Monday, March 30, 2009


Hey Guys,

Veda -" Aunt E was really raring to go or something today, cause not only did she walk me, but she hooked Bubbles AND Texas up to walk as well!"

Bubbles - "Yeah we don't walk on leashes! We run all over the yard however we want too!!"

Veda - "Aunt E will eventually let me run around off - leash, once I learn the "Come-Here" command. She says its important for me to be well behaved and obedient while off-leash, cause sometimes I'll have to run after a child to keep him from running in front of a car or something..and I can't do that on leash!! Lucky for me, Aunt E has a HUGEANORMOUS yard, like a couple of acres, for us to run around on so its cool.
Then Auntie, went in and got that black thing, that makes clicking noises and took a LOT of pictures; I know I'm a good looking guy, so I made sure she got some pictures of me. :D"

Veda looking at the camera

Veda in the kitchen smiling
"....I guess I have to add a picture of Bubbles and Texas on here, since they own part of this blog as well..."

Texas - "what do you mean PART BUB?!? We OWN it ALL. You are just a VISITOR?"

Veda- "Oh yeah? Well guess what I get to have more fun then you do! You have to stay at home all day and do nothing!?"

Texas - "Oh yeah?!? Well...well...WELLL.."


Bubbles and Texas laying on the carpet sulking
Erin - Since these two need a break, I'll finish up this post. See this is why I don't let them post more often!
Anyways Texas is improving with his separation anxiety; I don't know if I posted anything on here, about this...but ever since I took him home, Texas HATED to be separated from me; and he felt it his duty to let the world know he was being wronged.
Drove me crazy; all I could really do was ignore it, and make sure I didn't reinforce the behavior by going back and petting him, or rewarding him in anyway for all that racket.
Once you get to the level of ignoring that I"m at now (being the oldest of you don't notice when the behavior improves....well until the other yesterday.
I crated all the dogs while, the Comcast guy was here installing my internet; not only did Texas not bark when the guy first came in, he just laid in his crate and watched the proceedings...QUIETLY!!!!!!

This my friends is MAJOR!!!

Another thing, for all you new puppy is a potty training tip. Took me three years to get it, but I have it now!!

Most dogs won't soil an area they spend a lot of time in, and Texas have "picked" my living room as a good "push-come-to-shove" potty spot. It took me a while to realize what was going on, because Mr. would go behind stuff.

Once I realized that was his spot, I began making it so he couldn't get too it! All those boxes from my move are coming to good use, writing down his schedule as well as making if I can't watch him CRATE HIM!!!

We've been two weeks accident free!!! I also put one of their dog beds in there to help them think that its another area they inhabit... Don't know if it will work, but it also effectively blocks off another part of the room.

So to sum that Up...Clean it, Block It, Crate em' Watch it.....

Orrr something like that :D

Erin and the Triple Threat

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hi {by Veda}

Yo whats up dawgs.....
I'm new here to this whole bloggin' thing, this house, these people, these dogs..
I'm just in a whole new world!

The first couple days were pretty scary, I didn't know what was going on!! I pretty much panted the whole time,Aunt E, took us out for walks, and I liked playing with her dogs, but I miss my Mom and family a lot!!!
Now I've been here for five days, and feel a lot more comfortable with the "leadership". Aunt E sets the rules, and expects them to be followed! I don't like following them all the time, but she's pretty strict like that.

No jumping on the bed unless she says, no furniture, no barking or growling at the dogs across the people Bubbles or Texas many things I can't do!?! Geez.

We've been a couple places together...I think its super boring most of the time. Here I am in Target. We were there a lOoong time while Aunt E's friends looked for invitations or something.
Even Aunt E got tired of standing, and sat down for a little while!!!


After that we went a couple other places, but I was wore plumb out!! Aunt E drove us to her friends house, where I sank to the floor and slept......I only sat up long enough for this picture!
Veda gets a hug from Kimber

Texas is alot of fun to play with I think, he can get kind of snarky, but we have fun most of the time....well except when he and I want the same bone....But Aunt E, is always on top of things like that and is always taking it away if we get into a "staring contest". And that's another rule!
No "fighting" over toys!!
Gee how will I ever survive?!?!

Wish me luck!!


Veda - Assistance Dog in Training

P.S. (Aunt E's says to say that we have internet at our house now, so you guys can expect regular updates again!!)

