Monday, April 6, 2009

The Joy of 4

I've never had a puppy and this many dogs at the same time!
I have a 9-month-old Golden Retriever, a 9 month-old Dachshund, a 9- year-old Dachshund (well she will be later on) and a 9 week-old Lab.

Since Jordan has more dogs to play with, she has to go potty a lot more frequently than my other puppies have. I've spent most of my day running outside every 10 minutes, and cleaning. But I'm having fun :D I miss this!

While Miss Jordan may seem like a sweet, laid back little puppy, but boy is she fiesty!!!
She may walk like a drunken sailor, but she is keeping Texas on his toes!!!


Raising Addie said...

WOW you really have your hands full!

How does the golden get along with the doxie puppy? Do you have any issues with the size difference?

I miss my doxie dearly but worry about big dogs with a doxie and them getting crushed. I would love to hear your experience with this.


Groomer Angie said...

Sounds like the number 9 is your lucky number! ;)

Mason Dixie said...

Looks like you have a very house hold. Oh the joy of having a puppy again. You are doing such a great job. =)