Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Meet The Hopesters

Hope began her visit with me yesterday; when I picked her up at the Kennels and dropped Mr.Gideon off at my bosses house.

She's a really sweet dog so far (hehehe), She seems to have ball obsession similar to her sisters, she chased my brother and his football around for a while. She's got the appetite of a lab, we have had a couple accidents...but whose fault is that???
Yeah I know. Don't rub it in.

 Ok...she is dealing with some stress so that is factored into her accidents as welll...
But its all part of the deal.

Victoria is growing in leaps in bounds, and is starting to look and feel really good; I'm technically fostering her, except I'll most likely keep her until she is ready to graduate. We write things in pencil around here so I'm not getting my hopes up.

But she's been a really great puppy, I've actually called her Midnight several times, just because she's got that same laid back temperament. She already knows : Sit, Down, Wait, Come, Look, Leave it, Turn (spin), Reset (Come and sit facing handlers position), Kennel, Her name.

We're working on: Stand, Car (she doesn't realize her back legs work)... and some others which I can't think of off the top of my heads. We're working on four commands pretty much every other week.

She loves to drag the dog beds around the house, she loves playing with Texas. She LOVES rolling around in the grass, and does it at least once a day.
I Love Her <3

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Brindusa said...

Oh, I love the leaf carpet under your paws. The autumn colors are beautiful. And you look so adorable on it. Such a nice contrast.