brought that fuzzy thing here. Cause he's just a noosaunce He keeps taking our TOYS, and mom gets on US when we try to get them BACK!! Bubbles didn't even stick around to deal with it, but left and went up to Ma & Pops house, I told her she was a chicken, and she said she didn't even care. I don't think its fair that she gotta leave! Today he was a little bit better and I only played with him just to get him to stop bothering me. It worked!
He was so tired trying to keep up with me, he went and fell asleep!

Ok i'm tired now too.


This pet life stuff ain't too bad, I'm glad Mom doesn't make me go on car rides and stuff, cause that makes me feel stressed and stuff. I think cause I'm a pet now that I should eat people food like Texas and Bubbles do, but Mom wouldn't even let me eat a pizza crust that she FUrGOT about on the table. So I'm complaining from my bed as she types this.

Oh Ooo guess whawt guess, it SNOWED again today!!!!! I was sooo excited I dashed outside before mom told me too and ran, and ran, and ran! It was a BLAST i tell you!
Mom wasn't happy that I ran out there before she told me, so she took me back inside, and took everyone else and LEFT me!?! I tried to play with fuzzbutt, but he kept biting my legs and stealing my toys, and running under the couch with them. He was running allllll over the place, he is crazy I tell you! But HAHA mom bought him a PLAYPEN and so he can't even get out when she puts him in there! Which is good cause i'm all wared out. I think I will go lay down. *whew*

...after I try and sneak that pizza crust again....


P.S. - I didn't get the pizza.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Meet Pompeii, he is my fourth guide dog puppy, that I will be raising for the Guide Dog Foundation for the didn't think I'd leave them forever now did you? Well my life circumstances have changed, and I will have more time to volunteer. To put it simply I will be leaving my positions with Wilderwood Service Dogs, to go back to school full time. I will still work at UT to sustain me, but I couldn't do both and school at the same time.

It wasn't an easy decision at all, but one that had to be made. I'd planned on raising one of Midnight's pups when she had them, but unfortunatly she didn't get pregnant this time, so I decided that since I was leaving WSD anyway, I'd line myself up for another GDF puppy. (Not fostering with Wilderwood due to time lengths 3-6months with them verses 12-14 months with GDF but plan on staying involved with them as I can) Well...I got an email last week, letting me know that my puppy was going to be delievered today.

Instant panic mode!!! But we got things together, changed schedules, rearranged plans, and went to pick him up at our puppy meeting tonight.

He's a noisy little bugger, and spent the last 30 minutes squawking...but now he's quiet....lets just hope I can go into my room without disturbing him!! *gulp*
**Pompeii's First Puppy Meeting**
Pompeii is a yellow puppy sleeping on his side, beside a blue,yellow,pink,and purple doll, with different textured hands and feet for chewing
Pompeii laying in front of doll toy,with his nosed mashed against the carpet,smelling the smells that it holdsPompeii manages to get his leash tangled around a chair, and is straining against it trying to get free
I am looking forward to our year together!

Erin & Co

P.S. (Someone forgot to mention to me that keeping Victoria was not my decision after all, but my parents. And they said I couldn't keep her and Pompeii as yes I'm upset, hurt, disappoint,....which has taken out a lot of the fun of having Pompy here...I know she'll find a good home, not matter how hard I wish it were mine. Words can't describe how much I will miss that dog.)

Dog Career's

Hey Guys,

So like the humans celebrate something called "New Years", the way I understand is like an old thing goes away and something new starts. Apparently humans think they get to "start over" or something. Well I kind of understand that.

Anyway for this New Year, Mom went away and left us in a kennel place; as Texas said in his post. I did NOT like that kennel place, I mean I had fun with my brothers and sister, playing and stuff, but all the people there was scary! And they kept wanting me to do things like "sit" or "up" and I mean I didn't even KNOW Them, how was I supposed to DO anything!?!?

So then they talked to Mom for a long time today, and was like "She doesn't have any work ethic" and Mom was like "No I don't think she'll make it" and just like that I was out of the service dog program!

And I'm actually just fine with that! I mean, going in those people places was like SUPER scary! I was so scared one time, Mom had to hold me in her lap!!! I like being at home, and hanging out with Bubbles and Texas.

So I gots to say good-bye to my career. Oh weell. Mom says they don't force dogs to do something they don't want too. Which I think is just ducky, cause i REALLY don't want to be a serve dog.

You should SEE all the toys mom bought at the store tonight!!!!!! Oh wait, I can't say anything about that just yet. Oops!

Anyway mom say's she has a hard decision to make about keeping me or something. I'm all like uh-DUH mom, that's not even a question!? I BELONG here!


Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year...

Hey Guys,

We're BACCCKK, I know you guys missed us, but mom stuck us in that kennel place that we went too last time. We realized what was going on when we got there and I made sure to let everyone know I was NOT happy about this situation!!!

But even with that mom STILL left me! How NOT RIGHT is that?! But she came and got us today so we're all together again. Apparently this is something called a new year or something and you are supposed to write down things you want to do. Well I thot and thot and thot about it...and than I fell asleep.

 When I woke up I decided that I was a pretty good dude last year, so why change!?