Thursday, December 6, 2012

...1...2...3..little doggies

Sometimes... I'm pretty sure I do run a kennel. 
Current Dog Count: 5 
I'm sure you guys remember Lacy. She's a regular around here, but in the last few days Lacy has gained a sister! Stella is their newest family member and is quite stressed to be here. Hopefully she'll calm down over the next couple of days. Which since they'll be in the care of my awesome dog sitter will be nothing more than a "hope" for me. :) 


Thursday, November 22, 2012


I know what you're thinking, and you're right. Its been
In my defense life has changed a LOT since August, so much so I even thought about taking this blog down completely even though I know I can't. The good news is Bubbles, Texas and David are still alive and well. Bubbles celebrated her 13th birthday by ... well sleeping all day, and eating dinner when I came home from work. David is officially a year old, and quite the obnoxious teenager, and Texas is growing and becoming more mellow at the old age of four.

I started working full time as a vet receptionist in October and haven't seemed to have a moment to spare. The dachshunds have got to feel neglected sometimes, but I haven't felt uber motivated to $300 worth of shots and tests done just yet in order for them to come with me; Not to mention I doubt they'd particularly enjoy being kenneled all day...

I also had to give up my computer when I moved to my new position, as my old job was only loaning it to me. And I'm only typing this right now on the good graces of a friend being out of town, and loaning me her laptop.

I am hopeful that I will once again be a computer owner, well as soon as I hear back from this guy on Craigslist that is. :) The problem is I haven't been able to bring myself to switch from being a Mac Owner to a PC. Yes my work laptop was a PC but it was free. [Beggers can't be choosers] and I've decided that I'd rather save and get what I want, then settle for less.

So its been a couple of months since I've been a computer owner, and believe it or not I've survived.

Thank God for my iPhone.

But I'm digressing from the doggy ness of this post.

At this moment I currently have six dogs in my house.

"What are you nuts?"

Yeah, pretty much. And a really good friend. This should earn me major brownie points. :)

For the most part things have gone smoothly, everyone pretty much is separate except when I'm present, and even then David is still on the outs. For some reason I was thinking Collies were meek and mild dogs, but Dave has worked to prove me very wrong by being the biggest, loudest, obnoxious dog around.  It doesn't earn him friends or influence other dogs.

Which is funny because that is usually Texas's distinction, but TEXAS has accepted all three of these guys with NO PROBLEMS. Like, no growling, no constant watching their every movements, no constant corrections of their nervous behavior.

Who IS this dog?


Friday, August 24, 2012

First Ever Sighting!

A rare sighting of a dapple, black and tan dachshund! 
Otherwise known as.. 
An encounter with a baker. 


Thursday, August 2, 2012

#AugustDogDays - Day 2

Better late to the party than never! My mom likes to do these things on Instagram and its ABOUT TIME she did one that was related to dogs! siriusly.


Monday, July 30, 2012


Texas checking out 12week old, black lab Rudolph puppy.
(who is visiting our house for the week)



Friday, July 27, 2012


This post is in honor of Texas's 4th birthday, July 6, 2012 - Yes I realized that its way to far gone to even consider this belated, but you know. First off I can't believe he's FOUR, where has the time gone? I would love to say something like "he keeps life interesting" but I've gotta be honest here, Texas is pretty boring. 95% of his day is spent sleeping, or begging food from me. But I wouldn't trade him for the world. He is a great cuddler (occasionally) a great watch dog (as long as I'm home, otherwise he's pointing out the valuables in attempt to spare himself), a good car rider (as long as we're moving) and loves everybody (as long as they are female and they've met before). 

Really though, I love this little guy. :)

Happy Belated, Belated, Belated Birthday Tex! 



12 year old Bubbles gives me stink eye for interrupting her nap. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Life with Dachshunds


Monday, June 11, 2012

Neighborhood Strays

In my "neighborhood" off leash dogs are the norm, we have the regulars who patrol the streets on a daily basis, and those who randomly show up. I live in a more "back country" section of town, so most of the dogs are farm dogs, and street smart.

Most of these dogs, if not friendly are savvy enough to move on pretty quickly. Honestly I think this is, in part, due to the fact they can actually work their brain a bit more than the many other dogs sitting in their fenced yard, becoming more and more fearful/aggressive as the days go by.

However, I've never felt inclined to "keep" one of these strays.. mainly because I know most of these dogs belong to "someone"... until yesterday.

Um.. how adorable is he guys? 
Though there were many other people around, he kept coming to me and trying to climb into my lap.

He looked too well cared for to be a stray, and I'm pretty sure I've seen his "mom" wandering around recently.

I've never felt this strongly about a dog I just met... well since Texas at the very least.

I saw him again this morning, and he came over to say "hi" despite Texas's attempt to run him off.

