Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello Fellow Ameridogs

Hey what's up everybody??

I'm new to this blogging thing, but here goes! My name is Tim and I'm an assistance dog in training. More specifically I'm in training for a child with Autism. Some may think I'm just an emotional support dog, but heh, I do a lot more than that!!
Erin and Tim
So I came to live with Erin and Bubbles, and Texas only two days ago, and I'm starting to settle in, I don't know much about her, or them, so I'm learning that she's the one I listen too.
Tim laying on the bed
TIm and Bubbles
I am having a lot of fun with Texas, he's actually starting to play with me, and we are having a blast!!
Timothy and Texas playing
Erin and I went to Panera for dinner yesterday, and we're learing how each other works...I mostly just slept under the table, while she and her friends laughed and stuff. I like her friends cause they love me!!Erin says she's not used to having such a big dog, kind of hard to find room for me in places like that!! ::grins::

Anyways its time for Erin and I to go do some training!


Timothy - Assistance Dog in Training

New Guy on the Block

Ok Guys,
We are now in our new house!! Its alright I guess....I mean its a house and it has my toys so I'm good! Yesterday mom went away for a loooongg time. I mean like seriously she was gone forever!!
When she came home, there was this hugmonginormous dog outside!! Mom said it was my new friend. I told her and him, that, that was NOT what I was looking for in a friend, and that I was thinking more along the size of Apple's new pals.
And I went and pouted and snapped for a while, then I decided he was an ok guy, UNTIL he
started MESSING with my TOYS!! ok SO NOT COOL.
He thought I was playing Tug-O-War, when really I was just trying to get my toy back!!
Mom says that he is an Assistance Dog in Training (ADIT) and that he's going to be for a special child. I was like w/e, and went back to sulking.

But when I woke up this morning, I realized that he might not be too bad after all, Mom took us on a walk, and then showed him off to the rest of the family. They were all just as surprised at how hugmonginormous he is!! When we got home, we played for a long time, and then mom crated us so she could study.

Mom says she'll put up pictures as soon as we get the internet working at our place. But you don't want to see pics of him do ya anyways?? This blog is about ME after all!!!

....and Bubbles

.....and I supposed I can let Tim a chance on here as well.......

Anyways, we're off, mom says its time for dinner, and then she and Tim are going off to some resturant.

The meanies.


Head of Home Securities and Blog Cutie

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MidDate: The end of Part 2

Today I got the official announcement that Midnight has been chosen as a breeder, for the Guide Dog Foundation.

I have a lot of mixed emotions right now. I know that its a great honor to have a dog chosen as a breeder, but really and truly I had nothing to do with her temperament. GDF really needs to be patting themselves on the back for breeding her parents!

In the long term, I know she will go far above that which she would be as a guide dog.
Maybe I"m just weird...or just jealous that someone else gets to love her like she's a plain ol' dog.

But whatever the case, I'm proud of her, she was a great dog! I can't wait to see/hear about her puppies!!

And no I will most likely not get to raise one of her pups. Which is another disappointment. But ah well!

I have to wait three months before I can contact her new people to see how she's doing! But I will fill you guys in of course!!

Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind
Proud Puppy Walker of:
1. Jake - Male Golden - Career Changed
2. Rei - Female Black Lab - Guide Dog
3. Midnight - Female Black Lab - Breeder
1. Bubbles - Standard Dachshund - adopted: November 15,2002
2. Texas - Miniature Dachshund - adopted: November 29, 2008

Blog Award~

The Friend Blog Award
These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

We would like to thank Stella and Willow for passing this award on to us!! Now for our eight...:

Roxie,Sammy and Andy
Sarah and the Pack
Sammy and Mikah

And anyone else who would like it!! :D

Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind
Proud Puppy Walker of:
1. Jake - Male Golden - Career Changed
2. Rei - Female Black Lab - Guide Dog
3. Midnight - Female Black Lab - In Formal Training
1. Bubbles - Standard Dachshund - adopted: November 15,2002
2. Texas - Miniature Dachshund - adopted: November 29, 2008

Puppy Meeting: AKC Dog Agility Trials

Its been at least a couple of years, since I've physically went to an Agility Trial, so when my A/C sent out a note, that they were going to hold a meeting their this weekend, I was rarin' to go!

