Thursday, September 30, 2010


We don't even go on walkies a lot cause, we don't even have a place to walk in our nayborhood. Cause we don't even have any sidewalks or nuttin and mom doesn't want us ta get runned over by a cars or sometin. Sooo she looked around on the intranet and finds a place dat is only a little bit away from our house. And den she puts all of us in the car. (this was last week cause we had so many peoples in our own yard) and we got out at this place call ed the "Nature Center". Only thing was I didn't even see a bunch of nature!!! 

Anyway mom was real happy cause I stayed quiet when we passed people. Well except fur those llittle people dat came running to me even though mom told them I wasn't friendly. All dey said was "Which one is friendly!?" And den mom hadta Hoolldd me back! woof!! 

Butt den we met them again!...and they did the same thing Again!!! Mom wus seriwously scratchin her head bout dat one! Anyway next I vote we leaves Bubbles at home cause BOY was she SLOW! OMD! We had to keep walkin like a very slow animal that i can't think of right now. Anywoofs I can't wait till we go backs!

Mom's Cell Phone Picktures
left, left, left, right, left.....
Yeah. Cheese.Whatever lets move on all ready!
This is me and pompei speed walkin
Oh what is dis?! 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

*tap tap*

GASP! Its been 5 WHOLE DAYS since I posted last!! Believe me, my Google Reader is scary! (200 unread pots!)
Yeah, we're still alive and kicking, its just been an extremely hectic week, if you follow my personal blog (I Should Be Studying) you know, that my schedule has been crammed with our church's annual camp meeting, work, school and keeping Texas from biting our few hundred guest traipsing around our yard.

For my new followers here's the back story on Texas (Reactivity  and How We Got Texas)

It wasn't as much of a job as I'd imagined (read:stressed about) it would be, but there were several times I did have to give out some strong warnings, to people NOT.TOO.APPROACH. Though he did latch onto a surprise house guests shoe, no harm was done, and we were able to reintroduce them properly and haven't had any issues since. Texas is a dog, you can't "make friends with" and have to completely pretend he doesn't exists. Thankfully Laura, was not intimidated by Texas's initial greeting, and complied to the rules PERFECTLY. By the next morning Texas hopped on the couch (where she was sleeping) and woke her as only a dachshund can. Yep with lots of kisses. That pretty much lets me know he's as comfortable as he can get, he continued to demonstrate that over the weekend, and installed himself in her lap whenever possible.


Now I do have to warn you all, now that school is starting to move into 2nd gear, posting will be very sporadic! As much as I'd love to convince myself I can multitask...sometimes its not possible! That and their won't be too many dog photos (gasp!!) as my camera will be other wise engaged.

Blast from the Past
Texas and Baby Pompei are curled up toghethor in a small dog bed

Erin and company

Monday, September 20, 2010

How NOT To Greet A Dog

Hey Guys, 
So mom found dis, great poster on the intranet and said she just "had" ta spread it around so that lots of people could see dis. A lots of people thinks, cause I'm little dat they can pet me, but NEWS FLASH I don't even like my own mom doin much pettin other than a belly rubs. 

Howevers, mom does want to say dat, if started early you can teach a dog to  tolerate or even like the first six "bad" ways,  (dat would be Pompei) but especially with us little guys, its very scary for a big human to lean over us like dis!!! (Me an Bubbles don't like it, Bubbles will just pee well I grab dat big fatty thing that sticks outta dare face and dat teaches them)

Ok mom says not to tell people dat cause I never have done THAT spasific thing. 
BUTT I would if they wouldn't even move their heads back fast enough.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Song (Again)

As interpreted by Texas:
Sung to the tune of Ben by Micheal Jackson 

Texas, the two of us need look no morrreeeeee
We've both found what we've been looking fooooooor!
They don't know you like I dooooo
I wish they would try toooooo
I'd know, they'd think againnnn
If they had a friend like..>Texxaaasssssss

*Like Texassss*

Lliiiikk Teexassssssss

*Like Texas*

Liiiikke Teehheexxxasssssssssssssss
Photo by: Kristen T
PS - About the food stealin thingy, i don't even know why mom brought my name into da hat cause bubbles OBVIOUSLY had the evidence. I'm just clarifin just in case anyone wondered. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Letter

Dear Texas and Bubbles.
How are you? Truthfully I hope your stomachs are in little knots, but that would sound mean, and Bunny might really go with her offer about calling ASPCA! I trust you enjoyed BOTH your dinners tonight, despite the fact that ONE Of them was NOT YOURS. I really have no clue how you managed to get your short little legs on my DESK. TEXAS...but you can believe I was not happy to see Bubbles scarfing down the remains of my dinner. Lucky you, you already had your dinner, so you can't go to bed with out it. :-p

Your very annoyed. 

