Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays!!

Truthfully I don't even think it was a Happy Holiday cause I didn't even get no pressies on Christmas!! 
And I begged and begged and all I gots were some carrots!! 
Me and Bubbles checking out da floors
Pleassseeeeeee can I have that pressie??
How bout you? Can I has yours? 
It was a very tough day, mom said we gots our bones like on Monday but I tole her that was not even the same as getting it on Christmas. So I thinks she needs to go gets somemore so we can do this right!
Anyway I hopes you guys had a better Christmas den I did!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Texas Log: Stuff

Did you know I had a Twitter account? Sometimes when mom is at work I gets on dare and chat with my doxie pals on there cause there is a lot of dem on there. But the good news is dat mom got tired of me singing my sweater song and she gots me another jacket...I think it makes me look..."dashing". I didn't even try to rub it off.

Um so mom also said I needs to talk about Pompei more cause dis blog is not all abouts me....course I ignored dat statement cause, i mean what does she know?! 

And plus Pompei is always gettin to do the fun stuffs, like go to a Christmas Party with other puppies like him. What's funny though is even though he is the oldest puppy there, he was the baddest last night! BOL!! 
Pompei.....well not bein bad in dis picture.
One of the other puppies that was there. Mom said we were supposed to get one, but I'm sure glad we didn't! I already gots my paws full wit Pompei! 
Ok so its mostly mom's fault for not making sure all the zoomies were out before she and him went driving for about 2 gazillion hours, but her was in a hurry and didn't even think of thats! So boy was he ...umm...bouncy when he saw the other dogs at the party place! And all he wanted to do was play, and not listen to mom! heehee!! 
Another dog like Pompei...cept he's black and much much gooder than Pompei. And his name is Mickey

I asked Pompei 'bout that...

Texas: ooooo I heard you was BAD for mom today! HAHA! 
Pompei: Aww shut up Texas. You're just jealous you didn't get to go. Now give me that bone!! 
Texas: No! you had your own bone. But back to the whole party thing. Didya get to play with the other dogs? Or did mom make you be still and stuff? 
Pompei: WHAT.DO.You.THINK!?! W'erenotsupposedtoplaywithotherdogswhileinourcoats. Though..hehe  all I'd do is lay down so they couldn't really see me play much...HEY! GIVE.ME.BACK.MY.BONE!!
Texas: *growls*
Pompei: Quit being so touchy, good grief plus look you didn't even get all the good stuff outta the bone so let me have it. Plus I'm bigger than you so if you don't give it too me I'll SIT on you!
Texas: Oh yeah?
Pompei: YeAh
Texas: Oh yeah?
Pompei: YEAH! 
*Pompei runs away with Texas fast on his heels. He quickly doubles back and snatches the bone*
Pompei: SCORE! Bwahahahaha *smacks* *slurps*
Texas: MoooooooooOOOOoM!?! Pompei took my toy!? 
Pompei: Cry Baby.
Pompei: Is that the best you can do? 
Texas: ..............
Texas: Soo i heard you stole a toy from ....
Pompei: *growls* SHUT UP TEX. that didn't work out so well..but I heard mom tellin someone else 'bout it. He even tried to take another CHRISTMAS PRESSIE!!!!!!!!!! Some guide dog he'll be! 

Oh well. Him and mom brought back a lot of cookies and fudge and other foodies! But not to share, cause mom says chocolate is bad for dogs. Well let me tell you has to eat a WHOLE lotta chocolate a'fore its bad. 
Pompei's "Good-bye and never come back" cookie. Cept they didn't say the "never come back part. 

How do I know dis? 


I pleads the fifths. 

OH! Mom says da weather person says its going to snow on Christmas. Blecky. 


I thinks that's all I gots to say at da moment. 


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Texas Log: The Sweater

Song to a Sweater
Ooh Sweaatterrrrrrrrrrr
How i hate make me look like a sissyy....
You only kindaaa keep me warmms cause you are too smallll 
And I don't like your colooorrsss and I don't like you on my baccck.
I jusssssssst Doooooooootn LIKEEEEEEE youoooooooooo at allll!

