Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This week,we at Wilderwood will start Team Training this week, with another two families with autistic children.

Veda and his brother Xerxes will be placed with their new families, and we'll commence training!

This week will be very intense and stressful for the dogs, as its kind of confusing not only going to a new family, but having your old "people" there everyday as well!

I think I've been commissioned to take photographs for this event...but I don't know for sure!

The day after Graduation I'll be meeting with my new boss at my 2nd job, and then (Hopefully) hitting the road for Florida!!!

Ben will be staying with a sitter, and Bubbles and Texas will be staying here at home with a sitter.

I'm quite nervous about leaving them at home, I'd much prefer them to be able to stay in a kennel where I know they will be monitored throughout the day, and get to play.

But alas there is a lot involved, that I don't have time to get taken care of right at this moment...soooo! They will be home.

Ben will not be coming back here after I come back, I will be getting another dog, and he'll be moving on to another trainer.

We'll miss him GREATLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So lots of changes going on around here in the next couple of weeks!!

Wish us luck! :D


StellaStar said...

Good luck! We have our fingers crossed for you! Safe travels, and safe doggies!

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

awww--good luck! can't wait for an update!

Madison and Butler said...

Well Good luck with all your business! We shall miss Ben as well!