Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy Monday

As I've stated on my personal blog, life has moved into the left lane, and we are cruising along around 75 MPH!

Yesterday, started the trend......our church has a Vacation Bible School every summer, so we are starting to get stuff ready for that. So the first three hours of my day cutting rectangles. I was going stir crazy after a while, so as soon as I could, I left and went to check on my dogs.

Veda has really matured since I got him a month ago, and I felt comfortable leaving him and the dachshunds loose in the house. The proved themselves good...despite the tissues roll in the floor...untouched though!!

I put the dogs on their lines, to go potty, and all of the sudden, my porch was swarming with kids... :D So I took that time to teach them the basics of grooming a dog.
Texas on the porch 2
Kids learn good grooming skills
::Veda gets a brush down by Autumn and Brooklyn::
Now as I've mention, Texas has a tendency to be very territorial, but with a few corrections, he didn't growl/bark at any of the kids...even going as far as letting them walk him!
Autumn and Texas
::Texas climbing on my sisters lap....he knows her, so which is why he's willing to climb in her lap::

After that, the kids wanted to walk the dogs....so....I said why not, and hooked them up and sent them out.
Kids Walking the Dogs 2Landon and Veda
Landon and Texas
::I have no clue what was going on here::
After that, I had to get ready for a training consultation, so they walked them back to the house.
Veda and I then loaded up, and went to pick up this guy.
Meet Eden...he's a 7 month old Goldendoodle, who is training as a Autism Service Dog.

It took Him and Veda a couple minutes to figure out the seating arrangement....but they looked quite comfy in the end.
Eden and Veda in the car
We were evaluating some things with Mr.Eden that thankfully were'nt as bad as we were thinking. so it was a successful trip.

Veda and Eden Cuddle
Eden and Veda made themselves very comfortable on the way home.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Its been a while, since I've been home on a Saturday, and can post!! But this week I am!!
Bubbles -april 24, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009


This is what you look like, when you are "drug" through 5 stores.....Its hard work keeping up with mom and the shopping cart!! Believe me!!
VEda Sleeping

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bark in the Park

Since we are close to Asheville, we still like to hop over the mountain to visit our GDF group once in a while. This month's meeting was held in Chimney Rock, NC, which is a Rock that looks like a chimney, which you can hike up too :D, Each year, they hold a Bark in the Park event, dogs shops, and daycare's, rescues and boutiques come and set up booths, and market their wares. GDF also has a booth set up for potential puppy walkers.

We've gone the last two years, but never had a chance to hike up to the Chimney, due to other events we'd have to rush back for; not this year!!

My sisters bummed a ride and came with me; and since we were helping run the GDF Booth, we go to get into the park free!
Veda was as close to perfect as you can get in this setting! No pulling to see other dogs, walking nicely responding to all commands!! He had a great time! Texas on the other hand was a little putz for the most part, letting people know he didn't want his space invaded!! ::eye roll:: So most of the time, he wasn't allowed to be petted, etc.. Bubbles spent the day with the "grandparents" as I knew she wouldn't like the heat and all the walking.

After visiting the booths, watching agility trails, and talking to people...we headed up the mountain!
::GDF Pup - SAM::

::He's such a block headed golden....in shape, but not mind ::
Texas and Me do some jumps in agility
::Texas need a short lesson in leash walking::
Texas and Kristen work on Focus
::Teaching my sister to walk a six pound dog...on a loose leash::
::Veda was awesome::
"THE" Rock
::THE Rock::
Climbing up the many stairs to Chimney Rock
:: The climb up about 8-9 flights of stairs::
::Texas got carried up the mountain::
Veda panting
::We Arrived::
Us sitting on Chimney Rock
::We made it!!::
Texas at the bottom of the moutain
::Texas was glad to walk a little bit::
Erin,Veda and Texas
::All of us::

We had fun, and everyone is knocked out. *phew*

Friday, April 17, 2009

Good News!!

Hi Guys!
Veda here again,Mom got some really good news today! With our organization, when us guys in are in advanced training (like I am) we normally go to one, advanced trainer for a month,before switching to another trainer! But since I have such a hard time transitioning from house to house, I get to stay with Erin until I graduate!! Advanced training takes about three months, so I'll be with her until June!! I think I'll call her mom now :D I love her a lot!!

The other news is that Mom got a promotion!! She is now Advanced Trainer AND Foster Program Manager!! Which means she gets to boss around the puppies and their people.
....Ok she said its not like that, but that's what I think it means.
She's really excited about the position!!! I got to play with my brother while she and her boss talked, so that was fun at least.

Anyways to "celebrate" she took me to the mall to train....whopptiy do, and then we came home and did some MORE training!
{See How happy I am about training?}

Veda and Me in Shoe Store1
{Rack Room Shoes!}
In other news, mom really likes to keep this house full of dogs! Cause the first week in May she gets to babysit my brother Xerxes, he's a lot tinier than I am, and I like to boss him around! But it should be fun!
And than the first week of June, we may get Jordan back for a week! I'm sure she'll be all big by then so that should be funner!! Wow, Just before I leave for my new family!

