Friday, March 22, 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Project 52: Doxie Edition

Week 1: In The Kitchen
Fifty-two weeks, of dachshunds? Can y'all handle the cuteness? :)
Texas stares me down, trying to figure out if the treat jar I'm using as a camera stand, will start popping out treats soon.
Bubbles doing what she does best. Complain, complain, complain.
I love Bubbles to death, but good Lord this dog can whine like no bodies business. Here lately if I'm doing anything other than pay attention to her, she's whining. And trust me, she can whine for .... at least 15 minutes straight. My patience is throughly shattered, and I'm giving her what I think she wants.

However, I'm done. I've been making the "she's 13, she deserves to do exactly she wants" excuse and its no longer cool. I've realized, just as with puppies, older dogs can develop bad habits if you let them.

 As of yesterday I've come up with a new plan. Bubbles starts whining and I KNOW she's had all she NEEDS... aka frequent potty breaks, water, and food. She's going to her time-out chair. Even at 13 years old, we're practicing some tough love. So far tonight we've been outside at least four times, she's had dinner (and some snacks) and has a full bowl of clean water. Other than wanting attention/thinking I'm eating from the table I'm typing at... I know she's good. :)

So to the chair (a comfy arm chair) we go!

And off she came, and the whining started again.

So back we went.

And despite the mournful stare she's giving she's staying.

Now that's she's good, I'm off to snuggle with her.



Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring is HERE!!!

How do we know this for a fact you ask? Well if the warm weather wasn't an indication, these muddy toe nails are a great one!  I foresee weekly baths beginning again in 3...2... 1....