Erin and company

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 - Dog Heros

I wasn't even borned yet and mom was only 12 when it happened. She didn't even know it happened cause she was hiking with a group up the mountain. But when the got back her mom was crying and stuffs and they didn't even know what  had happened. All she knowed was somethin bad had happened and it filled her with lots of scaredness. And then they saw all the pictures in the paper and on the internet, and she was super scared. Especially cause those metal birds stopped flying around for a while.

Mom said there was a lots of brave people and service dogs (sorta like me cept they did a different job) and here is a video about them.

Oh you might wanna get your tissues out too!

More Canine Heros

Awards by Texas

Ok since Pompei is a dumb butt stoopid head  MOM WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TA CALL HIM? *eye rolls* Um..since Pompei didn't even posted this on his blog (why he has his own blog is BEYOUND me) I took it apon myselfs to take it from him and puts it ta good use. 

Itsn't it just PERFECTS for me? 

So now I'm supposed ta write seven things about me and den pass it on to some other dog bloggers. 
  1. I am a black and tan miniature dachshund - we all know black and tans are the best color out dear. Am I rite Frankie? 
  2. I love to sleep under the covers and then climb out and sleep on top of the covers and then go back under the covers. 
  3. I also like sleeping in my crate
  4. I really just like sleeping period
  5. I like baths and pools and swimmin
  6. I don't like Rain
  7. Umm...and I like chewin bones. Da bigger da better IMO

And ta pass this on ta someones.....: 

And dats all I thinks. :))))))

Also PS. (if it looks like mom stopped following you well..umm..she did. Butt don't worry cause she just put all her dog blogs on one google reader account and her human blogs on 'nother count. So her pickture might not be in your "google friend" thingy butt we are still followin and stuffs! Plus now I can has a pickture next too my comments on your bloggies! Mom said  Sometin about not wanting responsibiltee for my words. Whatever mom.) 

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Story of My Eye by Texas

The story of my eye
Disclaimer: The following story may or may not be true. Reader discretion is advised. - Blog Management
Once apon a time,far,far away was a little (an very cute) doxie named Texas. Ok so I don't know if my name was Texas yet den, butt for the purrpose of dis story it is  *ahem* He was a mini doxie who lived with his human woman person and human man person I can't even call dem mom and dad cause they weren't good dog persons.and a rottieweiler named .....we'll call him Methuselah. <-Cause he was real old and crachity.Ok fine so I don't even knowed dat either but it sounds good.  Anyway I prolly was like 8 weeks-old when i came into their house an lived wit them for a while. Yeep don't even remember all dat either! So anywhoo I lived dear for a while but once again dey didn't even feed me enough, so one day I got up my courage and faced my fears. I snuck some food from Methuselah's bowl. SCORE!! He didn't even see me I was so quick, dat food was some of da best food ever,and so much more better den the stuffs I was getting, so I did it again. I went fur a week eating good until that fateful day prolly Oct 2008. I was going in fur da kill and all of the sudden my whole left ..or is it right? ... anyway, all of the sudden my whole left face was burning there was growling, i can hear my shrieks of pain (Note from Erin: With the way this little dog can scream no doubt they thought he was at deaths door) before everything went black.

When I woked up dear was peoples leaning over me, there was things stickin outta of me and human woman and human man were NO.WHERE.TO.BE.SEEN. I was ALLLL alone. Scariest thing of my whole life. And ta top it off I was missin my man hood!!!! 
So you can guess dat I was not feeling my best towards other dogs and humans. Especially when human woman and human dad didn't even come back to get me!!!
YEP you read it right dey LEFT ME AT DA ANIMAL HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well da vet tech lady there was really nice and took me home and got me back on my feets,and i got ta play with my dogmate Ellie May. BUt den i found out Vet-Mom couldn't even keep me either!!!! 

See does scars on my face? dats where dey sticked my head back together.

What in da world was a dog supposed ta do? I was a dog without no home. But den one day Vet-Mom took me too a doggie daycare place, dat was right below da "Emergancy Animal Hospital" and guess who worked dear?!?!?! Didya guess Mom? Yeppers mom worked dear and felled in love wit me RIGHT AWAY. 
{Me at da daycare place}
Butt at dat time she had a guide dog puppy named Midnight an Grandpa didn't even want her ta get anymore puppies at da moment cause she was supposed to be moving to another state. Butt mom knew dat I was da one for her, so she was real sneaky and just showed Grandpa a pic of me, cause she knowed he was a sucker for dachshunds. And guess what?!? It worked!!!! So den I came and lived with her forever and ever amen.

