Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh Heeeey

Its been a week since I last posted, and boy have a lot of changes taken place! Fur one thing, mom brought ANOTHER DOG!! I THOUGHT WE WAS PAST THIS ALREADY?

I don't even know what she is thinking. Me and Bubbles are NOT happy with her at all, cause I mean, who wants another dog in the house, when we can have mom all to our own selves?

Umm.. cause I 'spect there will be a lot of pics with him in it (cause mom can't even seem to stop using her camera thing!) so I'll introduce him.

This be David.

Dumb name for a dog right? Am I right? AH- well, what do you expect when you let humans make the decisions?

He's a smooth coat collie that mom is raising, for the Guide Dog place. He's four months old, and has been transferred to mom from another raiser. That's why he's so old.

Mom says that he's lots different from all her lab dogs, dogs, and that she might never want another retriever to raise after David.

I say, I may never want another puppy after this dog.

But since when does she listen to me?

Anyway me and Bubbles are on mom strike. Bubbles stays hiding in the back room, and me, well, I try to put my best foot forward and welcome the little blighter, but all I got was stepped on, barked at, and my toys stolen from me.

SO yeah.

Mom says one day we'll all be friends, but I highly doubt it.



Puddles said...

David is kinda handsome if you ask my opinion but I knows you  not gonna ask.
He still be a baby so hopefully all will work out.


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I think David is BIG even fur a Young'un.   Tell him he has to PRETEND to be a Dachshund.  That will make stuffs better.

Cole said...

David is ver handsome! I hope he learns his manners and gives back your toys! (I have a feeling your mom will MAKE him learn his manners pretty quickly!)