Saturday, May 25, 2013

Puppy Diaries: Houdini's

Day 34 
May 25, 2013 
Too Smart for their Own Good

Everyone liked to make fun of dumb dogs, and they make. Easy to do so. I know I because I just sent back one, that I made lots of fun of. I loved that dog to death, but he was a dog that would run full tilt forward while looking backwards. He's a dog that regularly tripped over his own feet.  Regularly. 

Now these puppies on the other hand, are INCREDIBLY smart. Too smart.  Hard to live with smart. What could they possibly think of next smart. 

Over the last 35 days I've been able to learn more about these guys and the more I live with them the smarter they seem.

Mulan seems to be the "thinking" pup. The decisions she makes seems as if she's evaluated the situation, and found the simplest solution.  

For instance I decided to baby gate them onto my front porch. Its about 8x8 with wooden slats about four inches apart. It's about 2 feet off the ground with steps leading down.  Since its higher than my back porch they haven't seemed inclined to leap off it. Yet. 

Well I needed to clean my house and so I decided to see if they would be cool with hanging on the porch with some toys. I put up the baby gate, and let Mulan onto the porch. She immediately walks onto the porch, walks to the open slat BESIDE the baby-gate, stretches her tiny self to the step that's being blocked by the gate, and is in the yard using the bathroom. 

I think I stood with my mouth open for at least five minutes. Sure I expected her to get out, but within seconds of seeing she was barricaded?! 

Jack, on the other hand, tends to attack things with his body first, before utilizing his brain. Its a method that tends to work for him. 

But what inspired this post was this: Since the puppies seem to have learned to control their bladders a bit more, they are given a BIT more freedom in the house. They have used that freedom to climb on every surface possible. Mulan QUICKLY figured out, that she could get from the couch, to the side table, to the little window leading to my kitchen and within seconds she was on the counter. 

Its official guys. 


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