The End

Thursday, September 9, 2010


So yeah. Thanks  all to those who called PETA and ASPCA about mom starvin me the other day. She has "seen da light" and gots us some more foodies so we won't be too starvin. An i thinks they talked to her bouts gettin me some more treats and stuffs buttt i was too busy eating my FIRST meal since last night  three months ago to care. It was heaven i tells you. If you have never been starves den you don't even know. *sniff* Makes me a *very manly dude* get all weepy. 

Anyways she gots me um.... "Pure Vita Naturals" which is not the stuffs we normally likes ta eat, butt the petstore place (not the big petstore the little one) didn't even have our "Wellness" stuff so mom hads to buy this. Its still tastes good butt mom doesn't like dat it has so much grains stuff.

Pompei has ta eat the "natural balance" stuff cause da other Purina One made him itch and itch an itch and itch some way more. Soo dat didn't make mom happy, so she went to those people was like "you BETTA let me........ "Can we please switch Pompei to the good stuff?" And dey say "Yes" so den mom ran out and got some food.

Oops dats of course, after the Peta peoples came and told her too course. :))

Um.....oh looks it time for my mid-morning-naps!


PS. (Mom will be writtin my story about how I losted my eye cause aPARENTly she didn't even tell you guys how dat happen. Um...its not pretty but I hopes dat you really gets sometin powerful from my story of survival and reesilliance in a tough, tough, tough situatoin. Dat is what I was meant to do I thinks *sniffs* )

PPS (mom didn't even get me nuttin for her own birthday. She said I could either get a collar or new breaks. WELL I CAN"T HELP YOU BUSTED YOUR CAR LADY!!!?? she went wit da breaks if you didn't guess it)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labs Rule Doxies Drool

See fo yous selves!
Video: A before bed game of bitey face, starring Pompei standing with back legs on the floor and front legs on the bed, and Texas laying on the bed. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Wish List for Mom's Birthday

OMD I just looked at da bloggy and saw dat  mom has been posting pics of me an Bubbles NAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How embareressing. I mean fur real lady do you not give us any dignities at all?
SO anyway I knowed her birthdays is coming up and I thought to myself:
"Texas, you should get your mom to get you a new collar for her birthday,SPEICALLY since she missed yours!"
No I am NOT being selfsish at all cause um... she LIKES to buy  us stuff.

SO I had to get on the etsy place site, cause they haves a lot of cools stuff and BOY oh BOY was there LOTS to choose from.
Since I'm a very dapper dachshund, *if I do say sos my self.*
I'm thinking somtin red, or green, or black. Sometin that screams
Oh yeah and I looked for a star as well.
The Ring a Ding from Lucky Fiona
Hmm..its red, its black, its looks like a good "guy" collar...hmmmmm *scratches self*
Road Rules from Coley's Collars
I like dat it says rules for road, cause rules and in charge dogs goes together..
Texas Hold Em' from Coley's Collars 
Annnd I only like dis one cause it says Texas in it. heehee


The Whootie from Addison Logan's Shop
Girly stufss.
Welcome To Miami by Addisson Logan
More girly stufss

The Duchess by Bow Wow Couture
and MORE girly stufss. 

Ok so dats 3 collars fur me, and three collars for Bubbles, and Pompei already got a fancy collar, so he don't need one....soo...*does math in head*
Now letsss seeee..
I needs to get a tag, in case I has to hitch hike or sometin, you know like when mom starves me again.
Mom says sometin about needin on wit more room for "information" but who needs dat, I mean its not like I'm going to let a strange touch me any who!? 
BOL! Mom says Touche'

ANd Bubbles can have dis one, cause she goes up to anyone alla time. 
Dumb girls.

Now...i gots to find mom's credit card thingy...............
Mom caught me and says the only dog things she's buying dis month is a.....DOG HAIR BROOM!?!?
HOW BORING IS DAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
I thinks I'm giong to be hitchhiking sooner dan I thoughts. 

Wait...what? You didn't even know I was naked?? 
*runs and hides* 

Thursday, September 2, 2010 Cute!..??

"Didya get it mom? Huh? Want me to do it again?" 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

August 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Today I tried to look into mom's camera too see what was da big deal wit her using it allda time.
"Sorry Pompei I don't see no treats in here." 
"Hello?Anyone at home??" 
I always did wonder where my other eye went off too!? 
Now all I gots to figure out is how ta gets it outta there!