Thursday, November 22, 2012


I know what you're thinking, and you're right. Its been
In my defense life has changed a LOT since August, so much so I even thought about taking this blog down completely even though I know I can't. The good news is Bubbles, Texas and David are still alive and well. Bubbles celebrated her 13th birthday by ... well sleeping all day, and eating dinner when I came home from work. David is officially a year old, and quite the obnoxious teenager, and Texas is growing and becoming more mellow at the old age of four.

I started working full time as a vet receptionist in October and haven't seemed to have a moment to spare. The dachshunds have got to feel neglected sometimes, but I haven't felt uber motivated to $300 worth of shots and tests done just yet in order for them to come with me; Not to mention I doubt they'd particularly enjoy being kenneled all day...

I also had to give up my computer when I moved to my new position, as my old job was only loaning it to me. And I'm only typing this right now on the good graces of a friend being out of town, and loaning me her laptop.

I am hopeful that I will once again be a computer owner, well as soon as I hear back from this guy on Craigslist that is. :) The problem is I haven't been able to bring myself to switch from being a Mac Owner to a PC. Yes my work laptop was a PC but it was free. [Beggers can't be choosers] and I've decided that I'd rather save and get what I want, then settle for less.

So its been a couple of months since I've been a computer owner, and believe it or not I've survived.

Thank God for my iPhone.

But I'm digressing from the doggy ness of this post.

At this moment I currently have six dogs in my house.

"What are you nuts?"

Yeah, pretty much. And a really good friend. This should earn me major brownie points. :)

For the most part things have gone smoothly, everyone pretty much is separate except when I'm present, and even then David is still on the outs. For some reason I was thinking Collies were meek and mild dogs, but Dave has worked to prove me very wrong by being the biggest, loudest, obnoxious dog around.  It doesn't earn him friends or influence other dogs.

Which is funny because that is usually Texas's distinction, but TEXAS has accepted all three of these guys with NO PROBLEMS. Like, no growling, no constant watching their every movements, no constant corrections of their nervous behavior.

Who IS this dog?