Tuesday, August 2, 2011



Is this thing on? 
Hello everyone!
Its been a long while, and I wish I had this big long update full of things that we have done over the summer...*pants* Butta I don't. Cause we hadn't done nuthin. 
And when I say nuthin I mean nuttin.
Just laze around the house and dig in the trash when mom's not looking...
So I thought I'd share witcha's these funny videos I saw, while mom was at work without her computer. Mom says maybe one day she'll stop being lazy and teach me some of these tricks. 

Um..prolly not.

Ok everyone clap for Bailey.
*Yay Bailey*
Alright next video...um.. sorry mom but this one def ain't happen. Trust me on this..

Man! Looks like I'm outta time fur today, cause mom is wanting to get on the 'puter.. (probably trying to see what else she can do to make my life miseralbes!)