Monday, May 9, 2011

A Review - By Texas

Helllooo bloggy pawpuls!

Today, I, Texas The Doxie, will present to yous all a review of a piece of junk, not even worth your money probably a good purchase, maybe, kinda, dog toy.

This toy has a strange name, so its not even worth mentioning no this here bloggy. So um...lets get to the action shall wee? So mom went to the Petstore WITHOUT ME wiht Rob yesterday and the little bugger got to PICK OUT HIS OWN TOYS!?

Am I bitter 'bout that you ask?

No. I am not.

Then mom puts them up and of course its all Rob's fault that we was board and stuff. 

Um... where was I?

Oh yeas.

So this thing is a KONG Wobbler, KNOCK OFF. I know, that is prolly a big deteerant but that didn't even stop mom. (she's a cheap scape) so you can get this little "beutee" at your local PetsMart for only $7.97!!



So antiways... mom gets this monstroscity home and tries to open it. Me, being the smartest, most handsomest doggie alive, realized immediately that this produced was all fur mom letting me play wit it. So i ran and around barkign at her ..but her never even put it down for a long time!

She kept tryin' to un twist the thingymajiggy and it wouldn't even come loose! Not even for a whole night!

So mom just stuck some foods in teh little wholes, and let me and Bubbles play with it.

LEmme tell yous how smart I am.

I got that thing done in like. 5 seconds flat!! BLAM!

Don't believe me??

I gots some video PROOF!!!!!

Anyway mom says its not a great toy cause the plastic is cheeps, and if Rob gotta ahold of it he would tear it up in like two seconds, cause he thinks you has to bite it to get the food out, not hit it with your feets.

He's a dumb bunny.

So if you want a toy like dis, spend the money and get a really KONG WOBBLER!

That's all.



Puddles said...

Well dat is a pathetic excuse fur a toy.
Loooook, you just gots a whole meal right there. You hads like four come out at da same time.

PS: I did up my game and gots me a squirrel...hehehehe!

JacksDad said...

LOL. Jack would eat the food AND the container and then ask for more! :)

Cody Puppy said...

Thanks for this great review. You're a good dog, and I look forward to reading more posts! You're an inspiration to me since I just started blogging at

Cody Puppy said...

Oh, Texas, I just read your "Meet Texas" page. You are such a lucky pup now! I love, love, love to read about puppies who are rescued. :-) (I was rescued by Central Texas Dachshund Rescue, who found me a great home.) I live in Texas, so I especially like your name.

Texas T said...

Hey Thanks Cody!

Texas T said...

Yeah dats why we recommend for big dogs the real KONG one cause dis one is a piece of junk.

Texas T said...

Hey that's super cool!

Texas T said...

Yeah mom says I gotta work for my food. As if I don't even do enough keep the whooole house safe!?