Saturday, August 3, 2013

Getting back to Normal...

Whatever that is... Tuesday July 30, 2013 our month plus ordeal came to an end. With the final sutures out Texas was once again free to dog be used to be; though I think this ordeal had changed him. He's more accepting of strangers, and a lot more needy. Yes I have created as monster. In other ways he's much more subdued. But at the same time you can tell he's happy to be able to do "normal" things like sleep under covers without getting an e-collar caught on something, or even be able to get on the couch by himself.  Mostly he's just happy I'm no longer constantly yelling at him for licking himself. :-/ 


Erin said...

It's wonderful to hear that things are coming along! That sure was a very scary experience and we're sorry you had to deal with it. Poor little Texas. We will keep our paws crossed that Texas continues to get better and better EVERY day.
Lily Belle & Muffin

Erin said...

Oh, gosh! I somehow missed the last post and poor Texas' ordeal! (And yours!) I'm glad he's healed, and hate to hear about what y'all have been through.