Thursday, May 31, 2012

More About David

So mom feels like I don't talk about David enough on here, which.. DUH its MY blog not his! So why SHOULD i talk about him on here? Butt anyways.. umm.. so D-Dog is what mom calls a teenager, which means he does all sorts of bad things, and mom doesn't worry about it (much) because she knows he'll grow out of it (hopefully).

me on patrol
I'm all for him doing bad stuffs, cause that means he definitely won't be coming back once he finally leaves. Which could be a really long time from now, cause the school place he's from, is having mom (and people like her) keep the puppies until they are a bazillion months old. Which in human terms is like 16-18 months.

Mom is kinda sad cause that means she has to put up with his antics for longer, as well as not get a baby-puppy sooner.

Sounds good to me.

The not getting a baby part, not the antics.

K so i haves to be honest.. i don't mind David as much as I did the other puppies, especially ones named Trump and Rob. (Those two were soooooo annoying!) I mean yeah he still likes to angonize me into chasing him .. all.the.time. And wants to bark in my face to get me to play, but he knows when to shut and up sleep.

So I'll take the little things ya know?

How old is he? Mom says he's been 8 months tomorrow, he's about 25 inches tall and probably around 60lbs. Butt i don't that fur sure. The last time mom tried to pick him and up and weigh him on the scale, ... well lets just say that didn't go real well. at. all.

D-dog ain't the brightest star in the sky, I gots to say.

He wasted a lots of time barking at clump of dust mom and threw down a hole in a yard.
(k so I barked at it some too just not as much!!!) He likes to bark a lot. Almost more than me and Bubbles! Mom says that the biggest challenge of having a collie as a guide dog puppy! Teaching them not to bark any where and at anything!!

And He can't even figure out how to use his back legs much! Mom still has to lift him in, if he wants to get in the back of the car! BOL!!

Enough about David. Mom tricked me the other day!!
Here I was thinking she had made me my own personally doggie, soak in the water, pool.. just for me and all the sudden she starts SPRAYING me down with water?! WHA?!
She washed all my nice smell off that I got!


I Got Ur Back

Texas and David sit back to back in the yard.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

If I stare at it long enough it will come to me!
Thankfully he hasn't figured out how to do this in the house!
I'm cute? I need treats. The end.