Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not a Slacker

This may look like I'm slackin' I realized that..but what your average pet dog doesn't even understand, is the amount of energies needed to do this very harrowing job.I'm also tryin to train Rob to do somethin' useful around (such as going to fetch me more hot dog treats or sometin, and that's a full time job with little pea-sized brain. But I'm an extremely patient dude and will stick with it until he's raedy to do it by himself...or until we've been at it for five minutes. 

Whatever comes first.

Sniffin out clues. I smelt a bunny rabbit.

  • 16:06 Just another Sunday yard patrol. Had one strange car come in but mom hurried me back in the house. #grrr #
  • 09:31 Sometimes I hate gettin out of mom's bed. So I just watch stay under the covers until she takes them off of me. #
  • 09:32 I don't know why humans think I like Monday's anymore than they do? #
  • 09:50 @Bai_Catahoula Welcome home! #

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Frankiefurter said...

No one would EVER think of YOU as a slacker. Teaching young'uns is very much TAXING. Happy EASTER.. sorry I am kind of late getting that to you.

Puddles said...

Some breeds just don't understand what it takes to dig and sniff out all sorts of things.


Bailey said...

It is a lots of work to teach the fine art of sniffing and tracking.