Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mom's Little Helper

So Pompei gets a lots of attention cause he's some big shot helper dog fur people. Or that's what mom tells everybody. I know'd da truths! Butt mom said I couldn't even say nuttin on dis blog..but i can sneaks and tell you it has somtin ta do wit her camera and somebodies teeths. ooooooooooohooohooohoooo!!!
Intyways since I can't even go into stores and stuff like Pompei does, I do help mom out all the time at home cause I'm good like dat. Like here I ams helping her bringing da groceries. I knowed dat looks like a big bag but don't even worry I gots it in alright. 
with some help from mom.

Den I had to helps her when she put alla foodss in the plastic ben thingys cause we gots mice too in our house and we don't like sharing da food wit dems. This is da most important job cause mom always makes a mess when she is pouring da bag thingy so I has to make sure to clean up every.little.peice.of kibbles so dat the mousies don't get it. umm... Pompei and Bubbles help doin' dat too sometimes...
Texas snoozing on "mom's lap

 Then I gots to help mom do her homework. Lemme tell you dat is a tough job cause I mean she has a lotta words to write an sometimes I just run plumb outta them. So then I have to take a nape to get my brain juices flowin again. Most of da time I'm just getting to a good dream when mom duMPS me outta her laps sayin sometin about "being cramped up or sleeping legs" or somethin.

So you can see dat even thou I don't go places like pompei does I'm still a big helper to my mom. 

P.S. - Mom says that she doesn't think that our HOUSE has fleas which is good, cause I ain't never had a flea and Pompei says its not fun at all. So dat is good. Mom also says dat she wishes she could treat da outside buuttt when you has 4-5 acres dats kinda ..well impossible. Oh well.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh Fleas....

This is kind of an embarrassing post, but its something I know we've all had to deal with at one time or another. In the 8 years I've owned a dog, this is the second time they've gotten fleas. Still... telling someone you have fleas in your house somehow implies that you don't clean or are a dirty person. 

However that indeed is the case in my home. Back in July, Pompei came in contact with the little buggers and they have given him a run for his money, one really bad skin infection and an expensive vet trip later we were loaded up with antibiotics and medicated shampoos for the infection. We also put him on Comfortis since Frontline and Sentinel were doing no good. 

Bubbles and Texas were on Frontline as well, but I put them on Advantage Multi after spotting a flea on Texas. I take no chances. I thought we were good. All dogs were medicated Pompei's infection was clearing up, school was keeping me busy and I hadn't noticed any fleas lingering on the dogs. 

Pompei's shampoo treatment requires me to bathe him every three days, I have to leave the shampoo on him for about 10 minutes before rinsing him off. I really can't tell you who has more fun during this 20 minute ordeal. Actually I can, that would be Texas who sits whining by the tub wanting to get in too. (If I let him, he'd sit in the tub with Pompei and I while i bathe Pompei. Don't let that last picture fool you, he likes his baths...)

Anyway as I was massaging the shampoo into his skin, I noticed something run for cover. NO. PLEASE? NO! It was indeed a nasty little flea, I quickly squashed it and glanced down in time to see another floating towards the drain. Hmph. But I didn't think too much about it since, I mean he was medicated, and I'm sure these fleas were going to die anyway. Right....right?

A little later, curled up in bed with a book I thought I felt something jump on me, but chalked it up to my imagination at seeing the fleas earlier. It wasn't until the little perp landed on my book did I freak out. Seriously? Fleas in my BED!? How am I supposed to sleep now?  I grabbed my phone and googled "natural flea repellents" and got some tips for ridding my house of fleas, cause I refuse to do the "bomb" route. Too much work. Hassel. Etc.

What I found:
  • Salt 
  • Baking Soda
  • Apple Cider Vineager + Water
  • Earl Grey Tea
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Washing Machine 
  • Lots of Work.

So if you don't "see" me around the intraweb much this week. Know this. 

I'm Cleaning.