I'll just have to satisfy myself with glimpses of him every once in a while.



Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

If ignore her... maybe she'll go away...


Thursday, May 31, 2012

More About David

So mom feels like I don't talk about David enough on here, which.. DUH its MY blog not his! So why SHOULD i talk about him on here? Butt anyways.. umm.. so D-Dog is what mom calls a teenager, which means he does all sorts of bad things, and mom doesn't worry about it (much) because she knows he'll grow out of it (hopefully).

me on patrol
I'm all for him doing bad stuffs, cause that means he definitely won't be coming back once he finally leaves. Which could be a really long time from now, cause the school place he's from, is having mom (and people like her) keep the puppies until they are a bazillion months old. Which in human terms is like 16-18 months.

Mom is kinda sad cause that means she has to put up with his antics for longer, as well as not get a baby-puppy sooner.

Sounds good to me.

The not getting a baby part, not the antics.

K so i haves to be honest.. i don't mind David as much as I did the other puppies, especially ones named Trump and Rob. (Those two were soooooo annoying!) I mean yeah he still likes to angonize me into chasing him .. all.the.time. And wants to bark in my face to get me to play, but he knows when to shut and up sleep.

So I'll take the little things ya know?

How old is he? Mom says he's been 8 months tomorrow, he's about 25 inches tall and probably around 60lbs. Butt i don't that fur sure. The last time mom tried to pick him and up and weigh him on the scale, ... well lets just say that didn't go real well. at. all.

D-dog ain't the brightest star in the sky, I gots to say.

He wasted a lots of time barking at clump of dust mom and threw down a hole in a yard.
(k so I barked at it some too just not as much!!!) He likes to bark a lot. Almost more than me and Bubbles! Mom says that the biggest challenge of having a collie as a guide dog puppy! Teaching them not to bark any where and at anything!!

And He can't even figure out how to use his back legs much! Mom still has to lift him in, if he wants to get in the back of the car! BOL!!

Enough about David. Mom tricked me the other day!!
Here I was thinking she had made me my own personally doggie, soak in the water, pool.. just for me and all the sudden she starts SPRAYING me down with water?! WHA?!
She washed all my nice smell off that I got!


I Got Ur Back

Texas and David sit back to back in the yard.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

If I stare at it long enough it will come to me!
Thankfully he hasn't figured out how to do this in the house!
I'm cute? I need treats. The end.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Way To Go Texas!

Mom sometimes tells me, that i gots nothing good to say, don't say nuffin. I don't ever listen to her but sometimes, like today, its kinda good advice. Cause I got nothin to say. 
Mainly cause mom has something to say about me. 

Um... yes thanks Texas. As I've written before, Texas has been very reactive to strange things, people in our yard, etc.. but has increasingly gotten better as time went on. It was gradual, and I think we've settled into the fact that Texas will never be "normal". But we love him anyway. 

Our morning routine, normally proceeds thus: I drag myself out of bed, grab some clothes and let the dachshunds outside to potty. However, yesterday morning as I opened the door, I was surprised to see two trucks in my driveway, and upon further inspection, men crawling all over the roof of the church next door, as well as trucks in their driveway and people walking around. 

To my surprise, though Texas went out barking (something he does regardless) he had ABSOLUTELY NO reaction to the activity a mere 40 ft+ away from him. You could have knocked me over with a feather. 

I'm so proud of my little guy! We've come such a long way!! 

David....was another story. 

Speaking of success stories, one I forgot to mention happened a couple of weeks ago. Texas is very defensive in the house, so when a group of our girlfriends wanted to come up for the weekend, I "claimed" one of the girls whom had met and stayed with Texas before. However what I wasn't prepared for was that the other girls would visit us often throughout the weekend. 

I normally tell people to ignore Texas for as much as possible during the first few minutes in my house, however my warnings were moot as the little stinker proceeded to behave as if he was the worlds friendliest dog. He was great the entire weekend. I was so proud of him! 

Guess that's another goal we can cross of the list for this year!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Testing 1...2....3

Texas and David testing out the new bed
And this bed felt Juuuuuuust right!
Since our flea debacle last year, the dogs have been surviving on old pillows and towels as bedding..[and the couch, and my bed..don't feel too sorry for them]...since adding David I've been wanting to get some more dog beds, but never got around to doing it. [sometimes I feel like I buy dog beds on a yearly basis]

Until today. 

I think its a winner! :)   
David's in 7th Heaven

The bed must also be a miracle worker. I mean BUBBLES WILLINGLY laying down with DAVID? 
Bubbles has made it clear in the last year or so that she is DONE with the puppies. She'd be happy never to see another one in her life time. Normally she steers clear of them, but should them come near her she's snarling and snapping (with all three of her teeth). So you can imagine my surprise when I turned away from my computer and saw THIS. 
The third one makes it official :)