Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Testing 1...2....3

Texas and David testing out the new bed
And this bed felt Juuuuuuust right!
Since our flea debacle last year, the dogs have been surviving on old pillows and towels as bedding..[and the couch, and my bed..don't feel too sorry for them]...since adding David I've been wanting to get some more dog beds, but never got around to doing it. [sometimes I feel like I buy dog beds on a yearly basis]

Until today. 

I think its a winner! :)   
David's in 7th Heaven

The bed must also be a miracle worker. I mean BUBBLES WILLINGLY laying down with DAVID? 
Bubbles has made it clear in the last year or so that she is DONE with the puppies. She'd be happy never to see another one in her life time. Normally she steers clear of them, but should them come near her she's snarling and snapping (with all three of her teeth). So you can imagine my surprise when I turned away from my computer and saw THIS. 
The third one makes it official :)



Frankie and Ernie said...

The Proof is in the Napping!!!

Cole said...

That sure must be a miracle bed!  We all see Bubbles napping with David.  :-)

Faith Shen06 said...

They look so comfortable on their new bed, I'm sure they will have a great napping time :D

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Dachshund Nola said...

Dachshund Nola

Wyatt said...

Pretty snazzy looking bed!  Do you have room for one more?


Erin said...

 It really is! This is how I know a dog fits well into my house if my dogs accept them enough to sleep with them :)

Erin said...

 You could have knocked me over with a feather for sure! :)

Erin said...

 There's always room for one more :)

Flash, Alven, Dottie said...

Oh we love, love, love getting new doggy beds and are always asking our mom to get us a new one. They are so amazing. Glad to see your pups are enjoying their new acquisition.