Sunday, May 5, 2013

Maybe I'm Just Crazy.

Puppy Diaries Week 3 

You know what's wearing on a body? Having two puppies. The same age mind you.
You know what's tiring? Having three puppies, two the same age, one much older.
You know what's exhausting? Having two other dogs, working full time, and have a full social life.

I would like to take a moment to go ahead and apologize to any and everyone who may encounter me over the next few weeks. My brain is fried people.

I know what you're thinking, so lets go ahead and get this question answered for you guys.

Reasons Why I have Two Puppies: 


The End.

The other reason is to find them homes.
Who are they you ask?
Well the whole story started about a month and a half ago, when my neighbor showed up with two fuzzy puppies in her yard. I'll admit (and have told her) I was a little surprised, as she didn't seem to be the type to willingly take on two puppies on top of her other responsibilities.

It was a cold rainy night the first time they escaped their little enclosure and trotted down to see me. Once I realized no-one was home, I scooped them up, popped them into a crate, and took them home. I texted my neighbor and let her know I had them. A couple of days later they went home.

As the weeks went by, we quickly realized these guys were not only super smart, they were going to be very difficult to make into outdoor dogs.

They regularly appeared when ever my dogs were out, and despite taking them back they kept  coming back. Though I really wasn't happy about the situation, they weren't mine, I let it go.

However, after I nearly killed the female because she'd hidden under my car, I knew we had to do something ... I started the "let me re-home these guys" for you campaign.

I know as they got older, they'd have to be chained up, and that's not a life for a dog, not to mention they seemed to be at my house more regularly than anywhere else, so why not?


Because ERIN, two puppies FULL TIME is a LOT of WORK.
TWO puppies, when you WORK FULL TIME is a LOT of WORK.

That's why not.

So, now that we've got that clear, we're now officially looking for a home for the male. I'm calling him Jack-Jack (from the Incredibles). I'm not a huge fan of male puppies, Is why.

The female (who has yet to get a name) is more than likely staying with me, provided she keep her dachshund like physique. I'm not one who goes out looking for my animals, I figure between GDF & these dogs my neighbors keep finding, my next animal will find me.

And I think I've found her.

Bubbles is getting up in age, and I just think this just maybe "meant" to be.
If not, someone with the perfect home will come and scoop her up.
And that someone not being the lady whom smacked her dog just before inquiring how she could apply to adopt her. Um that's a NO.

So! If you have friends or family in or around the Knoxville area or even in neighboring states, who need  a little mixed breed love in their lives, have them shoot me an email! First Vaccines done on Saturday, will get them wormed this week.


I really don't want him to end up in a shelter, but I really need to get them separate!

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