Saturday, July 17, 2010


{Zipper snoozes on the back of a chair}
Today was probably the best day we've had with Miss Zipper, since her arrival..about a month ago. 
Last night we had an episode where, she attacked Texas three times, and the last time she had no plans of letting him go. Needless to say we removed her from the situation from the night, and I knew we had to do something different today.  From what I'm observing, when she gets excited she redirects onto whatever dog is around her, and sometimes its extremely intense. I'm thinking that's what one of the attacks last night was about, as we'd had company over, which of course  gets all the dogs excited.  The other two were over food.  

So today, Zipper got to hang with me, either leashed, or blocked off in the room I was in. I think Bubbles and Texas appreciated the break from her "nagging". We'd trade off between 30 minutes out, and 30 minutes crated, which in turned produced a much calmer Zipper. *insert surprised face* Her body was probably thanking me for the down time! :) 

I also decided not too let her play, with Bubbles or Texas since she wasn't respecting their signals to BACK OFF. Especially since Bubbles is more likely to fight back, if Zipper doesn't get the message the first time. 
I think we will probably wind up continuing with this schedule until she goes to her new family sometime in the next week or so. 
{She was really just plotting a way to get on my desk, and after my sandwhich :)}


A MilShelb Mom said...

Well, she sure is cute! Hope in her new home she's an only doggy!

houndstooth said...

I hope her new family will be able handle her exhuberance! I'm also glad you found a plan that seems to work for you!

Cole said...

She's absolutely adorable. I hope her new family will be able to manage her energy as well as you do.

Kari in WeHo said...

hope things keep getting better with her

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