I also wanted to take Texas with me, because I knew it would be a great exposure for him with all the people and other dogs!!

Saturday was a beautiful day, and I had a lot of things to get done....but my mom had other plans; so i spent most of my morning cleaning. (Only three more days till i'm outta here! jk Mom I love you :D )
Once that was done, I started to freak a little bit, about how Texas would act in such a high stress environment...would he walk on the leash, would I be wrangling him the whole time...etc..etc..
So we went outside, to practice some leash work and obedience while I downloaded files from school..... before I knew it was time to go; but as I was backing out of the driveway...Bubbles comes trotting out of the door, and towards the car...not ABOUT to be left behind.
So she came along as well!
Bubbles and Texas on the car seat, Texas has his head over the top of Bubbles's
I stopped by Sonics, but since they are the worlds SLOWEST fast food restaurant, I hand 15 minutes to make a 25 minute drive...but I made it, and was the first of our group to arrive!!
I did have to make sure I was calm an assertive; because I was not feeling in control, but I decided not to focus on what COULD happen, and just take things as they came at me.

And the afternoon progressed very well! SAM and Ross we're the only two pups that could make it (Penny's in Heat, and Neil is being evaluated) but Neil's raisers came as well.
Ross in his raisers arms, flopped on his back.
The border collies we're the best, with the Golden's coming in surprisingly next! In the small dog ring, most of them we're looking at their owner's like they we're stupid, but it was funny! I'm sure Texas would have a blast out there, if given the opportunity!
My former A/C was there with her vizla Faith, and we got to watch them run! It was awesome, she didn't get anything, but it was neat to see someone we "knew" run a dog! She also had her miniature dachshund Angel there, who ran earlier, so we missed that. :(
We left after Faith ran, and Texas flopped down and slept the entire trip home.
Texas sleeps on his pillow as I drive
Now I have been bitten by the agility bug, and yes we're looking into Texas as an agility dog!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dachshund Agility??

I know that may sound weird, but I'm wondering if anyone has done agility with their dachshunds...more so the miniatures, I think it would be to hard on standards backs....
Texas loves jumping and running, and I'm wondering if their is a way to direct all that energy...!?
If not they we'll have to see what other dog sports are out there :D

Friday, January 23, 2009

Busy Busy Me by Texas

Wow Guys,
We had a really busy day today, I didn't even get my morning nap in!! Mom needed to run some errands this morning, so she was up and doing stuff early! She put Bubbles and Me outside, and we patrolled the yard, while she did whatever....

Then I had to check out the house, visit Grandpops, check out the kitchen for tasty morsels, dodge my overbearing Auntie, who was trying to chase me and pick me up... *shudders*
Then realized I didn't know where mom was, and had to tear around the house looking for her, but I Found her!! ;D

Then we went outside, and mom got upset cause she didn't have a car to go anywhere...Grandma took it somewhere, while she was on the phone, I had to go escort the neighbor into our yard, DON"T WORRY I WAS NICE TO HIM!

Grandpops talked to him, while I checked on the neighbors houses, making sure everything was still in its place.
After that I finally got a chance to lay down for a little bit, before mom got some treats, her stupid ol' camera, and went outside. We did some obediance stuff...which I don't mind as long as I get a treat. Mom is teaching me how to "Roll" and "Spin", she says I'm picking it up quick! That's cause I"m real smart!!

Grandma came home while we were doing that, so Bubbles and I hopped in the car before mom could stop us and she took us with her. :D We are soo good at getting in before she leaves us!

And while she shopped and stuff, we protected the car real good!!
{I'm an under-the-wheel-driver :D}
{HELP! Two's a crowd here!!}
{I can't feel my hind-quarters!!}
When we finally got home, those stupid chickens were in the yard again!! SO Bubs and I went after them....and Mom came too!! IT was great fun, all three of us chasing the chickens....oops actually mom says she wasn't chasing chickens; she was chasing ME!!?

Wonder why she was doing that....? Humans are so weird sometimes...