Friday, March 27, 2009


Hi- I spoke to the people who have Midnight today! They ADORE her!!! They complimented what a great job you did with her. She is having a photo shoot in a couple of weeks for all of the GDF breeders. I will send you a picture!!Thought you would appreciate the update :-)

Wow I miss that dog!!! But am glad that her new family loves her just as much as I do. I think next month I'll be able to be in contact with them!! I'm so sad/happy/excited/I don't know!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meet Veda

Name: Veda
Breed: Golden Retriever
Sex: Male

Veda arrived Tuesday evening, after out puppy class was over. As part of his initiation into formal training, we headed straight to Krogers, and then Target. He did great in both places :D
Once home, we introduced him to Bubbles and Texas; Texas was very glad to see another playmate. All this change has been pretty stressful for him, so were trying to keep things kind of low key.
He loves to be around you constantly, and has tried to sleep in bed with me. Its funny, because Bubbles and Texas hopped on the bed, as usual, and dove under the covers. All of the sudden a huge weight of plunked down on top of them. They struggled back to the surface to see what was going on.....and the looks they gave me, at the sight of him on the bed!

Veda in the kitchenPhotobucket

Monday, March 23, 2009


I promise this will be the next to, the next to last, post minus pictures; because tomorrow I am placing my order for INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I survived for a month, and a half, and now I'm tired of having to transfer pictures to others computers, or just haul mine (its a Mac) up and down the hill to my parents house.

Unfortunately, the only available time for the peoples to come out and install everything is next week..*sob*; but whatever I'll be happy to be able to update regularly once again......because.......

Tomorrow Veda comes home! He is a golden Retriever who will be training with me for the next month or so; hopefully longer!

I didn't realize how much HARDER it is to have the dogs for a shorter amount of time...I really felt like my heart was being ripped out, while working Tim and his new family.
But at the end of the week, and hearing how much Tim will do, and is doing for his new family, its SOOOO worth it. So to all you PR's keep up the good work, and keep putting in that 150%!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Guess what! This week I am finally going to break down, and get internet at my house!!!!!!
Expect more updates soon!!

I will tell you the Good-Bye Ceremony, for our graduates was very touching and awesome, I think we were all crying by the time it was over with.

Will tell you more later!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wilderwood On TV

This Month's graduating class got to be on TV!!!
Check it out here:
PS I'm sitting behind Francess...though you can only see my feet :D

Monday, March 16, 2009

Meet Ben

This is Ben, he's about a year old, Labrador Retriever who is visiting with us for the week;
Ben Smiling
He's been the perfect little house guest, and I've not had any problems with him! He's a very laid back guy, his family sure picked a good one!! :D
Graduation is progressing well, only three more days, until we send the families and their new partners home!! Its been awesome getting to know all these famlies; and its given me a clearer vision of what we are doing with these dogs! To see the dogs and kids together bonding is sooo precious!

And just because this thoroughly grossed me out, I present to you my huntress Bubbles and her prey:
Bubbles eating a squirrel
Bubbles - scoffing down a squirrel.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

About Midnight

Name: Midnight
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Color: Black
Sex: Female
Birth Date: September 28, 2007
Parents: Buca and Drewster
Arrived: December 4, 2007
IFT: November 17, 2008
Status: Breeder
Meeting Clifford
MIdnight 6 monhts

About Rei

Name: Rei
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Color: Black
Sex: Female
Parents: Emma and Smooch
Birth date: September 24, 2006
Siblings: Dolly, Paul
School: Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind
Graduated as: Guide Dog 11/3/08
Current Status: Working Guide
Rei in Tub
Don't I look cute!!
Rei 9 Months
Rei Five months old

About Jake

Name: Jake
Breed: Golden Retriever
Color: Golden
Sex: Male
Birthdate: March 22, 2009
Siblings: Honey, Riva, Casey, Dottie
School: Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind
Arrived: June 10, 2006
Graduated as: Career Changed - 10/5/06
Status: Happy Pet

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

Jake laying down, surrounded by sunflowers
jake and honey scrapbook page

Friday, March 13, 2009


Graduation week is HERE! Tim is with his new family now, and our days are filled with lectures, and training outings!!!

My nights are filled with studying, resting, and exercising Ben, Bubbles and Texas; Yes I am crazy, and took on another dog, during this crazy week.

Ben belongs to a friend of mine, who(lucky) went out of town for spring break. He's about a year old, yellow lab, and a real sweetie pie!

