Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hi {by Veda}

Yo whats up dawgs.....
I'm new here to this whole bloggin' thing, this house, these people, these dogs..
I'm just in a whole new world!

The first couple days were pretty scary, I didn't know what was going on!! I pretty much panted the whole time,Aunt E, took us out for walks, and I liked playing with her dogs, but I miss my Mom and family a lot!!!
Now I've been here for five days, and feel a lot more comfortable with the "leadership". Aunt E sets the rules, and expects them to be followed! I don't like following them all the time, but she's pretty strict like that.

No jumping on the bed unless she says, no furniture, no barking or growling at the dogs across the people Bubbles or Texas many things I can't do!?! Geez.

We've been a couple places together...I think its super boring most of the time. Here I am in Target. We were there a lOoong time while Aunt E's friends looked for invitations or something.
Even Aunt E got tired of standing, and sat down for a little while!!!


After that we went a couple other places, but I was wore plumb out!! Aunt E drove us to her friends house, where I sank to the floor and slept......I only sat up long enough for this picture!
Veda gets a hug from Kimber

Texas is alot of fun to play with I think, he can get kind of snarky, but we have fun most of the time....well except when he and I want the same bone....But Aunt E, is always on top of things like that and is always taking it away if we get into a "staring contest". And that's another rule!
No "fighting" over toys!!
Gee how will I ever survive?!?!

Wish me luck!!


Veda - Assistance Dog in Training

P.S. (Aunt E's says to say that we have internet at our house now, so you guys can expect regular updates again!!)

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Sammy and her angel said...

Hi, Erin! I want to put your blog in the sidebar of my new blog but don't know what school and dog name you would like your blog to be linked to as - let me know!