Friday, April 8, 2011

Notes from Rob

Hi Guys,
So I came home to mom 'bout, I don't even know, furever ago, and she told me that I get to wear a yellow jacket a be a helper dog and stuff...
Soo yesterday, she went away for a looong time, WITHOUT ME, mind you...which I think is really un-fair since I'm supposed to be a guide dog puppy and go EVERYWHERE with her. But nooo she stuck me in that crate place...with my food so it was alright.

But when she got back, the whole car thing was FULL of fun sounding baggies and stuff and they all smelled so good! I watched her put all the stuff on the table and it took her a really long time too cause she said she's not going to go shopping for another month!!
Bags of Groceries
Anyway, so, cause I"m a helper dog an everything, I thought I'd just jump in and help her put away some groceries and stuff, cause I mean it was a LOT of stuff!! But when she saw me grabbing something down..TO PUT AWAY.. she didn't like that and TOOK IT AWAY!

So I thoughts to myself, "Rob she didn't want you to put THAT away cause she had a special place for it..why don't you grab sometin else?" So i went around the other side and grabbed something else...cause my legs got stretched out while I was sleeping  the other day, and I can stand up really tall, if  I only use two legs!

Texas can't do that cause he didn't sleep enough when he was little like me.


But then mom didn't like THAT EITHER!? And then put me out on the porch so I couldn't "get into anything else!" I was just tryin to be a helper dog!?

Antiways. I think she saw the error of hers ways cause later she let me play in a "kiddie pool".  'cept there was not kids in it, so that was disappointing cause I like those little peoples.But the water was super fun, it made me really happy so I had to run around in big circles as FASTTT as I could!

But after that I didn't want to get wet no more so I went off to see what Bubble's was doing. She wasn't doin anything fun, so I saw Texas across the yard and decided to sneak up on him. Cept he saw me even though I mAde SURE to sneak up on him, on his bad eye side.

Oh well, I made him run after me for a while, before mom took us inside.

And that's about all I did yesterday. Mom still didn't let me help no more even though I really thought I could help out with making hamburgers! One day I WILL learn to hop those baby-gates.

I'm just sayin.
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Peace Out Puppies.
Rob and Texas Snooze.
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Lia said...

Rob, you are a funny little guy. Love those action shots with the flopping ears!

houndstooth said...

Rob, as fast as you're growing, that baby gate won't stop you for long, and then those hamburgers are all yours!


Sandra said...

Rob, obviously you are not being appreciated as you should be. This is common with humans, so don't worry. They are just a little slow and don't always understand that we are right no matter what. It is a hard lesson to learn, but you are young and will learn to accept this grim reality of life. Glad you were able to move on and keep your head held high (or low while you were sneaking up on Texas).

flash, alven, dottie

houndstooth said...

Rob, as fast as you're growing, that baby gate won't stop you for long, and then those hamburgers are all yours!