Erin and company
PS -If anyone would like to write my paper for me while I do this it would be greatly appreciated!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Flashback Friday

Boy I could even fit into da sink!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Texas Log: Mom sounds Weird

Weather: Sunshiny
Mood: Sleepy/Not Sleepy

Today whenned I woke up to da sounds of a strange human. i didn't even recognize who it was dat was callin me cause I had never heard that sound before. Den I realized it was mom!!!!!! She had a froggy stuck in her throat!!! Thankfurlly she can still play ball wit me!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TexasLog: The Toy Arrives!!!

Pompei inspects the package
 "Hey  Bud dis package is fur me!!"

At first I thought it was goin ta be borin....buttt it wasn't!!!

"I love this squeaky ball already!" 

 "SQeaaakKKK Sqqueaakkk skeeeetcch sqqqueaaak" 
"Didn't even know my mouth could get dat big now did you!?"
 Throw it already mom!!! NOW!!!! nOW!!!
 Wow look how speedy fast I am!!!
 Wooo not even bweathin hard!!
 GOT IT!!!!

Did I do good mom? Huh? Did I?? 

Texas Logs: New Toy

Texas Log Date: October 18, 2010
Weather: Sunshine

Today a new toy is supposed to come in da mail for me. I sure hope mom gets home fast so I cans get it! Ooo the doorbell! Why can't i even open da door this is un far.. ArrroooOOoOoO! Wooof woof woooof! Rrruffffff ruf rraff rraff!

hmmph. Still gots TWO HOURS till mom get off the work place. Will upate later.

-10 4 Good Buddy.


Head of Household Security 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bad News

Dear Diary,

Now dat I'm a whole 11 months old, mom keeps saying stuffs like "IFT" and "puppies" and "dissapointments" and all sorts of other stuff dat I normally understand but not like how she is saying them.

Like da other day, she was talking to our neighbor about getting another puppy!? I don't even know what she meant by that cause I mean HELLO I"M Sitting right here!
Then she said that she didn't know when I was leaving for IFT but it would probably be in a couple of months.

So any ways i had ta get on the Doogle network (google for hadn't heered about that?!)

And then I gots a lot of junk like Career centesr an annual meetings stuff, so I had to have mom help me. I did not even like what I found on there!! 

So apparently dis I.F.T. stands for : In Formal Training. And what dat means is dat I have ta go back to the school place that I came from ( a loooooooong time ago). And then I have to stay in a kennel place and have lots of doggie friends to play wit and then I gots to do like I do wit mom and go into stores and stuff butt this time i has to wear a harness thingy cause that means I'm trainin to be a guide dog.

I gotsta say that it does sound like a little bit of fun, cept for the leavin mom part, but if I stays wit her I won't get to have a joby thingy and if I don't stay with her then I gots to go away all by myself to a bunch of peoples I don't even know.


I thinks I'm going to sleep on dis.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Texas Long: Note to self Leave green snakes alone

Taken: August 27, 2010
 What in the......??? 
 I gotta see this thing! 

OMD it sprouts water!!!!!!! I'll save you Autumn!!!

Wait...what are yous doin? 

Oh you is moving aside so's I can help you? 

Here I comes Head of ranch sekurities!!


Come On Texas, shake it offs dude, you can do this.. 

Ya know what? I think can handle dat all by yourselfs! 

To see Pompei's version CLICK HERE

Monday, October 4, 2010

What the World!?!

Ok Guys. Dis is NOT funny. WHO TURNED OFF DA HEAT!?!?!?!?!? So I gots up redikewlously early cause mom had ta go ta work, and thinks dat I has GOTs ta go potty as soon as SHE wakes up.

ok I do buutt dats not the point.

Da point is...........I NEARLY FROZE MY TOE NAILS OFF!!!!
I had to go back and pee real quick and RUn back inside before dey all just fell off.
But good news! The heat came back a LITTLE bit today so I could run around. Good thing cause I think mom wanted to bring out does STUPID sweaters stuff dat she likes to make us wear.

 See?! Its not toooo cold out right now!