Monday, November 29, 2010

Tug of War..the Lazy version

Ok, so we all knows how to play tug-of-war wit our brotthers, sisters moms, dads whatevers. I persoably thinks that is a lot of wasted energies, so only play it wit those I can beats. Like not mom. 
Butt anyway I'm here to tell you about the all new patented 
Pompei and me play "real" tug
. Ok the first step in lazy tug, is a long toy, like dis rope toy.
Next step is to find a nice comfy spot toy lay down and holds the toy firmly in your teeth. 
Den you just kinda chews on it with your teeths...and only pull if pulled. 
You can also use your growly voice if your other 'pponent is pullin to hard. 
That works wit POmpei....

Sometimes you has to stand up to get a better grip. 
Also notice how i has Pompei strateegagickly positioned under the coffe table? He can't even go no where and pull.
Genius I knows. 

I am in charge of the toy!

You guys shoul try dis sometime it is very theraputik and makes you has more energy to play when your peoples get tired!! 


houndstooth said...

Texas, you always have a plan for everything! It looks like it should work to me!


JackDaddy said...

That is Jack's favorite rasslin' position - laying on the ground.

Kari in WeHo said...

Mesa loves lazy tug. She will just lay there holding the item while the other dogs try and tug it :)


Those Elgin Pugs said...

hee hees 'dis is good tips!! 'da Josie sissy IzZY loves to play 'dis kind of tuggy!


kissa-bull said...

we fink that ish a GENIOUS plan !! especially for ush lazy oinky pibbles you does like to waste the energies that could otherwise be used on foodables and nommies
thanks for the gweat tip

sugary pibble kisses
the pittie pack