Anyways, its time for bed;


Walker Texas Ranger - Head of Home Security and Blog Cutie

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Boring by Texas

Hi Guys,
I don't know what happen, but all of the sudden mom has stopped taking us to daycare!! In fact she doesn't do much but write in a book ALLLL DAYYY... Whats going on???
Well ok I can't say that she does that ALLL DAAY, cause sometimes she takes us outside; Bubbles and I have to make sure we have the area thoroughly patrolled.
Sometimes there are these big ugly birds that like to come in our yard, and I have to tell them to get out!! Mom calls them Chickens I think. She says its weird cause we live in a subdivision, not a FARM! .....w/e.
Texas on the porch
{Me guarding the house...or really I was waiting for Bubbles to come up and join me}

And then someday, she puts a whooole lot of stuff in the car, and then we all have to squeeze in for a Loooong ride. But when we get out, we are back at my new OTHER house, that I didn't even know I had!! But I know its mine, cause there a bunch of my toys there, and my bed, and crates, and more!

Mom is trying to get a new job, she says that we can't come with her to this one, which I don't think is fair at all?! I mean who wouldn't want to have me? Texas Ranger Proctecting their things!!!?? But she did say this new job might bring me another cool would that be??

I wonder what job mom is going to get, that brings me a playmate.....weird....
Handsome Texas
{ Another picture of me, just because I'm cute!}

Friday, January 16, 2009

Our Week

Hi Guys,
What a week this has been!! Monday I started school online; so far so 100% on my first quiz! Yesss!! :D

Tuesday, Texas and I were involved in a .....major fender bender. My brakes locked up and we slid into the hitch of an SUV. My car..well it was messed up pretty bad..but at least the other driver's hitch saved her. A new car is in my future. *sigh*

Wednesday, was the last day on my job; I am glad that I was sad to leave....I've had my rough patch, but the majority has been good, and they were all very nice to me. It was nice to be able to look forward to going in to work! Texas got to play with his '"girlfriends"one last time (Molly a Shui-Tzu and Penny the Mini dachshund)

Thursday - It was weird not to have a job, but I studied hard and got through my first quiz with an "A"!! I had a job interview at 10AM on Friday so I loaded up my dad's car with as much stuff as possible and my sisters,Texas and I headed across the mountain.
The weather was headed towards the 9's and my "new"house is really really drafted and uninsulated. So Texas and I were huddled under a mountain of blankes and covers and a heating pad. :D
Halfway through the night, I realized that my legs were awfully cold to be laying on a heating pad...but soon found out why. Texas was curled up smack dab in the middle of it. :D
By 7:00AM, I had finally reached the perfect tempture....and my phone started going off. URGH.

Friday - I was out the door by 9:15AM and thanks to mapquest and my dad's GPS, found the place on the first try!
I feel the interview went very well, and I'm extremely excited about the position,... of course now i'm playing the horrid waiting game...but fingers and paws crossed!!
I will tell you that of course it has something to do with service dogs:D. (Of Course)
Now Texas and my sisters are spend the night with a friend; I'm really trying hard to stay calm and assertive, but this dog is extremely taxing my patience right now. To bring in the house I made him sit/stay to come in the house, then began scattering treats at the feet of our host.
So he was focusing on the treats instead of the "scary people". And we did great!! He wasn't sure about the 7-year-old, but I was able to correct and praise accordingly.
Then more people came, and they ignored him, and it was all good...
Then we had some more unexpected guest....and I was not prepared to recieve then the evening turned very loud.
I then began teaching the "Look" commands so he was focusing on me and not children.
Then once he was more calm, I took him over to the children and spread treats at their feet.
THey were awesome and didn't even touch or talk to him; and he has calmed down some more. Now I have finally got him to calm down enough to sleep. And I can relax just a tiny bit ....

OOoh nevermind comes someone else.
oh WHY didn't i bring the crate!?!?!?!?


Erin and the territorial dachshund.

btw- If i'd had the choice to leave him at home...believe me I would have!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Hi Everyone!
We are still alive, I assure you! But I have a big move coming around the corner as well as starting school and quitting my job!

I've never moved with a dog(s) before, so this is a different experiance. I'm not going to say where we're moving (for fear of stalkers and all that lol), but it is out of state.
So we've had to do some traveling to move things. The dogs have been able to spend time in the new place. I don't know if that will aid in the process.

But this move has also made me realize how much DOG STUFF i have!

