Monday, March 30, 2009


Hey Guys,

Veda -" Aunt E was really raring to go or something today, cause not only did she walk me, but she hooked Bubbles AND Texas up to walk as well!"

Bubbles - "Yeah we don't walk on leashes! We run all over the yard however we want too!!"

Veda - "Aunt E will eventually let me run around off - leash, once I learn the "Come-Here" command. She says its important for me to be well behaved and obedient while off-leash, cause sometimes I'll have to run after a child to keep him from running in front of a car or something..and I can't do that on leash!! Lucky for me, Aunt E has a HUGEANORMOUS yard, like a couple of acres, for us to run around on so its cool.
Then Auntie, went in and got that black thing, that makes clicking noises and took a LOT of pictures; I know I'm a good looking guy, so I made sure she got some pictures of me. :D"

Veda looking at the camera

Veda in the kitchen smiling
"....I guess I have to add a picture of Bubbles and Texas on here, since they own part of this blog as well..."

Texas - "what do you mean PART BUB?!? We OWN it ALL. You are just a VISITOR?"

Veda- "Oh yeah? Well guess what I get to have more fun then you do! You have to stay at home all day and do nothing!?"

Texas - "Oh yeah?!? Well...well...WELLL.."


Bubbles and Texas laying on the carpet sulking
Erin - Since these two need a break, I'll finish up this post. See this is why I don't let them post more often!
Anyways Texas is improving with his separation anxiety; I don't know if I posted anything on here, about this...but ever since I took him home, Texas HATED to be separated from me; and he felt it his duty to let the world know he was being wronged.
Drove me crazy; all I could really do was ignore it, and make sure I didn't reinforce the behavior by going back and petting him, or rewarding him in anyway for all that racket.
Once you get to the level of ignoring that I"m at now (being the oldest of you don't notice when the behavior improves....well until the other yesterday.
I crated all the dogs while, the Comcast guy was here installing my internet; not only did Texas not bark when the guy first came in, he just laid in his crate and watched the proceedings...QUIETLY!!!!!!

This my friends is MAJOR!!!

Another thing, for all you new puppy is a potty training tip. Took me three years to get it, but I have it now!!

Most dogs won't soil an area they spend a lot of time in, and Texas have "picked" my living room as a good "push-come-to-shove" potty spot. It took me a while to realize what was going on, because Mr. would go behind stuff.

Once I realized that was his spot, I began making it so he couldn't get too it! All those boxes from my move are coming to good use, writing down his schedule as well as making if I can't watch him CRATE HIM!!!

We've been two weeks accident free!!! I also put one of their dog beds in there to help them think that its another area they inhabit... Don't know if it will work, but it also effectively blocks off another part of the room.

So to sum that Up...Clean it, Block It, Crate em' Watch it.....

Orrr something like that :D

Erin and the Triple Threat

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Katie in MA said...

I hear they can be difficult to housebreak. Good for you for getting to the bottom of it! For sepatation, I hear going in and out of the house for a few minutes at a time without making a fuss over it can help. Tex is a cutie though! :)