Thursday, July 15, 2010

Zipper is Back!

So I have a lot too post about, and have no clue where to we'll just dive in with the first thing on my mind.. :)

If you couldn't tell by the last photos..Zipper's Back! We have found a family who fell in love with her, and is looking to adopt her, but are getting the money together to do so. So she'll be with me for a couple of weeks. In someways I'm glad I don't have Pompeii here as well, because my poor nerves..just wouldn't be here at all. 

Pompei is away at "Puppy Camp", it originally was just a baby-sitting job, while I was out of town, but turned into a more long term thing, when my area coordinator heard, that he hadn't been away from me since I got him. (Which was fine with me). So he'll be back in a week or two. :(( *I've heard he's contracted fleas since being there...! *gasp*

Zipper is her normal crazy, neurotic self, and is keeping us all (Me, Bubbles and Texas) on our toes. Texas is way over her, and is trying to give her as many calming signals as possible before snapping at her. While Bubbles just hides in a corner, out of sight out of mind. 

This week, I have decided that I will probably never have a Jack Russell Terrier..mix or otherwise as a pet. They just are not the dog for me. Mainly this point in my life, I don't have the space, or time for a high maintenance/high energy dog. 

Granted Zipper doesn't help her case, much by not thinking. I swear this dog has no concepts of pain at all. The first thing she does, when I put her on her long line, is run to the end of it, at FULL SPEED, and the flip herself over onto her back. Get up and run in the opposite direction. 

Then there are things such as, when we first introduced her too her, new families home...the first thing she did was, jump off the side of their porch. Great way to freak your new family out Zips! 

I guess this could also be interpreted as a "Zest for Life" but I"m a little concerned her life won't be long at this rate! I've bought her several harnesses, to kind of spare her her neck from the trauma of being yanked around. But she's chewed through all three. 

Read: Not Happy Foster Mom. So its back to the Ol' Collar until I figure something else out! As far as Training goes, she really picks up new things quickly we've moved from "Sit" to "Leave it" and "Down" and "Spin". Fast, and she's picking up on a lot of things, such as staying by my side = good things, while others still need work on. (Shying away from human hands, leashing walking, counter surfing...) I'd really like to not allow her on the furniture, but that's something that her adoptive parents like so.......But I've got to do something about her, constant counter jumping, or I'm going to go crazy!! 

But I can finally check my main goal with her off. WOOOO!!! Our Potty training has gone really well, she's got the idea, and goes quickly once outside. A huge relief off of me, as accidents are big stinking point with my landlord. :)D

But....from this point forward, I'm going to be extremely careful what I wish for! 


Non-JR lover,

Erin and company


Minna Krebs said...

Awwh, Zipper is such a Cutie!! But, everyone I know that has JRTs is either younger than me, or much more energetic LOL!

You do have to love 'em though for their happy go lucky nature!


Frankie Furter said...

POTTY TRAINED!!! wooooooooo INDEED! That is just wonderful news. Now about those other "issues" Perhaps you could ask Preacher Pud... OMD what am I thinking NEVER MIND THAT PART.

houndstooth said...

Zipper is adorable, but I agree, I could never have a Jack Russell myself! Have you tried one of those wider harnesses, like I've seen a lot of pugs wearing? It almost looks like a vest. That might be an alternative that could work.

Poor Pompeii!