Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Woofy Wednesday

{Seriously though, you have never seen a better looking dachshund. Admit IT!}

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Well This is embarressing

LOL sorry for all the blank posts, I was testing to see if I could update from my phone...and apparently I can! :))))

Erin and company


This is how we roll at dog parks...yeah next time well just stay home.*sigh*

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Monday, July 26, 2010

All Together Again

Yeah... we've missed this face. :)
Erin and company

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our Peoples

Ok someone had the idea too talk about our peoples....I don't know him too well so I thinks it was someone named Oskar?? I don't know but said cause I'm two I has to learn how two spell my stuff if I'm going to post on here. w/e. Talk to da PAW lady!?
SERIOUSLY. Who does this person think she is anyway? Telling ME what to do.

Anyway.What was I saying?.....Did it have anything to do with steak? Cause I thought I saw somethin about steak.

Steak-steak-steak-bacon-steak-steak-steak...sstteeaaak. OH! Yeah I member. It was something about oh yeah tell you guys about my people. Well dear there are a lot of dem them, so where am I supposed to start!?

You know mom. She's boring. She works. Goes to school. trying to make money taking pictures of us doggies, and other peoples doggies in a long while. She's gotta finish the school thing first. Personably I think she needs to be a doggy chef and make us stuff. cause picktures are boring.
Moms Dad. We used too live with them a looong time ago (365 months days) and it was alright, but Grandpa didn't really like dogs in his house, so mom and me and Bubbles moved into our own place, and now he likes us just fine.
{Me and Grandpa at my first christmas i was only 4 months old (2008)}
We like her, cause she likes us but we don't have any pictures with her ...just cause.

Aunt # 1 
Meanie. We don't like her. The End. So sometimes mom puts us in her room to irritate her. hahahahahah . She also does work and school the same place as mom. School not works. Mom said to say that she isn't completely mean cause she would watch Pompei when mom had too go to work straight from school.

Aunt #2 
Sometimes she comes to moms house while moms at work and lets us outside. She sometimes helps mom do the guide dog raising but not much cause she's 'llergic to us. So we kinda like her... :))
{Awwwww look at baby Pompei!!}


Uncle # 1
He's ok, he always wants Bubbles or me to stay with us. We don't see him much.
{Midnight and E 2008}
{Pompei assists E with his skates 2010}

Uncle #2
We love this guy cause he's always coming on Thursdays too let us out while mom is gone. She pays him in "Sonics drinks" Whatever THEY are.
{Midnight and W - 2008}
Aunt #3
We also love her too cause she comes down with Uncle #2 too let us out, and they even watched us while mom abandoned us last week.

{A with Hope and Victoria 2009}

Adopted Auntie (On da right)
Also known as mom's roommate. She doesn't really like us much, but she's never here anywho so we don't care much about her.

Adopted Auntie #2 (On da left)
Sometimes she comes and lets us out too while mom's gone, and I love too sit in her lap when she comes. <33

I TOLD you I had a loooot of people!!
Its time for my mid-mid afternoon nap.
Bark Out.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Texas Log: member mom

Ok alla ya'lls need to send lots of tail wags, and good thoughts too mom right now, cause Zipper is a LAMEY-POO and tried to KILL ME  bite me really hard two moons ago. Now mom doesn't want to make it so she bites a lotta more dogs, and gets in trouble and has too go to the DOGGIE JAIL, cause mom was too chicken ta do the right thing. Well, personally I don't think it would be a bad thing for Zips to go too jail cause then she could bite me all the time anymore. AnyWoofs moms a pushover and "didn't want to cause problems" with Zipper being with a lotta more dogs. She doesn't think people really believe its dats serious but I DO! I actually miss dumbo Pompei cause at least he don't try and bite me all the time. 
Sometimes, when she is sleep, I kinda like hers...but then she wakes up and starts the whole bitey thing again, and its no fun anymore. 
SO Yah. That's all for now. 

P.S. (I didn't even bite her backs when she tried ta kill me TTHREE TimES!)
PPS (I thinks I desevers a metal for that.)

Saturday, July 17, 2010


{Zipper snoozes on the back of a chair}
Today was probably the best day we've had with Miss Zipper, since her arrival..about a month ago. 
Last night we had an episode where, she attacked Texas three times, and the last time she had no plans of letting him go. Needless to say we removed her from the situation from the night, and I knew we had to do something different today.  From what I'm observing, when she gets excited she redirects onto whatever dog is around her, and sometimes its extremely intense. I'm thinking that's what one of the attacks last night was about, as we'd had company over, which of course  gets all the dogs excited.  The other two were over food.  

