Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Man. Is it hot in here or is that just me?
Texas - Four months old - Perched in the back seat of my car
So Rob is away on a "Puppy Camp" which means that he's with another puppy raiser while mom takes a break. Hehe. So now me and Bubbles have mom all to ourselves, and we really don't know what to do about that. But he did get a new "coat" afore he left, cause the other one mom had to squish his sides in to get it on him. 

Mom is still real busy with her new job. She already has four dogs she cares for on a weekly basis and is getting more as the summer gets busier! Whew! Right now she is getting me an Bubbles up at SIX IN THE MORNING!?!? Really? I mean I was having a great dream this morning and then all the sudden mom jumps outta bed, starts throwing clothes and stuff around the room, then starts poking me! Seriously. A dog can't sleep in peace around here no more! 

Oh yeah and she got a bunch of pics of Pompei on Facebook and she posted them on Rob's blog so you can go see them....-->Here<---

Well that's all I gots for now Paw Pals...gotta go give Mom a work out since Rob isn't here. 



P.S. (Did you know my birthday is in like a week or two!?! OMD!OMD!OMD!OMD!)

Friday, June 17, 2011

We're still here

Lacy - White MIni Poodle

I'm thinkin mom needs to fired from runnin this blog.
As soon as I learn how to type better anyways.
Um...we said good bye to Lacy last Saturday.
She was fun.
Mom has been real busy STILL!
There is NO excuse for NOT takin PHOTOS of ME i say!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The War Between the States

Meet Georgia. 
This photo is a representation of Georgia. 
A rough and tough Yorkie-poo, who came to live with our neighbors several months ago. At almost eight months old, she has quickly made her presence around the neighborhood well known. Like most little dogs, Georgia is one rough and tough little girl, and is not about to let Texas upsurp her claim on being the loudest, meanest dog around. 

Well except that she hasn't bitten anyone.. yet... 

Prior to Georgia's arrival, Rusty the big dopey golden retriever, was the one who got picked up by Texas. 
A representation of the dog known as Rusty.
Texas + Big Dogs = PUBLIC ENEMY #1 

***Please no one tell him he's been living with a big dog for.....his entire life, it might just crush his already shattered ego..

Rusty would slip under his fence into our yard, and happily lope around, with Texas and Bubbles hot on his heels, ready to vanquish the foe. Once Texas got a mouthful of Fur and Rusty didn't do anything, Texas would wander off and do whatever, while Rusty pounced on poor unsuspecting Pompei. (at the time.) 

However, since Georgia has entered the picture, for one, they both stay in the yard more, and two, Texas is not so eager to go and tell them what's up. Why?

Because Georgia has no qualms about chasing him right back and nipping him if need be.  

Texas has tried only a couple of times, to venture in their yard, before deciding the punishment risk was too great, and that he can bark just as easily from the other side of the fence. Its kind of amusing to see him get a taste of his own medicine..

The squalling that emits from this dog is nothing short of girly. 

The big wimp. 
Rusty and Georgia escaped their confines and were terrorizing my dogs with their presences

Monday, June 6, 2011

Remember Lacy?

She's back for the week while her peoples are gone on a vacation. Her has a boy named Fisher who loves, loves, loves, loves, her so he was really, really, really, really, sad to leave her wit us. So mom has to send him pictures of her on her cell phone,so he is not too sad about her stayin behind. He told his mom that he wanted to stay at mom's house with Lacy too. But mom had to say no cause he couldn't stay in a crate while she was gone. BOL! 
Lacy is only two years older then me, but she doesn't like to play much. I tried to get her too, but we just bounced around each other than laid down and went to sleeps. 

Even Rob is bein a good boy around her, mom was afraid he's harrass her to death like he does me an Bubbles, but he hasn't so yay for that. 

Ummm yep I think that its. OH! Yeah mom did FINALLY let me ride wit her and Rob when they went to give something to a lady so that was cool. How was your weekend?
Lacy's first night here. Making herself at home
Lacy really likes moms bed. But she isn't allowed there any longer
Rob and Lacy checking out the yard
Me given her the "grand tour"
Me and Rob
Her and Bubbles on the couch

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Hi Guys, not much has been going on around here except dat mom got a NEW CAR!! (which I haven't even got to ride one place in!) And not only dat but a NEW JOB!! Where she walks other peoples dogs around the place, and stuff likes dat. Sooo dat means I'm stuck at home a lots wit nothin to doo... so maybe I can find some stuff to posts here, butt it might be kinda quiet here. Well no quieter than usual I guess.I sure wish I had a more funner life dats fur sure! 

See Ya!