Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hey guys check this out,a very-cool-dog-loving-person, is giving away a Molly Mutt bed from! You guys know how much we love our other bed covers, so we're really excited to get this one. Yep you read that right, we're going to take this home guys!

So don't even THINK about going over there and doin NOTHIN'.

Cause Bubbles & Texas HOG the other beds alla time!!!!! And I have NO WHERE to LAY down.
And cause we do love our Molly Beds as well!
pawscript (Mom forgot to tell yous about the mean doggie dat was at the vet place today! It tried to BITE me and MOMMY!! But I tole him to go back to his own mommie and leave us alone!! Then I had to stay right by mommie so that I could protects her from that mean doggie. I showed him!!)