So today, Zipper got to hang with me, either leashed, or blocked off in the room I was in. I think Bubbles and Texas appreciated the break from her "nagging". We'd trade off between 30 minutes out, and 30 minutes crated, which in turned produced a much calmer Zipper. *insert surprised face* Her body was probably thanking me for the down time! :) 

I also decided not too let her play, with Bubbles or Texas since she wasn't respecting their signals to BACK OFF. Especially since Bubbles is more likely to fight back, if Zipper doesn't get the message the first time. 
I think we will probably wind up continuing with this schedule until she goes to her new family sometime in the next week or so. 
{She was really just plotting a way to get on my desk, and after my sandwhich :)}

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Zipper is Back!

So I have a lot too post about, and have no clue where to we'll just dive in with the first thing on my mind.. :)

If you couldn't tell by the last photos..Zipper's Back! We have found a family who fell in love with her, and is looking to adopt her, but are getting the money together to do so. So she'll be with me for a couple of weeks. In someways I'm glad I don't have Pompeii here as well, because my poor nerves..just wouldn't be here at all. 

Pompei is away at "Puppy Camp", it originally was just a baby-sitting job, while I was out of town, but turned into a more long term thing, when my area coordinator heard, that he hadn't been away from me since I got him. (Which was fine with me). So he'll be back in a week or two. :(( *I've heard he's contracted fleas since being there...! *gasp*

Zipper is her normal crazy, neurotic self, and is keeping us all (Me, Bubbles and Texas) on our toes. Texas is way over her, and is trying to give her as many calming signals as possible before snapping at her. While Bubbles just hides in a corner, out of sight out of mind. 

This week, I have decided that I will probably never have a Jack Russell Terrier..mix or otherwise as a pet. They just are not the dog for me. Mainly this point in my life, I don't have the space, or time for a high maintenance/high energy dog. 

Granted Zipper doesn't help her case, much by not thinking. I swear this dog has no concepts of pain at all. The first thing she does, when I put her on her long line, is run to the end of it, at FULL SPEED, and the flip herself over onto her back. Get up and run in the opposite direction. 

Then there are things such as, when we first introduced her too her, new families home...the first thing she did was, jump off the side of their porch. Great way to freak your new family out Zips! 

I guess this could also be interpreted as a "Zest for Life" but I"m a little concerned her life won't be long at this rate! I've bought her several harnesses, to kind of spare her her neck from the trauma of being yanked around. But she's chewed through all three. 

Read: Not Happy Foster Mom. So its back to the Ol' Collar until I figure something else out! As far as Training goes, she really picks up new things quickly we've moved from "Sit" to "Leave it" and "Down" and "Spin". Fast, and she's picking up on a lot of things, such as staying by my side = good things, while others still need work on. (Shying away from human hands, leashing walking, counter surfing...) I'd really like to not allow her on the furniture, but that's something that her adoptive parents like so.......But I've got to do something about her, constant counter jumping, or I'm going to go crazy!! 

But I can finally check my main goal with her off. WOOOO!!! Our Potty training has gone really well, she's got the idea, and goes quickly once outside. A huge relief off of me, as accidents are big stinking point with my landlord. :)D

But....from this point forward, I'm going to be extremely careful what I wish for! 


Non-JR lover,

Erin and company

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hi Everyone -
I am in the process of combining some of my blogs and such. 5 different blogs just isn't working out for me, so if your Google Reader is suddenly flooded with posts from me, that's what it is. This will probably have a new URL in the near future (about a week) so...stay tuned!
Please bare with the mess.
Thank you

Erin and company

Monday, July 12, 2010

DogMa Ratings - Texas log

So Mom's "Good Dog Ma" ratings are taking a serious dip, with a slight rise as of last week. First of all she drug us up to a place far far far away, and made us stay on TIE-DOWN, the whole entire time probably. I did not like dat at all cause it was a scary place witout mom so I had too scream for her too come back if she had to leave me. She didn't like dat much cause she had too stay wit us the whole time, and not doo much fun. Dat was ok wit me cause she didn't need to leave us anyways. And den these people kept scaring me and I really wanted too bite their little heads off, but mom wouldn't even let me. Mom says she membered why she doesn't take me on trips wit her.
{Bubbles Doesn't like being tie-up either}
{Pompei could care less. He's more interested in the bone}
{me pretending like I don't care...but dat Bully Stick was pretty yummy!}
K so we finally come home from dat. *phews* Den We don't even get zipper back. *phews* Cause she can be a pain in the patootee sometimes. And den Mom takes Pompei away somewhere and me and Bubbles have mom all too our lonesome. Wooooooooofff!!

