Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello New People!

Since we've aquired some new followers recently I thought we might want to introduce our selves, to our new doggie friends!

First up is me I suppose...
My name is Erin and I'm the hands behind these little canine minds and the photographer. :) I'm a full-time college majoring in Photography and minoring in Web Design. I'm a little obsessed with blogging if you can't tell already! I live with my three pups and my roommate in the great state of TN. I'm a volunteer puppy raiser with the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. I'm currently raising puppy number four, who is listed below.

Pompeii is a guide dog puppy in training with the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. He is 6 months old, and a Lab/Golden Mix. Pompei will live with me for about a year, and I'm responsible for his training and socialization until he's about 14 months old. At that time he will travel back to Smithtown NY, where the foundation is located, and train for about another six months before being matched with a blind or visually impaired person. His favorite thing to do is: Force people to pet him, eat, find dead things, and run!!
{Its what we call working "REAL" hard.}
Bubbles is a tweenie dachshunds (heh that sounds weird to say), we think she's in between a standard and a miniature dachshund. She's 10 years old though we've only had her for 8; we "adopted her" from her original family when she was one. Her favorite things to do are: Eat, Sleep and chase animals.

Texas is a miniature dachshunds, who is 1.5 years old, *aah he's going to be two in just about a month or two! I adopted him at 4 months old last year. He's been a challenge but we love him just the same...More on that in another post. His favorite things to do is: Bark, Eat, Run, Chew Bones, Sleep, and sun himself.

And that's all folks!
P.S. A big thank you to all who responded to my "cry for help". I emailed and we'll see what happens!

Pompeii Erin and company Bubbles Texas

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dogs with Blogs Disscusion Boards

So we've been trying to get on the DWB group for several years now and haven't really known how to do it...

According to their site you have to have a referrel from someone who is already a member...

As a result of a recent poll of the members of The Bone Zone, All new Registrations must now be by way of referral/invitation from a current user. If you have a member who is willing to guarantee your application, please have them send an email to opy@gruffpuppy.com.au with your details, and we will forward you an address where you can apply.

Would there be anyone out their willing to recommend us? We'd love you forever and ever and ever if you could! Thanks sooo much!

Erin and company

Monday, May 17, 2010

Texas Log: Not Fair

Here I am minding my own buisness, Mom and Pomps had left for some sort of music something with the Aunties and Uncles (I have like..a ton now) so I got on my twitter account, checked out my tweeps, but didn't say anything cause....I didn't have anything to say. duh.
Then I happened to stumble upon something I don't think mom meant for me to see.
It was like a ton of pictures.

LOTS and LOTS of dogs.

Then I saw the worst things.

IS mom Cheating on us!??!

I'm just glad that it rained and thundered the whole time while they were there. Serves them right for leaving me at home.

But I did learn a cool trick...I can hop on mom's desk from the back of couch...hehe which means if she leaves any food no there.......

hehehehehehehehehehehehe....*morphs into evil laugh.

mom said i have to say that she did take metothedogparkealiertodayandthatihadfun.
But that is NOT the point.
The point is.
I SHOULD have GONE to the PARTY!!!
yea...even bubbles went this time.
checking out the pee spots
This is my "I'm-not-having-fun" face just fyi
"what long legs you have sir!" 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear Diary: Leash Walking

Dear Diary,
You know dat thing the humans are always walking us around on like we're a horse or sometin? Well it kinda looked like fun so I tried to walk Texas on it. But it was hard cause he wouldn't even walk where I wanted him to go and he just kept pulling and pulling!!!!!
I don't even know why he did dat, so I decided that walking is not much fun, and mom can do it all by herself. With me.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Playing Catch Up

The first event we attended during our blogging break, was our April Puppy Meeting, held at Chimney Rock. We normally set up a tent during the Bark in the Park event, to try and get the word out their about our group in Asheville. This year there was a really small turn out, due in part to the yucky weather headed our way. Their were only three GDF pups in attendance...Pompei, Mensa (10mo standard poodle), and PJ (1yo MYL). Pompei behaved himself beautifully and earned a new collar! :)
{Pompei was upgraded to a bigger jacket}
The next event for us, was an 8 mile hike too Ramsey Cascades, in which we found out that dog's we're allowed in the park. The hard way. Click HERE for photos of that adventure..Pompei loved every minute of the hike. I don't know why I was worried he wouldn't last!?
Pompei spots a SQUIRREL! But he didn't know it was the enemy and let it pass. Please forgive him fellow Dogglers.
A personal event would be finishing this semestor, but that's not too photo worthy; but he's done really well this semester, sure we had some bumpy points but as my area coordinator says.."If they were perfect we wouldn't have them!" I believe my english teacher is planning on raising a puppy as well! Pompei hit is his six month birthday on Thursday, I had to work all day so he at least got a frozen KONG, while I was gone. Not that he cared overly much! Though this month is a little different than our past "month-days" as his energy levels have spiked greatly. Which is good because we plan on lots more adventures planned for each summer!

Happy Six Months Pomps!!!
Also a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Rei and her handler Kacie, for completing a mini marathon! 13.1 miles!! So proud of my baby!! How can I not help give someone the opportunity to do something like this?

Erin and company

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh Yeah.....

We're BACK! 
I more final to go and since its only an essay, 
I figured I better start blogging again before I get too far behind! 
Cause believe me I have a ridiculous amount of stuff to post! 

Erin and company

Texas Log #4 - Confessions

Weather: Sunshiny
Mood: Sniffy
Hunger Levels 0-10: 5
Activity: Sniffing the porch...I thought I saw a puddy tat.

Texas here - Its confession time...I don't admit this easily, but when their is strong incriminating evidence against me, you know...what's a dog to do?  I have a hard time my own mom would do this too me, but I watched her with a shocked expression. Who knew she would stoop so low!?
I still am having a hard time even as I bark this.


But ok, what is it you ask?

You might want to be sitting down.....



Good grief go "SIT" already.


Comfortable? Good.

So yes it was a pleasant afternoon, the birds were singing in the trees and I'd just located this awesome poop spot outside. Of course I rolled in it. AH heavenly I tell you. ...and i don't use words like "heavenly" much..

So I come when mom calls me, go inside, when all of the sudden she swoops me up and walks me into that water room the humans area ALWAYS in. (TEXAS!!?!) And she puts me down in the other giant water bowl, (not the one you drink out of the other one) and starts with the water.

Then she starts massaging my neck, then my back, right at the spot above the tail...ooooo....it was awesome, I just sat right down and let her pet alll over me. I was even sad when she stopped. I know mom said it was a bath but boy did it feel good!! And if I squinted I wouldn't even feel the water! ....even though I actually like water....

*sigh. There you go. My secrets out.


Dear Diary: I learnt something

Hi Guys!
I learnt somethings while mom wasn't blogging.
Its called dat sometimes plastic things are fun to chew but can make mom's really mad.
And aunties too.
It really wasn't even all my fault even, cause I was just bored, and all of this sudden this new thing plunked right down in front of me! How was I not supposed to even taste it?
I didn't even know it was Auntie's mem card thingy with a gazzillion pictures on it!!
Boy was mom upset!! She dug it out of my mouth and went outside for a long while.
Den Auntie came home, and she was smiling so i thinks its ok, but mom's STILL not happy.
hows I supposed to know it wasn't for me when it was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!?!?
Oh well. 
I don't think I helped things when I decided to pee in the floor.
I really really had to go though, and mom was at the puter and not even watching me soo...........
after dat mom decided I need something "con-stru-tives" to do and she got out my Tug-A-Jug!!
And that made me real tired so i'm going to go lay down.