After a few days of "getting" dressed to go outside, Texas no longer runs away when I bring out the jacket, however ,between the beginning of the year, and now, he's either destroyed or grown out of all his "clothes!" Time for a shopping Trip! - Erin

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Texas Log: Snow and Stuff

Today's Date: December 13, 2010
Weather: Snow
Mood: Grumpy

-My day started out really early, cause my mom's roommate person was doin a lot of work around 4:00AM this morning and woke all of us up. Mom was grumpy and told me to be quiet, and Mr.Pee Pee Pants Pompei decided he had ta get up an use da bathroom. Dat didn't make mom happy,cause it snowed a lot durin the night!! 
And then when we got up dis morning, mom put on a lotta clothes and stuff, then she brought my yucky sweater thingy. I hate that thingy,buttt it does help me not feel really, really,really,really, cold, just really, really, cold. 
Anyti ways den she let us outside boy all the white stuff was back! I does NOT like da white stuff....but if I run really fast den I can't feel it much. So I ranned really fast around and then was ready to go back inside.
Pompeii on da other hand. like it a little too much and gots in trouble cause he didn't want to come back when Mom said so, and he ran, away from her, and waited, and ran again. Cept mom was smarter than him, and didn't even chase him, like he wanted her too, and just stood dare, until he got tired and wander close enough to her. Den she marched his furry butt right in da house. 
Pompei runnin around a'fore mom called him
Pompei is tryin ta find da toy dat he dropped
In other news...

Funny story, my mom's grandpa....always calls Bubbles the wrong thing, he calls her a Pickles! Which is kinda true cause she can be real sour and grumpy sometimes. So my mom's auntie said dat she needs to "combine" does two names "Bubbles" and "Pickles" an call Bubbles PUDDLES!! 
Isn't dat funny!?
I think it is cause there is no way in a million, kazillion, bajillion years dat Bubbles could live up to dat name. 

Also some other news is dat mom is finally out of dat school place for a couple of weeks she says, and she can finally spend some time wit me!!!!! dat makes me happy, cause I was havin to show her I wasn't happy 'bout bein at home a lone for long, long, long,long,long, long times by peein on the new stuff she broughts in the house. Boooy does dat make her mad! Oh well, serves her right for leavin me! :-P

Oh and mom told me and bubbles dat Pompei is not leavin our house until FEBRUARY!!!!!!! 
I don't get it, why don't the come and get their dog already! I need some peace an quiet around here! 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Dumb Moms

Me, laying on da bed while mom pets me, and almosts drops her phone on me. 
Hello bloggy peoples. You wanna know what my mom did today!? Well I tells you wether you wanna know or knots. SHE DELETED A BUNCH OF BLOGS I WAS READIN!!?!?  Wasn't even payin attention ta what she was doin and 'stead of clickin "MARK ALL AS READ" on her google reader thingy she clicked "UNSUBSCRIBE FROM ALL in SMALL DOG BLOGS folder". (I has to separate them so I don't read pompei's boring SD stuff)  I couldn't even believe it! Now all i has in my google reader is...Service dog blogs (eh) and BIG dog blogs. grrr. So now I gots to go back and finds all does blog dogs! GRR. 
Dis is NOT a happy Monday.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Get ready to die of cuteness!!!!!

Sound disabled by stinkin YouTube.
I sticks my toungue out at ems.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tug of War..the Lazy version

Ok, so we all knows how to play tug-of-war wit our brotthers, sisters moms, dads whatevers. I persoably thinks that is a lot of wasted energies, so only play it wit those I can beats. Like not mom. 
Butt anyway I'm here to tell you about the all new patented 
Pompei and me play "real" tug
. Ok the first step in lazy tug, is a long toy, like dis rope toy.
Next step is to find a nice comfy spot toy lay down and holds the toy firmly in your teeth. 
Den you just kinda chews on it with your teeths...and only pull if pulled. 
You can also use your growly voice if your other 'pponent is pullin to hard. 
That works wit POmpei....

Sometimes you has to stand up to get a better grip. 
Also notice how i has Pompei strateegagickly positioned under the coffe table? He can't even go no where and pull.
Genius I knows. 

I am in charge of the toy!

You guys shoul try dis sometime it is very theraputik and makes you has more energy to play when your peoples get tired!! 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hmm lets see you can read da story of me here:

So some body tole me dat Thanksgivin has  lots food and yummy stuffs for us to eat, butt they LIED to me! 
I didn't even get NO FOOD cept for the stuffs we get 
How cans I be thanksful if I don't get any yummy turkey food???

I even brought out my best please-can-i-have-some-food and I didn't even get nothin?!
 But I am thanksful for Nylabones cause they are yummy,...and Im thanksful dats I didn't has to share wit Pompei..and I'm thanksful fur da little bits of food I do gets, and a big yard, an.....a nice mommy for the most part.
Hey Guys! Its Pompei! Mom said I can post today cause it was Thanksgiving So I'm ams thanksful fur, my little brother Texas dat I can beat up all the time. If you bark in his face then he will run after me, cept can't even catch me cause my legs are way way way longer then his. Its verrry funny to watch!! 
Annnd I'm thankful for my mommy, and going places, and food, and paper, and that I gets to stay with mom all the way until January stead of leaving next week! Yaay! .....i thinks that's all. 

Texas again, even though I didn't even get any foods...I hope you all has a great great, great,grrrrreaat, Thanksgiving. 

