Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Story

This is Dave. 
But we call him Dave on the internet. 
Typing the whole word "David" just doesn't feel right. 
Its so formal. 
I digress. 
 Dave is now six-months-old and has been in our lives for about a month and a half now. 
Dave is all male, all puppy and very silly at times. 
Case in Point. 
 Dave recently decided that this was his new favorite place. 
It won't be for long, but for now it is. 
He squeezes himself there every-time I'm in this room.
 (I will be reminding him of this squeezing capabilities the next time I want him to "down under" in a cramped restaurant booth) 
 However, the dachshunds took a stand last night. 
United we stand.
United we sleep.
And Na-na-na-boo-boo you can't fit! 
But guys? If you squish I can fit here! For real! 
He resigned himself. 



pattib said...

Awesome story! Thanks for sharing.

Cole said...

Hahahaha!  That is adorable!

Frankie and Ernie said...

HeeeHehehehe    now THAT is a funny one fur SURE.