Monday, January 31, 2011

The End.

Did you know, since I came in 2008 I has helped mom raise and train about service dogs/puppies in training? Pompei stayed the longest than all the others ones, so I think they should defiantly put my name down as a "co-raiser" of him. 
Me teachin him da fine arts of runnin at top speed
Me showin him da pool was not so scary...
He made fun of my scarf! What can I say!?
He wouldn't have even been as great if hadn't showed him the ropes. The house is super duper quiet now that he's not around, and I hates ta even say this butt...........

I think I might  miss him.

Me and Bubbles rode in the car with Mom and Pompei, on Saturday so we could go meet the people who was driving him up to New York. Mom was driving super fast, cause she got her times mixed up and didn't realize she had an hour more of traveling than the people meeting her, so she had the pedal to the metal. 

And she also made me ride on the car seat, which was completely not right, cause I can't even get as warm as I could sitting in her lap, but she was not even changing her mind, so I crowded on the seat with Bubbles. 

Let me tell you. That girl hogs up a whole locka space. And she didn't even move over so I could lay nicely. So I went back and slept in the back seat with Pompei. 

Then all of the sudden we was there, and mom was getting Pompei out of the car and walking him over to another lady in a van. I had ta scream for a little bit cause SHE FORGOT I WAS IN THE CAR!?! ...

....but she didn't even come back 'til the lady put Pompei in the car. Then she came and let me and Bubbles go potty, as the vans were leavin, we could see Pompei's head pop into the window, cause I think he was wonderin' why we wasn't comin with him....

That made mom all kinds of sad, so she then she thought I'd make a good cuddle toy.. 


Then she did that crying thing, and had to use up the box of tissues the lady gave her. Sigh. Humans. 

After that she got herself some food, and didn't even share ANY with me. Not even a CRUMB. I thought that was highly unfair, and sat in the back of the car and barked at people while they walked by. 

Then FINALLY we drove away back to our home place. 

Anddd its been really borin around here. I tried ta get Bubbles to play wit me and she only plays for like 5 seconds and then she goes to lay down. confused

Mom says I got four weeks until I get another play mate....

I don't know if I can wait dat long....

Anyone wanta play?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Time Flies....

When you're having fun....
Only four days left. Four very very short days. 

Erin: Awwwww

Erin: please ignore the dirty floor. *shudders*

Erin: One of our first outings together! omw how cute was he!

Erin: Pompei's first puppy meeting to the fire station!

Erin: Pompei @ six months!

Erin: What a faker. Still six months 

Erin: Pompei enjoying a bone while on our disastrous camping trip

Erin: OH! GREEN GRASS!!! I MISS THIS! Oh yeah and Pompei's cute as well. 

This was soo funny!

Erin & Co.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Foodies

So I has to use my professional voice for dis post. 

So my friend Daisy's Mom at the The Teacher's Pet Blog, was posting about the raw meaty bones she gives Daisy, a great post if I do say so myself, cause well you'll see. but if you haven't read than you can go see it

The reason I like this post so much is cause, mom has just decided to feed us, well me and Bubbles anyway, RAW food! She's been thinking, and thinking, and reading and reading some more and finally decided that she was tired of trying to find a kibble that was not going to break her bank, yet still be healthy for us. So the next day she went out and bought us a TONS of chicken, and chicken necks and stuffs. Well ok it was only 10lbs but you can't beat $4 for that? 

Mom had to cut the chicken necks up for Bubbles a little bit cause her teeths are all about to fall out. But me, I can chomp em' down no problems! Pompei is SUPER jealous cause he can only eat the kibbles and can't even be in the room cause he'll steal it from me. 
Chicken for Bubbles....
The other day mom gave me a whole entire chicken leg cause I can eat it up real good. Mom says after we get through with all that chicken we can have some other meat like beef or duck, or turkey or fish or pork or  even organs and a whole bunch of other yumminess.  I can only get like 4 ounces of meat for the whoooole day. Which is really little when you think of it..butt mom doesn't want me to get fat. Bubbles gets 6 ounces cause she weighs like...5lbs more than I do. 

Anyway if you want to know more about feeding RAW check out these websites: Raw Fed Dogs and The Many Myths of Raw Feeding . There is a bunch more butt you can just google them yourselves. Sorry I gots to run outs now... gotta burn some calories to make sure I have lots of room for dinner tonight!! 
Is it time to eat yet? 

Note from Erin: I just wanted to mention, as this has been brought up as a concern, and completely valid one I might add. They are consuming the bones of the meat they are given. The bones contain important nutrients for the dog, as well as keeping their teeth clean and in good working order. They are not given bones at every meal, but enough to make sure they are getting what they need from it. All meals are monitored carefully to make sure they don't choke on anything. ...given the speed at which SOME try to consume their food, that's a problem whether there is bone or not. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Do ya mind? I"m tryin to nape here....but since you're here starin at me like that, I'd besta clear up somethin. I was not. In jail.cause I was bad. I don't even know why I was in jail, but Mom put me in da car, and drove me to the vet place and LEFT me. Mom says cause she had to go outta town for a long time. I don't even think its fair that Bubbles didn't even stay wit me and I was there all by myself. 

Another thing is I gots a new case fur a new year. Yall all know I'm the top-o-the-line sekurity around here and cause I'm so good we hasn't had much trouble. I just let out a couple of warnin barks and bad peoples and dogs know they better stay away from heres.

Welp da other day we had  THIEF!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep! He (i'm purty sure it was a he) done stole my KONG from OFF of my OWN PORCH!!! how sorry is dat??? 

I mean a KONG is like the next best thing ta life its self and they STOLE IT!?!? Mom is not happy at all and NEITHER AM I!!! 

So KNOW THIS THIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL CATCH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I WON'T REST UNTIL I DO!

"Hide ya food, hide ya toys, hide ya food, hide ya toys, hide ya foood...

In other news, mom said I gots to tell you about this website called "Barking Deals" its a sight that gives you daily deals anywhere from 50-90% on certain dog related products. If you like or websites like that then you'll go barkin mad over dis websity! Today's deal is KONG Wubbas for only $4.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those are Pompei's favoritest toys ever. Anyways she though you might like ta check that out. 

And lastly we gots to say "Happy Birth-Month-Day" to Pompei cause he's like 14 months old now. Rah.

A'ight. I gotsta get back to my nappie nap. 

Gotta be rested up to catch that theifers. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hey guys I knowed you'd been missin me and everythings (cough)Puddles(cough) butt I've been in JAIL!!!!!!!!! Fur Four very long days.

Mom is supposed ta bail me out today when she gots offa work and stuff but it has been horrifyingable. They poked me wit poky needles and stuff and mom is hopin dat I didn't bites anyone about dat. Whatever lady like I has EVER done that!? Mom says dat she was surprised dat the prison guard, was able to carry me out wit out me barkin and stuffs and I just gave her the stink eye for not thinkin good about little ol' me. But after paying like $1,600 ($161) to get me outta of there I was sooo so so relieved dat I had to sit on her lap and give hers lots of kisses, even though I was still mad at hers. 

Then we had to go gets Pompei cause he gots to go to a friends house and have I wasn't very happy to see him at first cause, it wasn't even fair and all dat. Butt the sitter people said that the was a very good boy and that they are super sad cause that is da last time they will get to see a'fore he leaves for the New York place. Intiwayssss I'm super glad to be back in my own house cause dis is where I belongs at.