Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Beds...or Are they??

So mom came home all excited from work today, our dog walkers had brought in a big box, when the came and got us this afternoon, but it didn't look like anything special, so I don't know why she was all excited about it.

She started acting all funny, and started *gasp* Tearing the box up with one of those sharp pointy things, and then took out two funny rolled up things.

We were glad she was home and everything, but were wondering why she didn't take us outside, as we normally do when she gets home from work. So we busied ourselves by playing around the house. When we came back, all (well most) of our old beds had disappeared, and these new ones we're in their place!!!

Weird thing was, they smelled like our old beds, but they looked completely different! Can anyone help us out here??

Where have our old beds gone???

[Bubbles curled up on a blue round dog bed, with dog shapes patterns on it]

[Texas and Victoria laying on huge chocolate colored dog bed, with a white city scape on it.]

P.S. ( We really do like them though!!)
P.P.S(Hope had to go away for something called eval? Don't know what it is, but we sure miss her, like a LOT!) 
P.P.S.S (Oh if you have a chance you should check out this blog: - He's in training like Victoria and Hope!)


Heather said...

Hmm, new bed covers perhaps?? Either way, they are VERY pretty!! I especially love the blue one. :o) Enjoy those "new" beds!

Frankie said...

Love, love, love those beds! Especially the chocolate colored one!

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

I bet they love their beds!!!!