Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Texas Log: Stuff

Did you know I had a Twitter account? Sometimes when mom is at work I gets on dare and chat with my doxie pals on there cause there is a lot of dem on there. But the good news is dat mom got tired of me singing my sweater song and she gots me another jacket...I think it makes me look..."dashing". I didn't even try to rub it off.

Um so mom also said I needs to talk about Pompei more cause dis blog is not all abouts me....course I ignored dat statement cause, i mean what does she know?! 

And plus Pompei is always gettin to do the fun stuffs, like go to a Christmas Party with other puppies like him. What's funny though is even though he is the oldest puppy there, he was the baddest last night! BOL!! 
Pompei.....well not bein bad in dis picture.
One of the other puppies that was there. Mom said we were supposed to get one, but I'm sure glad we didn't! I already gots my paws full wit Pompei! 
Ok so its mostly mom's fault for not making sure all the zoomies were out before she and him went driving for about 2 gazillion hours, but her was in a hurry and didn't even think of thats! So boy was he ...umm...bouncy when he saw the other dogs at the party place! And all he wanted to do was play, and not listen to mom! heehee!! 
Another dog like Pompei...cept he's black and much much gooder than Pompei. And his name is Mickey

I asked Pompei 'bout that...

Texas: ooooo I heard you was BAD for mom today! HAHA! 
Pompei: Aww shut up Texas. You're just jealous you didn't get to go. Now give me that bone!! 
Texas: No! you had your own bone. But back to the whole party thing. Didya get to play with the other dogs? Or did mom make you be still and stuff? 
Pompei: WHAT.DO.You.THINK!?! W'erenotsupposedtoplaywithotherdogswhileinourcoats. Though..hehe  all I'd do is lay down so they couldn't really see me play much...HEY! GIVE.ME.BACK.MY.BONE!!
Texas: *growls*
Pompei: Quit being so touchy, good grief plus look you didn't even get all the good stuff outta the bone so let me have it. Plus I'm bigger than you so if you don't give it too me I'll SIT on you!
Texas: Oh yeah?
Pompei: YeAh
Texas: Oh yeah?
Pompei: YEAH! 
*Pompei runs away with Texas fast on his heels. He quickly doubles back and snatches the bone*
Pompei: SCORE! Bwahahahaha *smacks* *slurps*
Texas: MoooooooooOOOOoM!?! Pompei took my toy!? 
Pompei: Cry Baby.
Pompei: Is that the best you can do? 
Texas: ..............
Texas: Soo i heard you stole a toy from ....
Pompei: *growls* SHUT UP TEX. that didn't work out so well..but I heard mom tellin someone else 'bout it. He even tried to take another CHRISTMAS PRESSIE!!!!!!!!!! Some guide dog he'll be! 

Oh well. Him and mom brought back a lot of cookies and fudge and other foodies! But not to share, cause mom says chocolate is bad for dogs. Well let me tell you has to eat a WHOLE lotta chocolate a'fore its bad. 
Pompei's "Good-bye and never come back" cookie. Cept they didn't say the "never come back part. 

How do I know dis? 


I pleads the fifths. 

OH! Mom says da weather person says its going to snow on Christmas. Blecky. 


I thinks that's all I gots to say at da moment. 



Sandra said...

Texas you look so handsome in your new jacket. We give it two paws way up high! Too bad that Pompeii got in trouble, but why go somewhere fun and only do boring things??? People are so weird. Hope you all have a great holiday!

flash, alven and dottie

Frankie Furter said...

Um... you two should remember that Santa Paws is comin in just TWO SLEEPS... and you shouldn't be fussin at each other.

Pompii your Cookie Cake thingy is Mahvelous. Simply MAHvelous. I don't know how ANYONE could ever eat that.
I want to wish you a very much
MERRY CHRISTMAS. Now be NICE to each other. OK?

Lexi said...

Hi Texas,
Wow you have a an exciting house full of dogs. I am the only dog at my house, I do stay pretty busy with my humans though. I like your blue do look very dashing in it. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

Wyatt said...

I like your's not as sissy looking as the sweater, BOL.

Pompei is such a cutie. It will be hard to say good-bye to him when the time comes.

Merry Christmas!
Wyatt and Stanzie

K-9 Katastrophe said...

Hi Texas! Nice coat! You and Pompei are quite a pair!


houndstooth said...

Texas, I have a feeling you're really going to miss Pompeii when he's gone, even though he kinks your tail. You look great in your new coat!

Merry Christmas!


Snoop&Emily said...

aaaw, what a pawelous cake :)! lovely!

we wish all of you a merry merry christmas and a lot of love, success and happiness for the next year :)! and of course a lot of pawsome presents for you ;)!


3 doxies said...

Hey Tex...I'm sure I could send you some chocolate furs Christmas...hehehehe!

Oh and quit makin' my mum spew her coffee...her messes up da 'puter screen!



Olive said...

Merry Christmas!!

Licks from Olive