Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Moving Blues

Hi Pup-Pals and Humans,
As Texas blogged earlier, we have made "the move" and now are settling into our new house. We are without internet for right now, and I'm currently bumming a friends wireless internet. But as soon as our first paycheck comes, that will be one of the first this we do. (YaHoO! But I have actually been surving ok with only getting online once a day)

Tim has been with us for about five days now, and we're starting to get used to each other, and I'm starting to learn the rules of this school. Tim and Texas have fully accepted each other, and Bubbles could really careless; Since Thursday Tim and I have been to Wasabi (Chinese Restaurant) where the cooks prepare your food right in front of you. Very CooL!! Our only other Wal-Mart, and a friends house, as I want to establish some sort of bond with him.

Tim is starting to adjust to our schedule somewhat, he's an early riser, where my dachshunds are content to stay in bed as long as I am. But not going to bed until 1 or 2 AM, is starting to cut back on the early mornings. lol.

Yesterday it snowed all day long, and Tim and Texas (yes I said Texas) had fun romping around in the snow, Hopefully I can get a picture post composed and transferred to this computer so you can see the photos of him in the snow that he loves so much!
Later on I took the dachshunds to my friends house for dinner...my dinner not theirs; it had been a while since they had gone anywhere; so Tim got to rest at home.
When we arrived, the dogs were really excited when they saw where we were, and dashed inside at top speed; acting as if they hadn't seen my friends in forever. That was really funny, since Texas always takes forever to warm up to anyone, and we hadn't come over THAT often.

Today Tim and I upped our training time, and I think its helped a lot, he's responding to me a loot better. Tomorrow I think we're going to try and find an off-leash dog park, and do some recall work..unless it snows.

So that's how things are so far!! I'll get some pics up ASAP.


Erin, Bubbles, Texas and Timothy


Lauren said...

Welcome Tim!! I'm just getting around to saying hello, but I can't wait to hear how he progresses! Moving is tough - but it sounds like everyone is handling it pretty well!

Sammy and Mikah said...

Hi erin and friends!

Erin - could you tell me about what you are training Tim to do (for his career)? Thanks :) I would love to know and I guess I must have missed something!

Kelly said...

Wow, you sound like one busy person!! Good luck with Tim.

Madison and Andros said...

Welcome Tim! Hope he progresses quickly!

Matilda said...

Hi Bubbles,Texas and Erin!
Wow you have Tim now! I am looking forward to seeing more photos.
Kisses and Hugs

Kelly said...

Wow, you sound like one busy person!! Good luck with Tim.