Monday, February 6, 2012

The Weekend

Hi Guys!

Super quiet weekend over at our house, Friday my Grandpa (Mom's dad) was diggin up the ground, cause there was water leakin all over the place. So I decided to help him investigate the problem. Its in the job description! Buut I got all covered in muds, so mom decided it was time for a bath. You know how much I luuv baths. I even got back in when Mom decided it was bubbles turn!!

Saturday, it rained So me and Bubbles (and mom) slept for a long time, and mom made some new foods, than gave it to me an Bubbles when she didn't like it! (I don't even know why she didn't like it, it was super yummy!)

Sunday I went on a car ride with mom, but that was it. Super duper Boring.

How was you guys weekend?



Frankie Furter 7 Ernie said...

You LOVE takin a Baff?   WOW.      My mom REALLY likes your mom's hat!!!

Jacksdad said...

The best part is when you get to eat the towel when they dry you off! :)