But when I waked up on Frisday, mom had a bunch of bags by da door, and then took them outside...and LEFT US!!!!!!!!!!!! All day and alll night for like 5609 hours!! Well ok so my auntie and unc came and took us too there howse while mom was gone but STILL!! 
Day were supposed too be home on Sunshine day but mom said dat the rAYDEEATOR thing got PUNCHEDTured by a peece of tire sitting in da road, so mom had too try and fix it her self. And ti worked but day didn't even come home until like 4:00AM in da moorning. But I was glad too see her anyway.She says she doesn't have too go anywhere else for a looong time.
I says she BETTA NOT!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Texas Log: OutRage

Dear Log Bookie: I Has decided to run away.
My own MOM FuRGOT MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!
It was on MONDAY and she had ALLL day off and I kept waitin, and waitin, and waitin for her too be like SURPRISE!!!!
And fur there to be cake or steak or sometin but dare wasn't anything. 
Turnin two is a big thing cause it means i'm leagal or sometin, and I think it derserves a big PAWTY wit all my friends or sometin!
Would someone pease adopt da little sweet doxie please?
{I will guard your howse}
{Am very cute}
{Will keep your pillows warm}
{Will put up with any annoying animals you have. EXCEPT CATS}
New howse must feed me stuffed kongs that has hot dogs or kibbles, peanut butter, strawberries, nO BANANAS. Steak every other wednesday, Wellness Dog Food Sweet Potato and Fish stuffs, no yucky Purina One dat mom bought us dis time. 
Must allow me too sleep wit you on yur bed...

Oh wait..what is dis? Looks like mom was writing a bloggie and furgot to hide it..hehhehe: 

"He guys, today is a very special day for my dog family, as Texas turns two. I tear up when I realize that I get too keep this dog for as long as he is alive, and how special he is too me." 
"Yes he is WAY more work than I ever could have dreamed, when I was begging my father to bring him home with me," <Texas: WAIT!!!????ME?? WORK??? FUTURE ADOPTERS IGNORE THAT STATEMENT!!>
"And I probably could never give him away due to his reactivity towards strangers, but that makes me happy, knowing that he is mine, and mine only. Once he gets to know people they can't help but fall in love with his crazy self. My neighbors, who up until this point, have not been dog people, now consider him one of her favorite dogs in my house...well besides Pompei. Anyway Texas you are a very special boy and I hope we have many more years together - Love Mom." 
Weelll.....i don't even know what Is supposed to say ta that.....
Oh Look a squirrell!
Caption: Texas's second birthday is a happy one for me, as I've never had a puppy until their second birthday. Texas has been a challenge for sure, and his reactivity towards people, makes it hard for us to have a normal dog-owner relationship. Though if anything it makes us a lot closer. I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Service Dogs At Work

DEAR ABBY: I am 18, disabled, and work with a service dog. I would like to offer people a few tips on interacting with service dog owners. Perhaps it will lessen some of the daily frustrations all handlers deal with:

1. Not all service dogs are big dogs. I know several Chihuahuas who save their owners' lives every day with their medical alert tasks.

2. Not all disabilities are visible. Please don't ask, "What's wrong with you?" or, "What's your problem?"

3. There are many kinds of service dogs, not just guide dogs. Medical alert dogs help people with everything from epilepsy to diabetes to panic attacks. There are also autism service dogs, mobility dogs and hearing dogs.

4. Please do not pet my dog without asking me first. My dog wears a patch that says, "Do Not Pet." It's there for a reason. Abby, I can't count the number of people who read her patch out loud, then reach out to pet her anyway. Please do not take it personally if we say no.