Things are picking up around here!!

Hope you guys had as good as day as we did!!

BAYL!! (Bark At Ya Later)


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Working Guy

Veda here, to give you our Tuesday update, our week has started off, simple enough I suppose..Erin spent all day yesterday, cleaning...something about a mouse;
After that we drove a long ways, and I slept in a boring old restaurant place.
Today was pretty busy, ...well the first part, was pretty boring, I slept most of the day away, than Mom drove us to the Petstore and got a bunch of things like Natures Miracle..? (I don't know who THAT's for), and a couple things of treats, and one of those treat bags, and well as a super loong leash.
Then we went to a park, and we did a lot of training practice, and the more dogs came, that had orange vest on like I used to wear, and Erin told them too do lots of things, like "Sitting", "Down", "Ups" etc.. She sure is bossy!!
After that I got to play a little bit with my brother Winston....Erin didn't take any pictures, cause she said it was already enough to run the class, as well as handle me. As IF I'm hard to handle. psht. You should see Winston!!

But anyways, that was pretty tiring, so I've been sleep mostly since I got home....and (YaWnn) I think that's what I'll go back to doing. Maybe something interesting will happen this weekend.


Autism Service Dog in Training

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fundraising Saturday

Thankfully, no matter how boring the week might be, I normally have SOMETHING to do, on the weekends :D This weekend, was a fundraiser for Wilderwood!
We had 7 dogs total, and were able to raise a significant amount of money! Veda and I had to leave early, so we could meet Jordan's raisers, and send her back home. But while we were there, he was a very good boy! I wasn't able to get photos of all the dogs, but here were the ones on my side :D
Puppy, Puppy, PUppy
They were only in the cage a small amount of the time...due to all the willing volunteers...

{As a trainer it makes me cringe to see them being held so much..Why? Because when they get bigger they'll want to be "up-there" with you, and that's where all the jumping comes in...believe me. But I digress....}

More sleeping Puppies
::Sisters Sleeping togethor::
"Giedon Down"
::Gideon waits for a treat::
Kay and Elaine
::I think this is Kay, its very hard to tell the girls apart::
::This is Winston,who is Veda's brother::
Tired puppy 3
::A sleeping puppy is the beautifullest thing. LOL::
Puppy Love
::Puppy Love::
Veda in Down/Wait
::Veda was AWESOME the entire day! I'm so proud of him!::
Baby puppy being cradled by girl
::One of the puppies being cuddled by a girl::
Puppy in Rabbit ears 2

Too see more photos: ::CLICK HERE::

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Butterfly Chasing

One of the nice things about my new place, is all the land we have; and the dogs love to RUNNn.
We had another beautiful day today, and Veda really enjoyed himself. He found a butterfly he wanted to talk to, and spent a lot of time, trying to get it. :D

Veda running after a butterfly
Veda running in the other direction after a butterfly
Come back here butterfly says Veda
Veda stopped and looking at me
:: OK Mom I'm tired::

Veda on my lap
::I'll just sit in your lap!::

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Tuesday

The sun came to visit us today, so we got to spend some time outside today, despite the chilly 40 degree weather!
::Veda has been upgraded to his Autism Service Dog Harness! He's happy to be able to romp and run!::
Veda and Texas running
::Bye Mom!::
Jordan eating a stick
::Jordan enjoys the tastes of the outdoors::
Jordan eating grass
::Jordan also loves grass::
Jordan exploring
::Bye AuntiE!::
Jordan Running toward me
::Ok I'm coming back now!::
Veda laying down after a run
::A Very tired Veda::

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Joy of 4

I've never had a puppy and this many dogs at the same time!
I have a 9-month-old Golden Retriever, a 9 month-old Dachshund, a 9- year-old Dachshund (well she will be later on) and a 9 week-old Lab.

Since Jordan has more dogs to play with, she has to go potty a lot more frequently than my other puppies have. I've spent most of my day running outside every 10 minutes, and cleaning. But I'm having fun :D I miss this!

While Miss Jordan may seem like a sweet, laid back little puppy, but boy is she fiesty!!!
She may walk like a drunken sailor, but she is keeping Texas on his toes!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Anyone out there??

You know what's kind of disheartening?

When you post, and blog, and then no one comments. Kind of takes the joy of posting away....

So here's my philosophy....when people stop commenting...Erin you need to come up with something FAST!!

So after searching around....look what I found!

Jordan laying on the porch 2

This little cutie is Jordan! She's a guide dog puppy for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind!
Her puppy raisers are out of town for the week, and she's come to stay with me!!
Depsite only being with her for a couple of hours, I'm already in love!!

My dogs however, are NOT.

Veda can't figure out WHAT exactly she is, Texas is jealous, and Bubbles has just inwardly groaned and headed the other direction.
They'll be the best of friends by the end of the week, but for now I'm busy keeping Texas from being a bully...while Veda has been laying beside her, trying to avoid her teeth.

Texas and Jordan

"Can we be friends?" "NO!!"
Jordan on the Porch
Silly Puppy Frog legs

Its going to be hard letting her go!