Wednesday, June 10, 2009

3 years and counting

Wow can't believe I forgot!
Today marks three years, since I first entered the service dog world as a puppy walker. I will never forget the excitement of bringing home my very big 12-week-old, puppy. Mr. Jake.

Knowing all that I know now about dog training, I kind of feel sorry for Jake. We in no ways harmed him, but he was our gunia pig into the world of puppy training.
Jake & Autumn
-Jake @12 weeks old-

-Jake @6 months old & Bubbles-

And all though he didn't make it as a guide dog, his owners rave about how good he is all the time. Our goal mainly is to raise a dog that would change someone's life as well as bring them happiness....and I would defiantly say.

-Jake @1 year old-

Rei came next in that line up. I'm sure you all know by now that she was not the eaisest puppy in the world. But we did our best with her, and she has made us sooooo proud!

Sleeping AWwww!!!
-Rei and Bubbles-

-Rei @8 weeks old-

-Rei @14 months old -

-Rei @2 years-
Kacie, Erin and Rei

and last but not least my girl Midnight. I loved this dog so much, it still hurts to think about her.
MIdnight in Coat

-Midnight @8 weeks old-

-Midnight's first trip to daycare wore her out!-

-Midnight @13 months-
-Midnight's last day at daycare -

These guys taught me so much about puppies, and how each one can be SOOO different; they each took a piece of my heart with them when they left. I'm hoping my sister will carry on my "legacy" until I can raise again one day.

In the meantime we'll keep working our hardest with our Wilderwood Dogs, hoping that they too will get the chance to change someone's life.

Once a Puppy Raiser, always a puppy raiser.


Lisa and Ellie said...

WOW - congrats on a great milestone! I agree, once a puppy raiser, always a puppy raiser! :D

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

that was a beautiful post! Jake sitting on the steps is sweet!

Denna said...

Great Post!!! I love the pictures.

StellaStar said...

It's so cute when they sleep under your chair like that!

shane rocket said...

they are so gorgeous!!!

Madison and Butler said...

You did a great job with them all! Those 1st pups have it hard for sure!

shane rocket said...

they are so gorgeous!!!