Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hi Guys {Victoria}

Hi Guys!
Thanks to those who inquired about me! I'm feeling a lot better since I've started to live with Erin. Its been a lot of fun! She's got a GAZILLION toys to play with, and I like to try and keep all of them to me! But sometimes Texas and Gideon want them back.

Oh Gideon! You guys don't know but he's BAAACKK!!! On Tuesday Erin took us on a car ride, and we wound up back at the kennel place. Than I had to go into a crate while she and some other people did a lot of talking, and talking and more talking.

When I FINALLLLLY was let out..(NOTE FROM ERIN: She did get several potty breaks, don't listen too her) This big furry dog (that kind of looked like me, but not cause I'm cuter than that) came and pounced on me several times, till mom stopped him; we had to ride home together, Erin said his name was Gideon and he'd been with her before. Only she didn't know why he was back again.

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{Ira and Myra got to go to Lunch with some of the Staff....but I didn't :((}
Texas and Bubbles seemed to recognize him, cause they didn't even bark or growl when he came onto the porch! Oh! More good news! I get to stay with Erin for a looong while!! How fun is that!?!

Well I got to go sleep, we went back out to the kennel place and I had to play all day. *sigh*Toodles!!

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Miley said...

Glad your feeling better!!! I love the pics, especially the last one...who could not love those eyes!!!

lotsa licks,