Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Every year, our church holds events we call Campmeetings one is held in Lakeland Florida, and the other here in Tennessee. Since our church is not big enough to hold all the people who come to this event, we set up a tent in our "yard" (which is ratha big btw) and hold services out there.

Ira came this morning, I brought a blanket and kong for her, and she did awesome through the morning service.


After that, I took her and Texas downtown to walk; Texas is not doing so well with the crowds of people, so he'll probably be laying low for this week...Bubbles is fine with people, but prefers to be alone.

The kids LOVE Ira, and believe me the feeling is mutal. And that is an understatement when ever I appear with her, I am swarmed by kids. Which since she is going to be an service dog for a child, is awesome exposure for her.

Hopefully I'll get some pics of her and her entourage :)

She slept through the entire evening service as well....and I mean in a dead-tired-not-move-a-muscle kind of sleep. She was a perfect ambassdor for Wilderwood Service Dogs. :)


Anonymous said...

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Miley said...

Beautiful pics!!!

lotsa licks,

Madison and Butler said...

Yay! Good job Ira! She is so adorable, I see why she always gets swarmed :)

Twix said...

Boy, those two look worn out after walking. No wonder she slept so soundly! I love seeing how she grows and learns with you.

SassySashadoxie said...

Sasha here. Boy that one doxie sure is a big one. heehee. Just kidding. We know all dogs secretly want to be doxies.

Good luck in your training and I love the human pups, too. Even when they gets a little too ruff, and mommy makes them leave me a lone for a bit.

Sierra Rose said...

Party time!!! Or, nap-time for some.... Great photos!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose