Friday, December 23, 2011

2012 Goals

Another year is almost behind us, and what a year it was! We faced circumstances that we'd never faced before, but we made it through! If you couldn't tell by the major lack of posts, this year was all about the Guide Dog Puppies; Rob was such a handful, that the majority of my focus was on him and his news verses being split between the three dogs.
Having been puppy-less over the last couple of months has made me realize, just how important it is that "MY" dogs have good foundational skills, and the importance of taking the time to interact with them everyday.

One of my goals during 2012 is to work on some of the "problem" areas I have identified in my dachshund's. I have decided to limit myself to at least twelve goals, one goal a month, to give me the best possible chance of actually succeeding. Procrastination is my middle name. Yes. Most of the goals are for Texas, at 12 (or 10 I still can't figure out which) Bubbles is pretty much set in her ways, or... more so "I'm" set in her ways. We've worked recently on her "wait" command, but that's about it, she knows "Sit", Her Name, and Comes. She's not destructive, is potty trained, and sleeps all day. What more could I ask for?

Goals for 2012 

  1. Work on Texas's Dog-to-Dog re-activity (the above picture shouldn't happen again). Put a barrier between Texas and other dog and "its on".  
  2. Work on the Relaxation Protocol all the way to the end. 
  3. Texas: Be able to be crated quietly around distractions. 
  4. Be able to have people to my home more often. (This doesn't happen well now, as Texas though comfortable being kenneled, screams bloody murder if he can hear other people in the house besides me.
  5. Work on basic agility with Texas. 
  6. Read Control Unleashed & When Pigs Fly 
  7. Find toys Texas will play with consistently 
  8. Handle Texas from Head to Toe daily (You'd be surprised, but apparently handling your dog OCCASIONALLY over three years, leads to them becoming adverse to it. O_o) 
  9. Be able to put a sweater on him without him shutting down. (We actually started working on that this week) 
  10. Door Manners 
  11. Only use dog bowls for water.

Seriously Mom? What a lotta work!
So I didn't make it to 12, which is probably a good thing, as some of those things are going to be a doozy to work through. However, I"m hoping by putting it on my public blog, I'll feel some pressure to work on them more. :)

What about you guys, do you have any goals for you and your dogs this year?



Puddles said...

Uh...good luck! How comes all dis is related to Texas? Bwhahahahahahaha...sorry.  od sympathize with you though. We REACT to anything coming near our house.
But you knows what you is doin' in training so we wish you all da best and we has faith you'll reach your goals.

Tell Texas HI from da Puddles.



I think these sound like New Year's Resolution material too!!   hehehe  
    I would like to wish YOU and All those that you Love a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and or HAPPY HANUKKAH.

Jacksdad said...

Those look like some very admirable goals!! Good luck!

Dachshund Nola said...

You can do it! Mine are
Let mom teach me stay and come
Learn agility
be more tolerant of kitty sister
avoid having my teeth brushed
Dachshund Nola

Kari said...

Those are GREAT goals

Stop on by for a visit

Sandra said...

Hi Texas!

We have not been to the blog for a super long time thanks to our Mom, but we see that you are also going to be very busy this coming year. We know you'll do great though!

Flash, Alven, Dottie

P.S. This coming year we are also working on making more doggie friends, and Flash not feeling the need to protect himself against all living creatures and being more relaxed overall.