Texas & Pompei

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Conversation

Texas: Hi Mom! I see yous is nice and comfortable wit dat book thingy. So I thought that you needed some lap warms thingy. 
Me: No Texas
Texas: I knows you didn't just say "NO" did yous? I didn't thinks I heard ok can I sits on dis side?
Me: Texas STAY.
Texas: I'm not moving butt I do needs to get up dear, right in dat little wittle corner right dare.
Me: Texas NO. Go somewhere
Bubbles: Can I gets up too mom? 
Me: No Bubbles Stay.
Bubbles:...Do you...*gasp* Not love me anymore? Mom do you love me? MOoom? Do you? Do you still love me?
Texas: No she don't Bubbles, only me can fit up dare wit hers.
Texas:............ you don't want me up dare wit you?
Me: For the LAST time. No.
Texas: ......buuttt mmooooommmm
ME: --------------

Erin and company

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pompei's Blog
In case you was wondering why there wasn't much posted about Pompei on dis blog, its cause he has his on blog all by himself. Well and all da other puppies my mom has brought home. 
Dat way i can have dis blog all by myself. um... also Mom will be changin day URL thingy too real soo...probably sometin like: 
And probably on Saturday. 
So if you can't even find us dats what happened. 
Anyway mom has been VERY mean to me lately, cause her bed got throwed out and she has to get a new one, so she and me and Bubbles has been sleepin on the couch. But BOY let me tell you dat makes her VERY.VERY. GRumPY! 
She doesn't even like me to sleep under da covers no more. Somtin about me Hoggin them!? 
Read My Lips. 
Or Teeths.
Do Dogs have lips?
Loooook intoo my eeeyeeeee.

Monday, November 15, 2010

8 year Bubbaversary!

While we don't know Bubbles's exact birth date, we made November 15th the day we celebrate her birthday and "Gotcha" day together. Hard to believe she's been with us for 8 years!! You can read her "Gotcha" story here.  I wish I'd blogged more about her during her "younger" years, but I'm pretty sure she was a bigger version of Texas. 
My father was convinced Bubbles was a dumb dog, because we could never get her to do anything, however I changed that fact when i started teaching her some different things. 
While she doesn't get the whole "follow the treat" thing, she's learned to:

  • Sitting on all types of flooring. (She used to refuse to sit anywhere but carpet), 
  • Eating all of her food from her bowl..(she used to take a mouthful to the living room, and it there)
  • Coming when called 
  • Coming when the whistle is blown
  • Kenneling when I point to her crate 
  • And leaving the room when I say "out". 
Dumb dog? I don't think so. 
This year, I've noticed a significant decrease in Bubble's energy, she sleeps all the time, which is nothing new, but she's spending even less time outside...and sometimes she won't even get up off the couch, when we all dash out. She's getting old gracefully. 

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beds Everywhere!

....You mean you don't take whatever spot is comfortable when ever you can? This one looked real comfy...and it was!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Can I haz a treat pleaseeee???


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Guess whose Birthday......

Pompei turned 1 years old today! Birthday's with guide dog puppies are always bittersweet. We're happy to celebrate one year of life with our crazy puppies, but sad knowing that our time with them is quickly drawing to a close. Pompei is attempting to make sure I'm not too sorry to see him go, as a teenager, he's testing all his boundaries but we're working on keeping him "walking the straight and narrow." 

However, we are very eager to see what he'll do once back at the school! I know someone will ask, so let me go ahead and alay your fears. Yes it will be hard to let him go, but remember he was never "mine" in the first place, and as we're going through our year together, we're doing a LOT of training and preparation of the dogs for this next stage. So the thought of keeping them after is disappointing. Believe me, finding out your dog has been, as we call it, career changed (taken out of the program) is a little short of devastating...especially if you had high hopes for his future. 

That and, we're typically getting a new puppy after the old one goes, which keeps us very.very. busy. Unfortunately this will be the first time, in four years, that I won't be getting another puppy as my old puppy goes back. Some different situations happened  and for now I'm going to wait for Midnight to have puppies, which will be sometime in the spring..if she's pregnant...something we won't know for a little while yet.. So Pompei's turn in will be much harder than my past puppies to be sure. 

However, I know my decision was the right one when I stepped outside this morning. O.M.G it was COLD. 

Back to Pompei, he got a Deer Antler and a Bone for his birthday, the former of which, Texas promptly stole. Than when he saw Pompei get the bone, he proceeded to stalk him around the house whining. 

Aaah Sibling Rivarly.

Whatever will he do without his Big Little Brother? 

Happy Birthday Pompei!!!!!

