Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Texas Log #4 - Confessions

Weather: Sunshiny
Mood: Sniffy
Hunger Levels 0-10: 5
Activity: Sniffing the porch...I thought I saw a puddy tat.

Texas here - Its confession time...I don't admit this easily, but when their is strong incriminating evidence against me, you know...what's a dog to do?  I have a hard time my own mom would do this too me, but I watched her with a shocked expression. Who knew she would stoop so low!?
I still am having a hard time even as I bark this.


But ok, what is it you ask?

You might want to be sitting down.....



Good grief go "SIT" already.


Comfortable? Good.

So yes it was a pleasant afternoon, the birds were singing in the trees and I'd just located this awesome poop spot outside. Of course I rolled in it. AH heavenly I tell you. ...and i don't use words like "heavenly" much..

So I come when mom calls me, go inside, when all of the sudden she swoops me up and walks me into that water room the humans area ALWAYS in. (TEXAS!!?!) And she puts me down in the other giant water bowl, (not the one you drink out of the other one) and starts with the water.

Then she starts massaging my neck, then my back, right at the spot above the tail...ooooo....it was awesome, I just sat right down and let her pet alll over me. I was even sad when she stopped. I know mom said it was a bath but boy did it feel good!! And if I squinted I wouldn't even feel the water! ....even though I actually like water....

*sigh. There you go. My secrets out.



Frankie Furter said...

Hi Texas. I rolled in poop once. After MY baff... mom squirted some really stinky stuff on me. Yuck. It took 87 years to get THAT off.
Glad that you got a good massage.
Your secret is safe with me!!

houndstooth said...

*gasp* Not the dreaded b-word! Noooooooooes!


Hannalei said...

You're an adorable bathing beauty that's for sure. :)

3 doxies said...

Welcome back...ya'll has been missed. Uh, but what is wrong with you? You is a doxie...you're not suppose to enjoy baffs. Never mind, that's just me.

kissa-bull said...

as always when we see these pictures of torture brought upon you lovely woggies all we can do ish send you our deepest heartfelt condolences on you BAFF!!!! **SHIVERS**

pibble wiggles
the pittie pack

the booker man said...

ugh. the smell of poopie will always be 50 gazillion times better than the smell of bath, at least to me. i won't spill the beans, though, texas. :)
the booker man

Twix said...

Oh My doG! Texas, do you need to go to rehab or something? You must be smokin those rawhides instead of eatin em if you are enjoying a bath. Baths are evil....especially for doxies!

Carrie and Waffle said...

Have you hit your head! Baths are just another example of the yoke of human oppression. Like haltis, and uniforms, baths keep us dogs from living our true lives. Dogs should smell like dogs (although I do agree with your mom - poop has never been my favorite.)