Friday, February 18, 2011

...An Ordinary Day

Or so I thought.
Here it is, just an ordinary day, I got up with mom (much too early I might add), went outside and took care of buisness that may or may not have involved chasing the niegbhors dogs back into their yard, or checking out the other neighbors trash..came back inside and ate a sad excuse for a  breakfast with Bubbles, then settled on my couch for my after breakfast, early morning, nap. Mom was leaving and for some reason, it didn't occur to me that she doesn't even leave early on Thursday, but it didn't and off to la la land I went.

It was HOOOURRRRRRRRS later when I finally hear a knock on my door.
I let Bubbles get up first cause well, I was comfortable and didn't feel like greeting mom, I mean I saw her this morning after all. Big whoop.

It wasn't just mom. It was my Auntie and Mom, and.......THIS!?

Texas: What?WHo?WHEN?WHERE?WHY? Rob: Ya wanna play?
Rob: HIIIIII!!!! Bubbles: hi. 
Poor Bubbles attempts to "go potty" with a 10lbs. puppy on her back.
Alla of the sudden it came crashing back down on me, all mom's talk about puppies and sayin stuff like "you'll have a playmate soon" was about ANOTHER PUPPY!? Here I was thinkin maybe another dachshund or something. But nooo we got ourselves another lab!
I think he liked the vibration of the speaker
And BOY does he have some sharp teeth! O to the U to the C to the H. He put his little teethies into my mom's roommate when she wasn't expecting it and she shrieked like a girl!

Except she is a girl...
So yeah.
It was loud too.
Then it was time for him to go to bed. And I was happy cause I could finally sleep in peace..but noooo he had to scream, and scream and scream and much so that mom had to go make sure he wasn't stuck or anything.

He wasn't.
Then all of the sudden he was quiet again.

The it came time for us to go to bed....we tried to sneak into the room without waking him up but no.such.luck. He started screaming as soon as he saw us come in, so mom had to take him back outside so he could go potty.

But he wasn't even finished screaming yet.

I wanted to go down and shush him up, but mom just pulled the covers over my head and turned on her "white noise app" on her phone. He did hush up FINALLY. But man is my head hurting!

I'm sure glad that Grandma and my aunties keep him during the day, so I can rest up!

Oh yeah.
He does have a name and its Rob.

Erin Here: Since Texas left out all the important informations.... Rob is not only my fifth guide dog puppy, but also my "grandpuppy". Those of you who have been following me a while, may remember that Midnight (who was the inspiration behind this blog) has gone on to become a breeder. Rob is one of the puppies from her first litter, not only that but a friend of mind sponsored him in memory of her father who passed away. He's only 7-weeks-old but quite feisty!  Let's just say.. I didn't get much sleep last night either.



Kari in WeHo said...

Congrats on the new puppy!


3 doxies said...

Oh dis little thing is gonna gives you a run furs ya money...hehehehe! Oh, you is nevers gonna be ables to rest from here on out. It's called Karma...bwhahahahaha!
Dat is so cool is comes from Midnight.

PS: I actually do know some commands but I likes to keep dat on da down low to protect my reputation.

Maggie Mae said...

Rob is so cute! You and Bubbles is gonna have plenty of fun wif hims!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Barbara said...

Oh, how cute!! Our puppy doesn't have puppy teeth anymore and am I glad!! They are sharp!

brooke said...

How cute Rob is!

Cole said...

Rob is so cute!! I can't wait to see him grow up to be the fabulous guide dog that Pompei is.

Chelsea and Wilson said...

Oh poor texas! Cheer up friend! Just remember that you can mold him into what you want -winkwink-