2 Martigale Collars
2 Training/Chain Collars ( One small, One Large)
Countless snap collars
Short leashes, thin leashes, retractable leashes, split leashes, nylon leashes, (had leather as well, but they belonged to GDF so they had to be returned :()
Dog Treats
Heartworm and Flea Meds (about 2 years worth)
5 dog bowls
2 dog food containers
1 Tie-Out
4 Dog beds (various sizes)
1 paw shaped dog scoop
1 Everything But the Dog Bag
4 Crates ( 2 Extra large, 1 Medium, 1 small)
.......many, many, many dog toys...........

I"m sure the list could go on longer, but I'm wondering now, WHERE AM I GOING TO PUT ALL OF THIS!?!?!?

Guess I'd better make some space quickly!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Six Months Day!

Texas laying on a bed beside a bluish green stuffed dog

Texas and his newest favorite toy : LoOfA !!! :D

Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind
Proud Puppy Walker of:
1. Jake - Male Golden - Career Changed
2. Rei - Female Black Lab - Guide Dog
3. Midnight - Female Black Lab - In Formal Training
1. Bubbles - Standard Dachshund - adopted: November 15,2002
2. Texas - Miniature Dachshund - adopted: November 29, 2008

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tex's Girlfriend

Apparently I started a trend at my job; just a couple of weeks after I brought Texas home, my co-worker shows up to work saying that she just bought a red, long haired miniature dachshund!!

We were all very excited for her arrival! And now that she has had her second set of shots, she is free to play at daycare!! Texas didn't know what to think of a dog so tiny, and was backing away from her, but he warmed up and they were soon tearing around the office. As fast as a pup can tear, with only 3 inch legs, LOL!

Her name is Penny and she is 8-weeks-old.

I think other. ::big grin::

Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind
Proud Puppy Walker of:
1. Jake - Male Golden - Career Changed
2. Rei - Female Black Lab - Guide Dog
3. Midnight - Female Black Lab - In Formal Training
1. Bubbles - Standard Dachshund - adopted: November 15,2002
2. Texas - Miniature Dachshund - adopted: November 29, 2008

Friday, January 2, 2009

Shopping Trips

Since I had a day off, I decided to go on a very small scale shopping spree. I mean VERY small.
Bubbles knows my leaving-the-house-routine, (whatever that is) and as soon as I open the front door, she is outside standing by the car. She won't go back inside, if she sincerely believes I'm going out somewhere. Texas is starting to pick up on the "signals" as well, but not much...I normally have to tell him "its time to go"..which are my command/code words for them if they are coming with me.

I spent about two- three hours shopping......I was able to get them each a sweatshirt, food bins, and a tie out stake. I'll be moving to a house that is quite near a road, and I don't want to take the chance of Texas running....Bubbles is slower, and sticks around the house more, so I'm not too worried about her.

Texas is a typical dachshunds/dog and doesn't like to be left alone for long. And when I first got him, he would SCREAM bloody murder, whenever I had to leave him.
Through treats and ignoring him, he has come a LONG way in the month he's been with me.
Part of how I practiced this with him, is by not letting him follow me all over the place. When I leave my bedroom, I'd close the door behind me, leaving him in there screaming, and when I got back, the INSTANT he was quiet, dash in with praise.
I left him my room THREE TIMES this last week, and he did not make a SOUND!! WOOHOO!!!! PROGRESSS!!!
In the car, he has come up with his own solution to dealing with me leaving. Instead of screaming and crying....he has taken to perching behind my back seats, and "guarding" the car.
He'll happily, quietly wait, until I come back!!

I thought this sign was perfect for him :D

Today was another work day for me, Bubbles and Texas both came..... while Texas plays...Bubbles hangs out on the couch with me. She has no need for other dogs. :D

Speaking of Bubbles, today we got our first bag of Wellness Healthy Weight dog food!!!
I had her weighed and she's 21.4lbs...I would like to see her about 5 lbs lighter by the years end.
I weighed Tex as well, and he's a whopping 6.8lbs. :D

I can't wait to see the results!!

Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind
Proud Puppy Walker of:
1. Jake - Male Golden - Career Changed
2. Rei - Female Black Lab - Guide Dog
3. Midnight - Female Black Lab - In Formal Training
1. Bubbles - Standard Dachshund - adopted: November 15,2002
2. Texas - Miniature Dachshund - adopted: November 29, 2008