Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Week with 4

Hey Guys,

Wow when we say "Busy" we mean "BUSY". With my new schedule, I have been running all day everyday...or at least it seems that way. Typically though the service pups come with me at least 3 times a week, while I'm at the kennels, so they aren't lacking much exposure oppurtunities.

Monday - Wednesday - Friday are office days for me, those are the days I'm working at the University of Tennessee. I haven't convinced the to allow the SD pups just yet, so while I'm there they are crated with a stuffed Kong to keep them busy during the morning hours.

(KONG's are the BEST toys ever...we are up to 8 now)

Here's where having 4 dogs becomes a pain. I was sitting here trying to figure out how it was that I used to be able to just jump and run in 5 minutes, and how now it takes 20-30 minutes to get out of the house.
Here's what I came up with:

  1. Midnight/Rei both went to work with me, so I could feed them on the way to work/ when I got to work, and could leave Bubbles food on the floor for whenever she decided to get up. (She's lazy) 
  2. I had dogs then who would go potty as soon as I let them outside. 
  3. If they didn't go at home they had another opportunity to go when we got to our destination...etc etcc
Now I'm having to pry ALL dogs out of MY bed, hook them on their long lines, go back and fish Bubbles out of bed, convince Texas to go outside (where he'll stand on the porch and whine) get their food ready, have everyone sit/wait (stay); and while they are eating run around getting dressed, and doing my hair.

By this time I normally have about 5 minutes left, send Texas BACK outside and convince him to potty...possible chase him around the neighborhood, if I send him out off leash... send Victoria back outside so she can potty, and than crate them.

Does anyone else see why I sometimes feel like a single mother??

Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday are a little easier; I set my own schedule with Wilderwood, and gave myself plenty of time to feed/potty and exercise Texas and Bubbles at the very least; and then make the 45-50 minute trip out to our kennels.

Its a good thing these pups like car rides! During my time there, Gideon and Victoria are in the play yard, pretty much  by themselves, as the others pups are up for their nap by the time we arrive.

They seem to keep themselves pretty busy in there.

{Hi sister! Let me bite your face}
Once home again, THEY are worn out,and its time to wear Bubbles & Texas out...which isn't very hard at all. But after that trip its defiantly an effort for me to pry myself out of the vehicle and go back outside for another 20-30 minutes.

And to make this long post a little longer...

Victoria is feeling TONS better, and is pretty much almost to the bouncing of the wall stage, she's still very good in the house, and only has carried around some "no-no" dog toys. She is on her way to loosing a couple teeth and is bleeding on everything. I took her on her first outing (with me) to Kroger's and she behaved beutifully. The parking lot and going through the double doors where a little intense for her, but once she realized nothing had attacked her she was great.

She sat beautifully while I shopped, and stood quietly while checked out. The parking lot was still scary for her, but we have time to work with that. :))

I wound up taking both her and Gideon into Petsmart and was astonished at how well behaved they were....this is not to say there wasn't pulling, or times I had to slam on the brakes....for the most part they did very well.

Even as I check outed they sat and let the cashier give them treats.They both got hugs in the car for jobs well done!!

---Texas says:
Fall is Officially Here

P.S.( We are very active on Twitter, Texas now has his own account at @TexasTheDoxie and whatever SD I have in the house will be tweeting @ServicePups ...and of course I'm on @Fidography  follow us if you tweet!)


Sierra Rose said...

Wow! What an amazing juggling of all 4! And, time to do your hair! Love the 8 kongs...I am sure I could snaggle my way through them all on my own....will have to talk to my mom about that. Hope your 4 are giving you big hugs and love for the amazing job you are doing!!!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose and her mom (who never has time for her hair anymore!)

Erin and her Dogs said...

Hi Sierra Rose (and her mom :)
Did I mention that time for hair is about 5 minutes? Yeah so we barely have time to put it in a pony tail and dash out the door! LOL
They do give me lots of love, and its nice to come home to their furryness :)

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

It sounds like you have a busy life...!

Toby's trainer

Miley said...

Wow, I'm exhausted just from reading your post! BOL!!! Love the pics!!!

lotsa licks,

kate said...

Texas has the right idea! That's where I'd spend my winter, if I had a choice.

My morning routine involves more dog time (feeding, walking, another trip outside to convince them to potty, putting fresh water down for them while they're in the laundry room, setting up their litter box, fluffing their bed...) than time for myself, and I think the single parent comparison is pretty accurate!