Thursday, January 19, 2012

An Understanding

You Have dog treats, I'm a dog...what's the hold up?

Can an old dog learn new tricks? To be sure, but not without much patient understanding on the part of the owner. Right now we're teaching Bubbles to "Stay" something she will do, only at the door. Its a slow process to be sure, unlike teaching Texas who picks up things quickly, Bubbles requires multiple sessions going over the same thing.

One of these day's she'll get it.



Puddles said...

How comes YOU couldn't wish me wells Tex? You knows you luvs me. Well, tells your mom thanks!

Hang in there Erin, Bubbles will get it eventually, stay strong. And I likes her pikture, very nice.


Erin said...

You'll have to forgive Texas, he has a hard time expressing himself on the more sensitives subjects. By using my name he could say what he really thought without fear of being called weak. What can I say. He's got to keep up his "tough dog" exterior. *sigh* :)) 

Lyttlerosie23 said...

I'm in love Tex he is adorable and melted my heart right away! My doxie mist be like bubbles he's 3 where can I start?

Sandra said...

Dont' worry bubbles you are still the most beautiful doxie girl we know. Love that face!

flash, alven, dottie