Hopefully I'll be able to update some next week, but this is all for now. Wish us luck!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Scrapbook Pages

With all the added free time, I have found lots of time for scrapbooking, I am determined to print them out someday soon! But printing out 12x12 sized pages isn't cheap!
5 days until Tim leaves, I think I'm going to miss this chap. I know Texas will. I have a 30ft line outside for Tim; and he loves going out on the porch and watching the cars go by. Texas will do his thing for a little while..and then go to the door, and whine until I let Tim back inside.
This is Texas's first experiance with the "mysteriously disappearing dogs". I will interested to see how he reacts to Tim leaving and possibly two more new comers.
On other note, I am thinking of fostering dachshunds for a local rescue group here. But I'll wait a bit before applying; it would be too tempting to keep them! :D
Timothy - Autism Service Dog

And some more pages for Midnights "book"; I haven't heard anything about her in a while.
I trust they have found a home for her, and she's doing well....
I miss her a lot. :((
Midnight gazing adoringly at a treat-8 months old

Midnight-Laying on her bed

Friday, March 6, 2009

Guess Whaatt......?

I've got pictures!!!!
Today we spent the day at home; the dogs playing or sleeping, me stressing out about Mid-Terms, and the 10 day graduation coming up next week. The weather has been awesome over the last two days! So we spent as much time outside as possible!

Tim facing the camera in a "sit"
"Do you have a treat for me Mom?" -Texas
Texas looking at something he wants to pounce on
Bubbles and Texas take over the couch
Texas with his ear flipped over

Bubbles gazing adoringly at the treat in my hand

Close up of Goofy Tim's Face

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Texas in Trouble!

This may be one of those stories where you have to be there to see it; but I'll try and tell you.
My friends and I go to Panera Bread to study and hang out, on Tuesday nights. I decided to take Tim and Texas to the dog park, so Tim would be tired while we were "studying"; Bubbles of course came along....just because, but she stayed in the car.

The last time we came, Tim sat in a corner, and refused to move, but this time, he had a ball :D It was fun to watch him, get to romp and run!

After that I headed to Panera; being a college student as well as a puppy walker/SD trainer, I find I carry a LOT of stuff with me; so I find a parking space, and am gathering me laptop, camera, putting Tim's harness and leash on, getting my school books and block Texas and Bubbles from getting out of the car. Texas is little, and can duck into little spaces, before I knew what was happening, Texas was out of the car and running into the street!

I immediatly start calling for him (which of course he doesn't listen too) and trying to get Tim and Bags back into the car. Tim (of course) decided he didn't WANT to get back in the car; so I wound up just shoving him and slamming the door.

In the meantime Texas was chasing a woman walking by, and checking out the neighboring gas station. Thankfully no cars drove down the road, and I was able to grab him. *BIG SIGH OF RELIEF*

Tim and I was again, gather our things, and leave the car sucessfully. So we're sitting in the resturant, I'm reading my thick Assistance Dog Manuel, chatting, etc... When all of the sudden, a guy gets on the loud speaker and says:
"Will the owner of the blue car, parked on the side, please go check on your dog, he has his head stuck in a Doritos bag".

OF course its me, I jump up and start hurrying outside; I wasn't too concerned because I was thinking that he (of course it was Texas) had his head burired in a chip bag...though I couldn't remember what chip bag I had in the car.
On my way out, a lady out front, stopped me to tell that he probably couldn't breathe....I'm going.."yes he's probably eating his heart out", she's going "He probably can't breathe!"
By this time I'm outside and I ran to the car and peered in.

Texas was sitting on the seat, his head firmly stuck in a Canine CarryOut treat bag, crying his eyes out.
I will admit it was the most mournful little howl ever; and I about died laughing.
I reached in and pulled his head out of the bag, and then went back inside. You would have really had to be there to see him, sitting on the seat with his bag head pointed at the ceiling howling.
It was funny.
But I am glad that someone saw that, becuase who knows how long it would have been before I went out to check on him!

Alls well that ends well :D

Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1

Only 11 days until Tim's graduation, and the pressure is on! I'm really going to make sure all of his good commands are in tip top shape, and make sure his other commands are up to par;

Today our exposure was Wal-Mart (hate the store); At every third aisle we'd stop and sit or down;
We did some recall in the dog food section, as well as a down/wait(stay), while I looked for a new collar for Texas.

After that we went through the toy section and played as many of the animated toys as possible; no reaction other than curiosity! (He couldn't figure out where the sound was coming from.)

I grabbed a shopping cart, to make one of the aisle smaller, and we practiced backing up :D

I'm am very proud to say that Tim will successful find a door and "Up-Push" without me standing beside it with a treat!
What that is, is him jumping up on the door with enough force to close it; gradually I would move away from the door when I told him to do it, and we'd practice on doors all over town, when we could...and its finally clicked!!!!!!!!!!


All in all a good training day. I hope tomorrow goes just as well.