5. If a dog's handler seems ill, it's OK - even preferable - to ask if we are all right. I once had an episode and no less than two dozen people walked right past me while I sat on the floor. Had I been diabetic, I could have died because no one stopped - including two store managers. - HOPING TO HELP IN PENNSYLVANIA

DEAR HOPING TO HELP: Thank you for an important letter. What many people fail to understand is that when an assistance dog is out in public, the animal is working and should not be distracted from its task - which is ensuring the well-being of its owner.

Your last tip was the most important of all. Folks, I shouldn't have to tell you that if you see someone who appears to be in trouble, it takes only a moment to do the right thing and make sure the person gets the help he or she needs. And that includes calling 9 1 1 if it's merited.

--As seen in an email
Erin and company

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Name Game

We're a little late in the game with Frankie's Name Game but don't worry, it will be a quick one. :) far all of our dogs have come "pre-named". I am horrible about picking a name and sticking too it, especially if the dog already has something they are being called. THat name sort of becomes them, and I felt weird changing their identity. I'm going to only list the dogs I've had over a years worth of time, but for the record I have had eight other service dog trainee's come through. Their names were all biblical and chosen in alphabetical order. :) With my Guide Dog pups, we have sponsors who pay $6,000 to name the pups, which covers their medical expenses for the year they are with us. 


  • Full Name: Bubbles

Nicknames: Bubsy, Double Bubbles, Bubsy Girl, Burbujas (spanish for BUbbles)
When we got Bubbles she's already been through a couple name changes. From Duchess to Bubba to Bubbles. We were pretty new... I think we may have discussed changing the name...once before deciding to let her stick with Bubbles. And it fits now. Don't know a name that would fit better.

But I did know that when I got another dog, I kind of wanted a theme to go with Bubbles...but seriuosly? Who wants a dog named Soap? Lucky for me my next dog, was a guide dog puppy from the Guide Dog Foundation. Pre-named Jake. 

  • Full Name: Jake 

Nicknames: Jakey, Jakey-Bob, Jakers
{Jake and I -12 weeks old}

  • Full Name: Rei (Her sponser named her after herself.)

Nicknames: Reibees, You-Little-Booger 
Rei's name was difficult to "nickname" cause there just isn't a good rhyme for that, so she was mostly called Rei..or...REI YOU LITTLE BOOGER!! As we discovered something else she tore up, or was being dragged down the road, by the little mac truck we called a dog. 
{Rei, Me and My father - 12 weeks old}

  • Full Name: Midnight

Nicknames - Middy-Poo, 
Another difficult name to shorten. So she was mostly called Midnight. 
{Midnight - 10 weeks old}

  • Full Name: Walker Texas Ranger  

Nicknames: Tex, Tex-Mex, TexiPoo, TEXAS! 
As you all know, Texas came to me via a vet tech who worked into a emergency animal clinc, above the doggie daycare where I worked at. At that point he was still looking for a home and being called everything from Walker to...other things that I cannot remember right off hand.
My family and I argued back and forth between Uno and Texas, but since he was already responding to Tex, I decided to keep it. Cause he was/is my dog after all! This weekend, my Aunt brought up the Texas... state motto? "Don't Mess with Texas"which just confirmed how fitting his name is for him. More on that story. Later :)) 
{3 months old}
Full Name: Pompei 
Nick Names: Pompy, Pompsters, Pompadoodle, PomPom, Pooh Bear
Yes he has a lot of nicknames. :) 
And that's all for now folks! Right now we are in a city away from our home, in a state not our home state, in the United States of America, at a Family Reunion. It has been an adventure with three say the least, hoping to head home tomorrow!!!
I hope everyone has a safe fourth of July Weekend!! 

Erin and company

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Barku - aka. Haiku

 Barku by Texas
Long Trip in the car
Outside on long lines.
Mom leaving us behind, crated, not fun
I cry and scream,she comes back...Not happy
A new bone makes me happy 
But I want to go home.
I do not like this trip
barku by Bubbles

Nice restful trip
Staying outside all day is not fun
so very hot, so many dogs, so many people.

Barku by Pompei
People! YAY Car RIdes! Yay CAmping!
Yay Sunshine and long walks, and hikes and dogs
Yay for MOm!
Yay for big nice bones from mom

oops mom said I was getting to long. But YAY for naps in the shade!! 
As you can see I have lot to fill you guys in on! Once I can find some sleep :) 

P.S.(Thanks JackDaddy for the "Barku" suggestion!)