Erin and company

Friday, November 5, 2010

Flashback Friday

Jake (Guide Pup#1) and Bubbles  Sumer 2006
A much younger, sprier Bubbles. It pains me to say this but Bubbles is getting old. She spends the majority of her day sleeping, she only goes out for short periods of time, before letting herself back in the house. Lately she's even takin to spending a lot of time in her crate, which is something that is not normal for Miss Bubbles. I can't believe she's almost 11 years old.
Eh. Enough of these sad thoughts! I think she looks and seems to be doing great for an old gal. 
Erin and company

Thursday, November 4, 2010

November 4: Thankful Thursday

I know you guys don't 'even remember her, but dis is my sister Bubbles. She sleeps. And that is all. She was Absolutely NO HELP yesterday with the birdie. She didn't even bark! Antiway. Mom says to get back to da point of this post.  
Bubbles Writes: "Today, I am thankful for my crate, where I can hid when Texas and Pompei are being redicous. Which is pretty much all the time. Mom was wondering lately while I have started to spend so much time in my crate, voluntarily. She thinks I'm getting old or something. Duh. But SHE doesn't have to listen to the constant bickering these two do. Well at least not most of the time. My Goodness. If I had know what I had signed up for....Oh well. I've got to make the best of it.  That is all. I've missed a good five minutes of my late late afternoon nap by writing this. TATA!"
Gaah Bubs i didn't eve know you could heard anything with your "Advanced age" and everything! Who does she think she is? Geez. So yeah. I don't even know why mom decided to let HER be the thankful one today. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3: MORE BIRDS!?!?!

Mom has decided that the birds have decided to hibernate in OUR HOUSE instead of going south. But that's ok, cause she's got ME!!!!

Here is a real life video of me telling dat bird what I think of him and where he should go. Except..he didn't really listen too me and didn't even come out until, mom went and got our neighbor lady to help her get the dumb bird out of our house! {IGNORE DA RADIO THING IN THE BACKGROUND. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT MY MOM WAS LISTENEN TOO!!!!!}

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 2

Dear Blog Friends.
Here is da thing.
If you only updated your bloggy 1 time a week instead of a 1,435,234,354 times a week.
Den maybe my mom could get to alla your blogs all time, so dat I can leave my mark there.
Butt if you continues to dos this (see number above) updating, den I will has to stop followin your bloggy.

Me and my new friend named Lisa
Mom says dat is not even true so I shouldn't write dat down.
So what's been going on here in my life you asks? I makes a new friend a couple of weeks ago, at first she kinda scared me, cause I didn't know who she was and if she even wanted to hurt me..cause you never now. But then I realized she was kinda cool, and she lets me sit on her lap..if I don't lick her face. But dats real hard ya know cause I mean the humans always have sometin yummy on there faces. But I tries to be good. 

Um....the other day aNOTHER  birdy flew in my house and me and Pompei chased all over the place! He won cause it flew in my crate, and he rammed his big honkin self in there and CHOMPED down on it real fast. I don't think that's fair cause I saw it first!!!!!! 
The big dummy even ate it all gone! 
Its a good thing he's leaving in 29 days. 
I can finally has my house all to my self again.
I candothisIcandothis......ZZZzzzzzzzzzz..........

PS. If I go votes like a lotta ya'lls be telling me to dos, will i gets more dog treats?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mom's Little Helper

So Pompei gets a lots of attention cause he's some big shot helper dog fur people. Or that's what mom tells everybody. I know'd da truths! Butt mom said I couldn't even say nuttin on dis blog..but i can sneaks and tell you it has somtin ta do wit her camera and somebodies teeths. ooooooooooohooohooohoooo!!!
Intyways since I can't even go into stores and stuff like Pompei does, I do help mom out all the time at home cause I'm good like dat. Like here I ams helping her bringing da groceries. I knowed dat looks like a big bag but don't even worry I gots it in alright. 
with some help from mom.

Den I had to helps her when she put alla foodss in the plastic ben thingys cause we gots mice too in our house and we don't like sharing da food wit dems. This is da most important job cause mom always makes a mess when she is pouring da bag thingy so I has to make sure to clean up every.little.peice.of kibbles so dat the mousies don't get it. umm... Pompei and Bubbles help doin' dat too sometimes...
Texas snoozing on "mom's lap

 Then I gots to help mom do her homework. Lemme tell you dat is a tough job cause I mean she has a lotta words to write an sometimes I just run plumb outta them. So then I have to take a nape to get my brain juices flowin again. Most of da time I'm just getting to a good dream when mom duMPS me outta her laps sayin sometin about "being cramped up or sleeping legs" or somethin.

So you can see dat even thou I don't go places like pompei does I'm still a big helper to my mom. 

P.S. - Mom says that she doesn't think that our HOUSE has fleas which is good, cause I ain't never had a flea and Pompei says its not fun at all. So dat is good. Mom also says dat she wishes she could treat da outside buuttt when you has 4-5 acres dats kinda ..well impossible. Oh well.