Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Step I: Completed {by Erin}

Weekend Recap:

Saturday: On the weekends I’m normally not allowed to bring my dogs to work with me, due to a smaller staff size; but this weekend was slow, and because they knew Midnight was leaving, she was allowed to come with me so we could have a little more time together. (Which was AWESOME.)
Midnight ready to leave
Over the past seven weeks, we have had obedience class from 9:30 - 10: 30, and its my job to either move the boarding dogs to another building, or keep them quiet outside while class is going on. This week, we only had three dogs spending the weekend with us, so **** allowed me to put them in the small dog yard, and watch the class! This week was the classes “graduation”, so they mostly played obedience games with the dogs; but we were able to participate as well.

Midnight and I walked around (her on leash) as a distraction to the other dogs; I didn’t put her in coat right away because I was pretty confidant in her. Unfortunately she proved me wrong. After we got finished with that exercise, I went ahead and put the coat on her, and took some pictures of her, in the office.
A few minutes later **** asked if I wanted to play another game with them...as they needed another person to balance out the team.
Surre, why not? This time we were playing a relay, where we had to balance a biscuit on a spoon and walk around dogs in a circle around obstacles, WITHOUT dropping the biscuit. I kept Midnights puppy coat on this time, and she was perfect, our team won the first round!! ☺
After class was over, one of the other trainers with ABC (Animal Behavior College), came up to me, and asked was I a trainer; when I told her “No technically I’m not”; she said that she was impressed with how I handled Midnight! So YaY for us! ☺ ☺
Our Kong Wubbas came in as well (YaY huh Cody?), and Midnight and attacked them with gusto!
Midnight and Kong Wubba
Sunday: We went and visited our favorite neighbor so she could say good-bye, Midnight was pretty crazy, as my neighbor is a great source of excited energy, so she was Miss Spazzo tearing around all over the yard, jumping in and out of the kiddie pool full of dirty water; digging in the soft dirt. So basically she was a mess, when we got home. Bath TIME!!!
And today; I was pretty much numb all day, and then towards the afternoon it started to hit me harder; What didn’t help was, there was a certain one-eyed dachshund puppy there as well.....Tex Walker Walter Cotton Eyed Puppy. (ok so he doesn’t have a name yet, and all the staff has a different named for him Guess which one mine is?)
The plan was to meet my area coordinator after work, and I would take her puppy for a couple hours, and she would take Midnight; and then I would give her puppy to his sitters and go home. Weeeelllll as it turns out, Sam’s sitter was able to get him from my A/C right away, so we decided to meet at a store. But my brothers took Midnights puppy coat out of my car, when they were getting their “junk” out last night. So I had to go home get the coat, and then go meet her at another store. I went ahead and fed Midnight her last meal (with me), and watched as she did her familiar routine of carrying around her toys and stuffing herself into Bubbles crate. (sob)

When I finally deemed it time to go, I put on her coat, got her leash, and headed for the car.... except she didn’t want to get in for some reason; but realizing I wasn’t playing her game, she jumped in.
Once at the shop, my area coordinator pulled in right behind me. She jumps out, and I handed her Midnights vet records and Health Certificate, before getting Midnight out, giving her one last hug, and watching her prance off.

So far I’ve just been pretty numb. Looking at her empty bed/crate/toys has been enough to bring tears to my eyes, but its kind of unreal.

Midnight and I have bonded so much, that I’m having a hard time thinking of another puppy; just because I know it won’t be her. Yes Its that bad. But not bad enough to make me reject another puppy!!!!! I just wish it could be sooner.

My A/C has called me several times, since then to rave about her ☺ She’ll do fine I know.
And so ends the part 1 in Raising Eyes for the Blind: Midnight Edition

Stay tuned for updates from “College” , Puppy Number 4 news, and Bubble’s adventures...and maybe a second pet? Hope springs eternal!

Update: Well I showed my dad and family the pictures of ."Tex", and he has said we can bring him by to visit, if that’s ok with his foster mom; so I’ll see if I can get in contact with her, and go from there. This is not a yess.....but ....its close.... squashes hopes

Update II: Dad saw bigger picture on the pup and goes...I don't know, I'm sure someone will feel sorry for him and adopt him.... ...
So I'll need him to clarify his previous statement and see if he was speaking just because he wanted to see him; or because he wanted to see if he would blend with our family... who can figure out the minds of non-dog people?

I'm going to bed.

Erin and Co.


Raising Addie said...

Erin you did a wonderful job with Midnight!

The training and love that you gave to Midnight will be greatly appreciated by the individual that Midnight gets to help and spend her life with. What you have done is priceless!

Good luck with Tex. We have our paws crossed for you!


Lauren said...

Hang in there! I can't imagine how hard that must be to let go of such a great dog! Your work will truly be appreciated though.

Pepsi said...

Good luck Midnight! You will make a great Guide!

The FOUR Musketeers said...

The problem is , I don't need his help ! Haha , I just love to squeeze into cram areas ! To provoke Cody ? :P

xoxo ,

Lani said...

Erin- hug Bubbles. Remeber Midnight is having fun at college in th 'dorms' with all her friends.

Matilda said...

Hi Erin!
I was so impressed with your blog. Good luck to Midnight! Good luck to you, Erin!
The dachshund puppy is So CUTE! I really hope he will be happy with a new family.
Big Hugs

Lois Lane/Laney said...

Midnight will do great, where ever she is, thanks to you!
Now you can shower Bubbles with all your attention!

The Brax Blog said...

I know just what you are feeling!
I hope she does good in her training, and you get a new puppy soon!
Good luck Midnight:)Guess I won't get to meet you:(

Frankie's trainer

Lani said...

Erin- hug Bubbles. Remeber Midnight is having fun at college in th 'dorms' with all her friends.